Thursday, July 23, 2015

John Peel 7th April 1991

Featuring sessions from Boo Radleys and A Homeboy A Hippy And A Funky Dread.

Tad - Crane's Cafe (Sub Pop)
Gunshot - No Sell Out (Vinyl Solution)
Codeine - D (Glitterhouse/Sub Pop)
Robert Ward And The Black Top All Stars - Forgive Me Darling (Black Top)
Boo Radleys - Alone Again Or (Session)
A Homeboy, A Hippy And A Funky Dread - Drop Your Soul (Session)
Scotty - Thieves In The Temple (Two Friends)
Autopsy - Retribution For The Dead (Peaceville)
DJ Spike - Unsanity (Blanc)
Unsane N.Y.C. - This Town (Treehouse)
The Cherryblades - Down #1 (Imaginary)
The Cherryblades - Face #1 (Imaginary)
The Cherryblades - Soul (Imaginary)
Robson Banda And New Black Eagles - 
Glory Box - Raining Embers (Tea Time)
Bamn - Karma Inner Funky State (Bamn)
Boo Radleys - Something Soon She Said (Session)
AW1 Davis RB - Knights Of A Jedi (Scope)
Inside Out - I'm Talking (Meantime)
Ion Peptenar - Joc De Doi (Electrocorde)
Eton Crop - Noisy Town (Torso Dance)
A Homeboy, A Hippy And A Funky Dread - Dream (Session)