Wednesday, March 25, 2015

John Peel - 12th January 1999

Featuring Faust in session.

Bis - Action And Drama (Wiiija)
Man With The Woman Head - 
Dungeon Master - Expert (Gold Hole)
Sportique - Tiny Clues (Wiaiwya)
Patric Cantani - Flesh Dissolves In The Acid Of Light (DHR)
Gene - As Good As It Gets (Polydor)
Beat Junkies - Chganges (Second Movement)
Stella Maris - Good Bloke, Bad Bloke And God (Yassaba)
Tes Fa Siyon - Evil Inevitability (Maskaram)
Faust - What Really Happened To Faust Parts I and II (Session)
DJ Stretch And Teebone - U Make Me (Riddim Track)
Sebadoh - Flame (domino)
Sizzla - New Generation (Exterminator)
Cul De Sack - The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith, Calif (Earworm)
The Fall - New Face In Hell (Strange Fruit)
Luciano - Love His Majesty (Flash)
Faust - What Really Happened Part III (Session)
Uneven Surface - Dog Inc (Stayupforever)