Monday, May 04, 2015

John Peel - 22nd October 1995 (BFBS show)

Yet another one of those wonderful shows recorded for the British Forces Broadcasting Service

Teengenerate - My G.T.O. (Red DEvil/Gearhead)
Link Wray - Black Widow (Chiswick)
Frank De Wulf - Drums In A Grip (Harthouse)
Solar Race - Get Ahead (Silvertone)
U-Roy - Chalice In The Palace (Mastercuts UK)
Turbulent Force - Motorway Sign (Sabrettes)
Detrimental - Children Of The Rat Race (Cooking Vinyl)
Spiritulized - Lay Back In The Sun (Dedicated)
F.X. - Hypocrite (Tone Def)
Po Prostu - Meths Drinking Woman
Pulp - Pencil Skirt (Island)
Jean Baron Et Le Groupe Loketo - Pantalon Morbida (Jimmy International)
The Squirrels - Oz On 45 (Pop Llama)
Northern Uproar - Rough Boy (Heavenly)
Big Heifer - She Cut Off My Legs (Hat Factory)
Directional Force - M64 The Black Eye Galaxy (Strange Fruit)
Dale And Grace - I'm Leaving It Up To You (Ace)
Sunbrain - Happy Valentines Day (Lumberjack)
Travis And Bob - Tell Him No (Ace)
Armagideon - Victory Dub (Shiver)
The Sensations - Music, Music, Music (Ace)
Luggage - Here Come The Leftover (Blunt)
Rosie And The Originals - Give Me Love (Highland)
Starfish - Supercool (Trance Syndicate)
C.A.T. - Break It Down (Choci's Choons)
60Ft Dolls - Pig Valentine (Indolent)