Tuesday, July 26, 2016

John Peel - 26th July 1990

Featuring The Nightblooms in session.

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Frankie Paul - Dangerous (Wild Apache)
June Tabor And The Oyster Band - Dark Eyed Sailor (Cooking Vinyl)
Bocca Juniors - Raise [63 Steps To Heaven] (Boys Own Recordings)
The Nightblooms - One Weak MOment (Session)
Napalm Death - Suffer The Children (Earache)
Les Tetes Brulees - Man For Job (Bleu Club)
Jaz - It's That Simple (EMI)
The Fall - Blood Outta Stone (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
The Nightblooms - Butterfly Girl (Session)
Kid Frost - In The City (Virgin America)
Rote Kapelle - Calamity Comes Down (In Tape)
JFK - Feel The Weight (Fourth Dimension)
Tony Rebel - Mandela Story (Penthouse)
The Nightblooms - Afraid (Session)
Conjunto Los Chankas Apurimac - Mis Quejas (Arhule)
The Cranes - Inescapable (Dedicated)
The Fall - Zagreb (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
The Aggrovators - Don't Try To Dub (Attack)
The Nightblooms - Let Me (session)
Vandal - Unravelled (Nu Groove)

Monday, July 25, 2016

John Peel - 25th July 2000

Featuring Piano Magic in session.

Cowcube - The Popping Song (Demo)
DJ Chuck Chill Out - Hip Hop On Wax Vol 1 (Vintertainment)
EC8OR - I Won't Pay (Digital Hardcore)
Piano Magic - The Return Of... (Session)
Union Kid - Fort Disney (1970)
Facs and B.Key - Antics (Biotic)
Hefner - We Love The City (Too Pure)
Bobby Bare - Dropkick Me, Jesus (RCA)
Pacou - Fireball (Tresor)
Te Vaka - Pate Pate (fRoots)
Piano Magic - The Index (Session)
Bushman - Naah Go Fall (King Jammy's)
Garlic - Slave To The Summer, Son (Propylactic)
Hofman - Song You Hate (Vibrations)
Ming - Apres La Guerre (Fucky)
Mighty Avengers - So Much In Love (Decca)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Dirty Blue Jean (Milksafe)
Acetate - Genetic Engineering (Emotif)
Piano Magic - Milk Teeth (Session)
Folf Implosion - Free To Go (Domino)
Nouvelle Generation De La Republique Democratique - Ma Cherie (World Music Network)
Whistler - You And Me Wiija)
My Morning Jacket - Isabella With The White Umbrella (Bad Jazz)
Augustus Pablo and Lloyd Young - Our Man Flint (Black Ark)
Arkatek - Underground Wave (Cluster)
Piano Magic - Password (Session)
Peter 'Guitar' Lewis - Louisiana Hop (Hop)
Bluetip - Hot Fast Union (Slowdime)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

John Peel - 20th July 2004

Featuring Melys in session.

Thee Shams - Want You So Bad (Fat Possum)
Mimaku Spldat - Whatever I Want (Phantomnoise)
X27 - Superstar (Narnack)
Melys - Casino El Camino (Session)
Krytic Minds and Leon Switch - Kontakt (Defcom)
De Rosa - Camera (Gargleblast)
Low - Bright (Rough Trade)
Avrocar - Illustrate A Way To Survive (Short Sharp Shock)
King Honey - Plectrum (Make Mine)
Alex Father - and Shannon Coen - Speartips (Atlas)
Face For Radio - Plot Route On Yellow Paper (Big Scary Monsters)
Melys - Casino El Camino (Peel Session)
David Jack - Show Us Where It Hurts (Knife Fighting Monkeys)
Sam Lightnin' Hopkins - Needed Time (Munster)
Decoration - I Tried It, I Liked, I Loved It (CD-R)
Bailey's Lucky Seven - On The Gin Gin Ginny Shore (Winner)
Melys - Treading Water (Session)
Rhythm Beater - Troublemaker (Cutterz Choice)
Melys - Once Around Again (Session)
Venetian Snares - Huge Chrome Peach (Planet Mu)
Six By Seven - Sometimes I Feel Like (White Label)
DJ Messiah - Can't Beat The System [Morph Remix] (AST)
Family - No Mule's Fool (Hux)
Blackout vs Hydraulix - Untitled (Blackout Audio)
Blitters - Eating Your Brains (Bad Hand)
Melys - Girls On Film (Session)
Classics - Till Then (Ace)
Sin Kil Moon - Salvador Sanchez (Jetset)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

John Peel - 19th July 1984

Featuring in session from Papa Levi and Pink Peg Slax.

Pink Peg Slax - Bippo Bippo [Bop Man Bop] (Session)
Red Guitars - Steeltown (Self Drive)
Papa Levi - Bonnie And Clyde (Session)
The Human League - Being Boiled (Fast Product)
Divine Sounds - What People Do For Money (Streetwave)
Brilliant Corners - Tangled Up In Blue (SS20 Records)
Junior Parker - These Kind Of Blues (Vocalion)
Everything But The Girl - Mine (Blanco Y Negro)
Pink Peg Slax - Lonely Afternoon (Session)
Skeletal Family - So Sure (Red Rhino)
Art Farmer And Donald Byrd - Contour (Prestige)
Play Dead - Isobel (Clay Records)
Papa Levi - The Hit (Session)
The X Men - Do The Ghost (Creation)#
The Leuven Brothers - I'm Changing The Words [To My Love Song] (MGM)
Pink Peg Slax - Self Pitying Stand (Session)
Public Image Limited - 1981 (Virgin)
Frankie Paul - Slave Driver (Channel One)
Killing Joke - A New Day (EG)
Spike In Vain - E.K.G. (Trans Dada Records)
Papa Levi - My God My King (Session)
The Blubbery Hellbellies - The Green Green Grass Of Home (Upright Records)
The Frank Chickens - Blue Canary (Kaz Records)
Cleveland Crochet - Sugar Bee (Goldband)
Microdisney - I'll Be A Gentleman (Rough Trade)
Amaswazi Emvelo - Mkhuzeni

Monday, July 18, 2016

John Peel - 18th July 1979

Featuring sessions from The Chords and Nicky And The Dots.

Merton Parkas - You Need Wheels (Beggars Banquet)
Joy Division - She's Lost Control (Factory)
The Frames - 69 (Brain Boosters)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Playground Twist (Polydor)
Nicky And The Dots - Sitting Next To Susan (Session)
Lennie And The Lawbreakers - Suzi D (Rip Off)
Steel Pulse - Tribute To The Martyrs (Island)
The Chords - Now It's Gone (Session)
The Jags - Double Vision (Island)
Joe Public - Herman's Back (Wavelength)
Menace - Last Years Youth (Small Wonder)
Johnny Guitar Watson - Cop And Blow (DJM)
Nicky And The Dots - She Walks There (Session)
Speed - She's All There (DJM)
A Certain Ratio - All Night Party (Factory )
The Buzzcocks - Something's Gone Wrong Again (United Artists)
The Chords - Something's Missing (Session)
Swell Maps - Spitfire Paradise (Rough Trade)

Roses Are Red - Can't Understand (Posthumous Petal)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

John Peel - 14th July 1995

Broadcast live from the Phoenix Festival featuring a superb live set from The Fall along with interviews with the likes of Fluke, Steve Harley, Dick Dale and Solar Race.

Deadly D - Listen Dis (Flex Recordings)
Strip Kings - Backlash (Redline)
Dancing French Liberals Of '48 - In A Past Life (Revenge)
Fluke - Synth Bit (Volume)
Wah - Better Scream (Inevitable)
The Yummy Fur - Documentary Of A Kid (Guided Missile)
The Yummy Fur - Amelia Scoptophilia (Guided Missile)
The Yummy Fur - The Replica (Guided Missile)
Hole - Old Age (Geffen)
Armagideon - Hardware Dub (Armagideon Sounds)
Liquid Bump - Alkalin (Hot Trax)

The Fall - Live At The Phoenix Festival

Pearl City
Behind The Counter
Free Range
Don't Call Me Darling
Feeling Numb
Idiot Joy Showland
Edinburgh Man
Glam Racket

LFO - Helen (Volume)
Bomboras - Drag Strip Tease (Screaming Apple)
The Nectarine No.9 - Can't Scratch Out (Postcard)
Orchestre Bwambe Bwambe - Tumba Part 1
Lemon D - Feel It (Conqueror)
Dick Dale - Shredded Heat (Hightone)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Gewn Ni Gorffen (Ankst)
Locust - Truth Is Born Of Arguments (Apollo)
The Flaming Stars - The Face On The Bar Room Floor (Vinyl Japan)
Medicine Head - Only To Do What Is True (See For Miles)
Zion Train - Why Should We Have To Fight (China Records)
Hooton 3 Car - Danny (Rumblestrip Records)
Drunken Master - Dragon Dance (IZM)
J Church - Lama Temple (Damaged Goods)
Neil Young - Song X (Reprise)
Big Flame - Debra (Drag City)
Shig And Buzz - Fog City (Mai Tai Records)
Roni Size - Daylight (Full Cycle Records)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

John Peel - 13th July 1983

Featuring sessions from Louden Wainwright III and The Farmers Boys.

Loudon Wainwright III - Screaming Issue (Session)
Artery - Into The Garden (Armageddon)
The Farmers Boys - Probably One Of The Best Investments I Ever Made (Session)
Billy Bragg - The Milkman Of Human Kindness (Go! Discs)
Temptest - Lady Left This (Glass)
The Yard Band - Juks Pon De Corner (Gorgon)
Louden Wainweight III - Not John (Session)
Hose - Mobo (Def Jam)
The Farmers Boys - The Way You Made Me Cry (Session)
Mark Stewart and Mafia - The Paranoia Of Power (On U Sound)
Singers And Players - Bedward The Flying Preacher (On U Sound)
Louden Wainwright III - Outsidey (Session)
Cabaret Voltaire - Just Fascination (Some Bizzare)
James Cagney - Yankee Doodle Dandy (Curtain Calls)
The Farmers Boys - I Don't Know Why I Don't Like All My Friends (Session)
Yellowman - You Can't Hide From Jah (Greensleeves)
Style Sindrome - Waving In The Dark (Electric Eye)
Louden Wainwright III - I'm Alright (Session)
New Order - The Village (Factory)
Jason And The Nashville Scorchers - These Women [Make A Fool Out Of Me] (Praxis)
Dormannu - Powdered Love (Illuminated)
Johnnie Clarke - Young Rebel (Top Notch)
The Farmers Boys - Matter Of Fact (Session)
The Icicle Works - Gun Boys (Situation Two)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

John Peel - 12th July 1990

Featuring Dawson in session.

F.S.K. - I Wish I Could "Sprechen Sie Deutsch" (Strange Fruit)
Skin Yard - Start At The Top (Sub Pop)
Anthony Redrose And Tiger - Worries And Problems (New Name Music)
Shack - I Know You Well [Extended Mix] (Ghetto Recording Company)
Boneshakers - Don't Go Away (Reachin')
Dawson - Sort Of Man (Session)
Dawson - Fifty Years (Session)
John Boxingo Et Le Groupe Loketo - Djany Jenefer (Soweto)
Oxbow - Curse (Pathological)
Rote Kappelle - Shakedown Crawl (In Tape)
Trick Disco - Tricky Disco (Warp)
Babes In Toyland - Never (Twin/Tone)
Dawson - White Colonial (Session)
Dawson - From The Loins Of Mr And Mrs Neurosis (Session)
Cutty Ranks - The Bommer (Shocking Vibes)
Jazzateers - Once More With Feeling (Rough Trade)
The Boredoms - Bubblebop Shot (Shimmy Disc)
S.W.S. - Overture (Cue)
The Boo Radleys - Kaleidoscope (Action)
Dawson - Molicoke Cocktail (Session)
Dawson - Ad Nauseam (Session)
The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (WAU! Mr Modo)

Monday, July 11, 2016

John Peel - 11th July 1992

Featuring sessions from Stereolab and Unsane.

Cecil Gant - Nashvillle
Lung - Litany (Serial Killer)
Jao Joby - Samy Mandeha Samy Mitady (Rouge Records)
Stereolab - Laissez Faire (Session)
Big Stick - Orthelia (Albertine)
The Aphex Twin - Polynomial (R+S)
The Fall - Ed's Babe (Fontana)
Rocket From The Crypt - Boychucker (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
REC - Centrepoint (Djax Up Beats)
Unsane - Bath (Session)
Pavement - Sue Me Jack (Big Cat)
Babes In Toyland - Bruise Violet (Southern)
Lagowski - Formant (Chromium Industries)
Fatima Mansions - North Atlantic Wind (Kitchenware Records)
The Original Super 5 Of Africa - Master Open Eye (Olumo)
Drop Nineteens - Ease It Helen (Hut Recordings)
Silverfish - Suckin' Gas (Creation)
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Babakganoosh (Cargo)
Seti - ?
Rod Keith - Lost In Space (Carnage Press)
Unsane - Organ Doctor (Session)
Unsane - Street Sweeper (Session)
Unsane - Jungle Music (Session)

Unsane - Exterminator (Session)
Urban Hype - A Trip To Trumpton (Faze 2)
Stereolab - Peng (Session)
Chaka Demus And Pliers - Dem A Watch Wi (Greensleeves)
Knight Phantom - What's The Situation Now (Rising High)
Babes In Toyland - Won't Tell (Southern)
Acid Junkies - Sector 9 (Djax Up Beats)
Sonic Youth - Shoot (Geffen)
Sonic Youth - Wish Fulfilment (Geffen)
Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane (Geffen)
Sonic Youth - Orange Rolls, Angels Spit (Geffen)
Dressed N' Black - Discretion's (Kold Sweat)
Georgia Yellow Hammer - When The Birds Begin Their Singing In The Trees (Rounder)
Stereolab - John Cale Bubblegum (Session)
The Fall - Pumpkin Head Xscapes (Fontana)
Automation - Vinyl Warfare (Triple Hex)
John Spencer Blues Explosion - Maynard Avenue (Hut)
Mudhoney - The Money Will Roll Right In (Sub Pop)
Natural Ites And The Realistics - Picture On The Wall (CSA)

Thursday, July 07, 2016

John Peel - 7th July 1983

Featuring sessions from Normil Hawaiians and The Moondogs

Girlschool - Race With The Devil (Bronze)
Girls At Our Best - Getting Nowhere Fast (Record Records)
The Moondogs - Schoolgirl Crush (Session)
Normil Hawaiians - Memories (Session)
Black Uhuru - World Is Africa (Island)
Adam And The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier (CBS)
Bow Wow Wow - C30 C60 C90 Go! (EMI)
The Professionals - Just Another Dream (Virgin)
Basement 5 - Silicon Chip (Island)
Delta 5 - You (Rough Trade)
The Moondogs - Talking In The Canteen (Session)
Suspicions - The Laughing Policemen (Arista)
Normil Hawaiians - The Beat Goes On (Session)
Jimmy Reed - Shame, Shame, Shame (Charly)
The Fall - How I Wrote Elastic Man (Rough Trade)
The Pop Group - Trap (Rough Trade/Y)
Local Heroes - Blast The Pop (Junior Records)
Black Uhuru - Push Push (Island)
The Moondogs - Who's Gonna Tell Mary (Session)
Distractions - Louise (Island)
Modern English - Swans On Glass (4AD)
Normil Hawaiians - Uncle Green Genes (Session)
Dead Kennedys - Holiday In Cambodia (Cherry Red)
The Clash - Bankrobber (CBS)
Joy Division - Dead Souls (Sordide Sentimentale)
The Moondogs - Roddy's Gang (Session)
Black Uhuru - No Loafing (Island)
Normil Hawaiians - Levels Of Water (Session)
Prince Jazzbo - Meaning Of One (Trojan)
The Birthday Party - Mr Clarinet (Missing Link)
Jimmy Noone - You Know That I Told You

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

John Peel - 30th June 1991

Featuring Babes In Toyland and Catherine Wheel in session.

Ragga Twins - Hooligan 69 (Shut Up And Dance)
Fudge Tunnel - Bed Crumbs (Earache)
Blue Sky Boys - An Old Account Was Settled Long Ago (Arhoolie)
Babes In Toyland - Pearl (Session)
KMD - Humrush (Elektra)
Catherine Wheel - Shallow (Session)
Gallon Drunk - The Last Gasp (Clawfist)
Notsensibles - I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher (Snotty Snails)
Bunny Wailer - Dance Ha Fi Gwan (Solomonic)
The Hoovers - Mr Average (Produce)
F.S.K. - Die Englischen Fraulein (Sub Up)
T.D.C. - Can You Feel It (1st Bass)
Confusion - Dirty War (Amok)
Babes In Toyland - Dogg (Session)
Los Bordones Del Peru - Tus Ojos
Volcano Suns - Hey Monarch (Quarterstick)
Ken Coyler's Jazzmen - Goin' Home (Lake)
Subject 13 - The Promise (Vinyl Solution)
Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic (Session)
Sekiri - Katsu Katsu Rock (Public Bath)
Krispy 3 - Sell Outs Must Be Done (Beechwood)
14 Iced Bears - Hold On (Borderline)

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

John Peel - 5th July 1983

Featuring Darkness And Jive in session.

Echo And The Bunnymen - Never Stop (Korova)
Culture - Babylon's Big Dog (Cultural Foundation)
Mau Mau - Facts Of War (Pax)
Moral Lepers - Beryl Bean (MO DA MU)
Red Guitars - Good Technology (Self Drive)
Darkness And Jive - Victims (Session)
Yard Band - Juks Pon De Corner (Gorgon)
The Cure - The Walk (Fiction)
Jimmy McCracklin - The Walk (Mercury)
Little Walter - Duke (Mercury)
Billy Bragg - The Busy Girl Buys Beauty (Utility)
Khartomb - Swahili Lullaby (Whaam!)
Vusi Nkosi with the Mavulela Queens - Gijimani Bafana 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

John Peel - 29th June 1991

Featuring sessions from Silverfish and Eon.

KMD - Subrock's Mission (Elektra)
Breed - Everyone Joins In The Chorus (Nightshift)
Silverfish - Big Bad Baby Pigsqueal (Session)
Eon - Basket Case (Session)
The Sea Urchins - PLease Don't Cry (Sarah)
Zaiko Langa Langa - Deception B (Moto Music)
Napalm Death - Mass Appeal Madness (Earache)
Yo-Yo - I Got Played (EastWest)
The Fall - Muzorewi's Daughter (Step Forward)
Vertigo - Murder By Guitar (Amphetamine Reptile)
The Mighty Diamonds - Respect Due (Outernational)
F.S.K. - Wooden Heart (Sub Up)
Rum And Black - Tabley Man (Shut Up And Dance)
Silverfish - Puppy Pie (Session)
Ken Chambers - Thin Line (City Slang)
Peridots - Hully Gully All Night Long (Candy)
Eon - Infernal Machine (Session)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Nowadays A Woman's Gotta Hit A Man (Reprise)
Daniel Tomba and Marceline Vaviroa - Feam Baliha (Globe Style)
Mudhoney - She's Just Fifteen (Amphetamine Reptile)
Jonestown - Short Time (Amphetamine Reptile)
Smashing Pumpkins - Window Paine (Caroline)
Papa Wemba - Mokili Ngele (Dario Production)
Ed's Redeeming Qualities - Camouflage (Flying Fish)
Silverfish - Pink And Lovely (Session)
Moonshake - Gravity (Creation)
Eon - Be Cool (Session)
Raw Noise - Waste Of Life (Raw Noise)
Sekiri - Doro Doro Doro (Public Bath)
Whipped Cream - Explosion (Radium)
Junior Reid - Great Train Robbery [Scousers On The Rob Mix] (Big Life)
Drill - I See Collision (Abstract Sounds)
Pavement - Debris Slide (Drag City)
Eskimos In Egypt - Don't You Do It (One Little Indian)
Ion Dragoi - Doina Moldoveneasca (Electrecord)
Silverfish - Harry Butcher (Session)
Gumball - Window Pane (Paperhouse)
Superman + Spiderman - War Disease (Outernational)
Buttsteak - I Do The Cha Cha (Merkin)
Eon - Fear The Mind Killer (Session)
Misery - Blood Red Blue (Intellectual Convulsion)
Elmore James - I Can't Stop Loving You (Charly)
Scorpio Rising - The Strangest Things Turn You On (Chapter 22)

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

John Peel - 29th June 1999

Featuring Black Star Liner recorded live at Glastonbury.

Pink Kross - Dogz Dinner (Bouvier)
Welton Irie - Slaving Ghettoman Corner (Pantomine)
Ingo Kennedy - 12 Bit Days (Red Seal)
Built To Spill - Side Walk (City Slang)
Franco Godi - Parapapa Perepepe (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)
Ed Solo Vs Click 'n' Cycle - Roar (Emotif)
Red Monkey - Paper Clown (Troubleman)
Sonovac - Flyback (Output)
George Jones - Just One More (Mercury)
Los Esquizitos - Pum Pum Bang Bang (Opcion Sonica)
Brotherhood - Dancing Queen (Lost Vegas)
Ligament - I Want To Take You Outside (Kitty Kitty)

Peelenium 1919
Mayfair Dance Orchestra - Omaha
Master Thomas Criddle - That Old Fashioned Mother Of Mine
Lilly Morris - Don't Have Any More Mrs Moor
The Original Dixieland Jazz Band - Tiger Rag

Solex - Randy Constaza (Matador)
Black Star Liner - Glastonbury Live Set
Lonnie Donegan - Wabash Cannonball (Bear Family)
Chicken Lips - You Need A Medic (Kingsize)
Isis - Judgement (Dyne)

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

John Peel - 28th June 1979

Featuring the third session from UK Subs.

Big T Tyler - King Kong (United Artists)
Railbirds - I'm So Proud (King Kong Records)
Echo And The Bunnymen - The Pictures On My Wall (Zoo)
Neil Young - Pocahontas (Reprise)
Flowers - Criminal Waste (Fast Product)
Human Switchboard - You're Much Madder Than Me (Bomp)
UK Subs - Lady Esquire (Session)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Playground Twist (Polydor)
Yachts - Heads Will Turn (Radar)
Paul Collins - Walking Out Of Love (Bomb)
Sugar Minot and Captain Sinbad - Hard Time Pressure (Sufferers Heights)
Merton Parkas - I Don't Want To Know You (Beggars Banquet)
Wire - A Question Of Degree (Harvest)
Ricky Nelson - Lonesome Town (London)
The Cramps - Lonesome Town (I.R.S.)
The Marshalls - You Don't Care (Bomp)
UK Subs - Killer (Session)
Roses Are Red - Can't Understand (Posthumous Petal)

Kevin Coyne - Are You Deceiving Me (Virgin)
Jane Aire and The Belvederes - Call Me Every Night (Virgin)
Steel Pulse - Unseen Guest
Nils Lofgren - You're So Easy (A+M)
Attic - We're At War (Brain Boosters Records)
Starjets - Schooldays (Epic)
UK Subs - Crash Course (Session)

Monday, June 27, 2016

John Peel - 27th June 1979

Featuring Leyton Buzzards and The Raincoats in session.

Leyton Buzzards - People In The Street (Session)
Adrian Munsey - C'est Sheep (Virgin)
The Raincoats - Fairytale In The Supermarket (Session)
Neil Young - Powderfinger (Reprise)
The Lurkers - She Knows (Beggars Banquet)
B-52's - There's A Moon In The Sky (Island)
The Heptones - Natural Mystic (Greensleeves)
The Zips - Don't Be Pushed Around (Black Gold)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Playground Twist (Polydor)
T Rex - Jason B Sad (EMI)
Leyton Buzzards - Sharp Young Men (Session)
OMD - Electricity (Factory)
The Raincoats - In Love (Session)
Jack Scott - The Way I Walk
The Cramps - The Way I Walk (IRS/Illegal)
L.Voag - We Dress Up Our Ideas To Make Them Seem Greater Than They Really Are (Self Released)
Metal Boys - Sweet Marilyn (Rough Trade)
Steel Pulse - Tribute To The Martyrs (Island)
PIL - Death Disco (Virgin)
Leyton Buzzards - Last Tango In Leyton (Session)
The Raincoats - Adventures Close To Home (Session)
Urban Disturbance - Wild Boys In Cortinas (Rok)
The Venigmas - Red Revenge (Graduate)
Dire Straits - Once Upon A Time In The West (Vertigo)
25 Rifles - Third World War (Self Released)
Gene Vincent - Baby Blue
Minny Pops - Footsteps (Plurex)
Robert Johnson - Walkin' Blues (Vocalion)
The Raincoats - You're A Million (Session)
Barry Andrews - Mousetrap (Virgin)
PT and The Plimsolls - Game, Set And Match (Warner Bros.)
 Mediators - Monotony (Object)
Booker T and The MG's - Green Onions (Stax)
Leyton Buzzards - Sweet Dreams Little One (Session)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

John Peel - BFBS, 23rd June 1990

Another fine program broadcast on the British Forces Broadcasting Service in Germany.

Prophecy Of Doom - Insanity Reigns Supreme (Deaf)
"Pinetop" Smith - Pinetop's Boogie Woogie (MCA)
The Kilbanes - Yah Man (Bad Girl)
Jello Biafra with D.O.A. - Power Is Boring (Alternative Tentacles)
Teenage Fanclub - Every Picture I Paint (Paperhouse)
Pale Face - Burn And Rob (Shimmy Disc)
Robert Wyatt - Te Recuerdo Amanda (Rough Trade)
Helmet - Impressionable (Amphetamine Reptile)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

John Peel - 22nd June 1999

Featuring a splendid session from Low.

Baxendale - Hanging Out With Her (Lowsley Sound)
Boards Of Canada - Aquarius (Warp)
Low - Those Girls (Session)
Profound Noise - Luminous (Underfire)
Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band - Obeah Man (Revenant Records)
Billy Mahonie - We Accept American Dollars (Too Pure)
Norma Waterson - Reply To Joe Hains (Hannibal)
Sir Drew - El Pussy Dog (Kingsize)
Lonnie Donegan - Jack O' Diamonds (Pye Nixa)
Low - Liar (Session)

Peelenium 1916
WalterJeffries - Everbody's Crazy On The Foxtrot
Al Johnson - A Broken Doll
Jack Pleasants - Watching The Trains Come In
Ella Shields - I'm Burlington Bertie From Bow

J-Zone - The Zone Mission (Old Maid Entertainments)
Mr Dibbs - Captain Splatter Patty (Four Ways To Rock)
Jad Fair and Yo La Tengo - Three Year Old Genius Graduates High School At Top Of Her Class (Matador)
Low - I Remember (Session)
Soul Brothers Six - Some Kind Of Wonderful (Kent)

Polar - Optifunk (Certificate 18)
Volume All Star - Couples Skate Only (Bad Jazz)
Low - Will The Night (Session)
Surgeon - Ice (Tresor)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

John Peel - 21st June 1979

Featuring sessions from Swell Maps and Distributors.

Excess Energy - Use You (Dead Good)
Cate Brothers - I Won't Wait (Atlantic)
Distributors - Meltdown (Session)
Special AKA - Gangsters (2 Tone)
Swell Maps - Bandits One Five (Session)
Coast To Coast - Telephone Baby (Polydor)
Medicine Head - Coast To Coast (Dandelion)
Public Image Ltd - Death Disco (Virgin)
Tribesman - Finsbury Park (Boa)
David Bowie - African Night Flight (RCA)
Distributors - TV Me (Session)
B-52s - Lava (Warner Bros.)
Swell Maps - Midget Submarines (Session)

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Playground Twist (Polydor)
T-Rex - Dandy In The Underworld (T-Rex)
Hardware - Walking (Narc)
Prince Jammy Vs Crucial Bunny - Jammy's On The Move (Auralux)
Graham Parker And The Rumour - Discovering Japan (Vertigo)
Distributors - We Have Fun (Session)
Xdreamysts - Bad News (Polydor)
Glass Torpedoes - Heart Surgery (Teenbeat)
Swell Maps - Vertical Slum/Forest Fire (Session)
Railbirds - I Am So Proud (King Kong)
Yarbirds - Happenings Ten Times Years Ago (Columbia)
Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag (Rough Trade)
Gene Vincent - Jumps Giggles And Shouts (Capitol)
Distributors - Wireless (Session)
Swell Maps - Armadillo (Session)
Stiff Little Fingers - Gotta Gettaway (Rough Trade/Rigid Digits)
Cravats - The End (Small Wonder)

Monday, June 20, 2016

John Peel Presents... David Bowie Live, 20th June 1971

Recorded live at Paris Studios which was a former cinema on Lower Regent Street in London.

Queen Bitch
The Superman
Looking For A Friend
Almost Grown
Song For Bob Dylan
Andy Warhol
It Ain't Easy