Thursday, March 17, 2016

John Peel - BFBS 17th March 1997

Another fine program recorded for the British Forces Broadcasting Service.

King Tubby and Santic Allstars - Shooter Dub (Blood And Fire)
Dura-Delinquent - Kidnapped (Lunar Recordings)
N.T.T. - Mars (Integral Recordings)
Chrome Kranks - Comeback (Atavistic)
Falcons - You're So Find (Ace)
Guided By Voices - If We Wait (Matador)
Flaming Stars - Bury My Heart At Pier 13 (Vinyl Japan)
Talvin Singh - Heavy Intro (vocals by Amar) (Mango)
Low - Throw Out The Line (Vernon Yard Recordings / Virgin America)
Hitchers - Killed it With My Bare Hands (Murgatroid)
Make-Up - At The Tone...(The Time Will Be) (Dischord)
Bomb 20 - Justified (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Jah Stitch - Ragga Muffin Style (Blood AndFire)
Simon Joyner - Robin Hood (Sing, Eunuchs!)
Alex Handley - The Butterfly Factor (Emissions Audio Output)
Butterflies Of Love - Rob A Bank (Fortuna Pop!)
International Strike Force - Let's Go (Slampt)
Blue Orchids - Work (Rough Trade)
Low-Fi Generator - √úbersteigerung Der Beat-Rhythmen (Normal)
Dream City Film Club - Perfect Piece Of Trash (Beggars Banquet)
Orb - Toxygene (Ganga Kru Remix #2) (Future Music Magazine)
The Fall - Don't Call Me Darling (Artful)
Kletka Red - Sirba (Tzadik)
I Roy - Hot Stuff (Blood And Fire)
Bowery Electric - Fear Of Flying (Beggars Banquet)
Sid Presley Experience - Public Enemy Number One (I.D.)
Bana Maquis - Bana Maquis
Cap'n Jazz - Little League (Jade Tree)
Beatnik Filmstars - Wing Off A Plane (Mobstar)
Experimental Audio Research - Untitled (Space Age Recordings)