Thursday, April 30, 2015

John Peel - 13th January 1999

Featuring the magnificent Cuban Boys in session.

Gore Beyond Necropsy - Dead Dog Idolization (Relapse)
Biochip C - Go Bang (Force Inc)
Built To Spill - Centre Of The Universe (City Slang)
Cuban Boys - Oh My God They've Killed Kenny (Session)
King Brothers - King Beat (Bulb)
Hirameka Hi Fi - No PIctures (Extreme Sports/Gringo)
Can Can Heads - The Chum Chum Bosom Bird Whistle (Bad Vugum)
Hidden Face - Dry Ice (Nublack)
Not Bit Of Wood - Perfect Setting (Qhabbda)
Boys Of The Lough - The Steamboat/The Sheffield Hornpipe (Lough)
John Callaghan - Give Me Some Air (Warp)
Brother Zac - Compos Mentis (Blancmange)
Cuban Boys Stardust Pt.3  [Ariana In Space] (Session)
Bob Log III - All The Rockets Go Bang (Fat Possum)
Bonnie Prince Billy - A Minor Place (Domino)
Paul Elliot - Revolution (Bus Brains Connection)
Dicky Williams - In The Same Motel (Trikont)
Hofman - Soundtrack The Feast (Vibrations From The Edge Of Sanity)
Cuban Boys - Hanging On The Telephone (Session)
The Spores - Oblong (Flitwick)
Audiovoid - Retrieval (Robot)
Broccoli - The Tens (Rugger Bugger/Speed O Wax)
Outlaw - Disturbed Guys (Kartoons)
Cuban Boys - Let's Get Raunchier (Session)
Magnetophone - Air Method (Static Caravan)
LMS - Never (HMG)