Wednesday, June 10, 2015

John Peel - 3rd February 1998

Featuring tracks from the one and only session by Lillian (although John refer's to them as Gillian at the start of the tape).

Environmental Science - The Day The Zac Stood Still Pt.2 (Fused And Bruised)
The Ruins - Phone Numero (Skin Graft)
Rudolf Rocker - Geeda Boor (Mook)
Lillian - Teenage Whore (Session)
Banbust - Banbust (Craft)
Dump - Clarity (Plink Man)
Nought - Cough Cap Kitty Cat (Shifty Disco)
Finitribe - Sleazy Rider (Infectious)
Lillian - Peroxide Beauties (Session)
Fuck - Ballet High (Vinyl Tribe)
H2S0 - Little Soul (White Label)