Thursday, February 11, 2016

John Peel - Radiomafia, 11th February 1999

Another fine program recorded for Finland's Radiomafia,

DJ Hired Gun - Try Again (Influential)
Dinosaur Jr. - In A Jar (Strange Fruit)
Davie Allen And The Arrows with Dick Dale (Surf Trek) (Shanachie)
Sons Of Silence - Bobby Dazzler [Live At Bar Maldoror-Black Helicopters Remix] (Leaf)
Aden - New 3/4 (Teenbeat)
Savage Resurrection - Thing In E (Mercury)
Rom Pari - As Sick As Possible (Sub Rosa)
Senseless Prayer - Step Number One (Senseless Prayer)
Pop Off Tuesday - Daisy Mirror (Pickled Egg)
Lightnin' Hopkins - War News Blues (Ace)
Monograph - Please Don't Be Afraid Of Anything (Shinkansen)
The Tinklers - Omi (Serious)
Jack McDuff - 601.5 North Poplar (Prestige)
TD5 - Subway Life (Off The Wall)
Vermooste Vloten - Sunday Morning (NovoSiBirsk)
Sleater Kinney - Start Together (Matador)