Thursday, April 20, 2017

John Peel - Radio Mafia, 23rd April 1996

Not the complete show alas, but a fine program non the less.

Purusha and the Lovely Janette - Gasoline (Soundclash Recordings)
Folk Implosion - Palm of My Hand (Communion)
Jah Stich - Ragga Muffin Style (Blood and Fire)
Isebel's Pain - J.C. Straub's Wonderful Room (Trash Can Records)
Jay Ray - Nadrazi (MFS)
Astroburger - Aztek (Big Ball)
The Make-Up - Don't Step On The Children (Dischord)
Glen P - Let it Rip (Vicious)
Mitsoobishi Jackson - Son Of Aerobics (Brinkman Records)
Varnaline - Lbs (Zero Hour Records)
North 7 Super Slots - Pop The Slot (Real Records)
Oochie - Tsunami
Mono Men - Another Way (Estrus)