Wednesday, June 17, 2015

John Peel 20th December 1988

Featuring session tracks from Fflaps, A Witness, Datblygu, Plant Bach Ofnus, Stella Chiweshe, The House Of Love and Extreme Noise Terror along with the first slice of the 1988 Festive Fifty, numbers 50-42

The House Of Love - Nothing To Me (Session)
Fflaps - Llosg Llech(Session)
Stella Chiweshe - Kana Ndikafa (Session)
Extreme Noise Terror - Take The Strain (Session)
Plant Bach Ofnus - Awst (Session)
A Witness - I Love You Mr Disposable Razors (Session)
Datblygu - Cristion Yn Y Kibbutz (Session)
The House Of Love - Plastic (Session)
Fflaps - Y Dyn Bun (Session)
Extreme Noise Terror - No Threat (Session)
Plant Bach Ofnus - Pydredd (Session)
A Witness - Helicopter Tealeaf (Session)
Extreme Noise Terror - Propaganda (Session)
Datblygu Gwlad Arfy Nghefn (Session)
Stella Chiweshe - Vana Vako Vopera (Session)
The House Of Love - Blind (Session)
Extreme Noise Terror - Only In It For The Music Part 3 (Session)
Public Enemy - Night Of The Living Baseheads (Def Jam)
The Wedding Present - Don't Laugh (Reception)
Happy Mondays - Wrote For Luck (Factory)
The Darling Buds - Shame On You (Native)
The Primitives - Crash (RCA)
Pixies - Where Is My Mind (4AD)
Pixies - Bone Machine (4AD)
New Order - Fine Time (Factory)
Mega City Four - Miles Apart (Primitive)
The Flatmates - Shimmer (Subway Organization)