Thursday, July 09, 2015

John Peel 30th Decenber 1975

Featuring Ivor Cutler in session.

Toots And The Mayta - Louie Louie (Trojan)
Ivor Cutler - Pearly Winged Fly/Go Sit Upon The Grass (Session)
Cate Brothers - Time For Us (Asylum)
Ivor Cutler - Life In A Scotch Sitting Room Vol II Episode 11 (Session)
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir (Swan Song)
Ivor Cutler - Fremsley (Session)
Osibisa - Uhuru (Bronze)
Albion Country Band - The New St George/La Rotta (Island)
Ivor Cutler - True Humility/Nigerians In A Tunnel/I Spent Ten Years
Ivor Cutler - Sleepy Old Snake/Little Black Buzzer (Session)
Sadistic Mika Band - Okinawa [Strange Fish] (Harvest)
Betty Williams - If She's Your Wife [Who Am I]
Ivor Cutler - A Wooden Tree (Session)
Max Merritt and The Meteors - Slipping Away (Arista)