Tuesday, May 21, 2013

John Peel - 10th July 1994

For some reason this program seems to run fractionally too fast. Not enough to spoil your enjoyment but nevertheless it does. I would correct it but I have neither the ability or the software to execute such a technical task, but like I say it's hardly noticeable. What you will notice on this program however is the fact that is is broadcast from the Scottish City of Glasgow. I think it was something to do with their Sound City 94 celebrations. I had some recordings from that event but the mists of time seem to have hidden them somewhere. 
In this program you will be able to enjoy session tracks from the likes of AC Acoustics and The Nectarine No.9 alongside records by,
Re-Mark, Dancing French Liberals Of 48, Ash, Sapiano, Ricky General, Shorty, Morph, Citrus, Sounds Of Life, Jimmy Liggins, Autechre, Supergrass, The Avantes and Hardtrance.