Thursday, September 04, 2014

John Peel - 4th July 1970

Featuring sessions from John and Beverly Martin, Manfred Mann Chapter Three and a repeat of the third session by the Edgar Broughton Band,

Free - Mr Big (Island)
The American Dream - Credemphels (Ampex)
Fotheringay - The Sea (Session)
Wilbert Harrison - Blue Monday (London)
Cochise - Woodland Light Irons (Session)
The Pretty Things - Scene One/The Good Mr Square/She Was Tall, She Was High (Harvest)
Fotheringay - The Ballad Of Ned Kelly (Session)
David Bowie - Memory Of A Free Festival (Mercury)
Country Joe McDonald - Hold On It's Coming (Session)
Country Joe McDonald - Balancing On The Edge Of Time (Session)
Country Joe McDonald - It's So Nice To Have Love (Session)
Country Joe McDonald - Maria (Session)
Country Joe McDonald - Tell Me Where Your Bound (Session)
Medicine Head - Coast To Coast [And Shore To Shore] (Dandelion)
Fotheringay - Banks Of The Nile (Session)