Thursday, August 14, 2014

John Peel - 2nd February 1988

Featuring Cookie Crew in session.

Twang - Snap Back (Ron Johnson)
The Disappointments - Better Than You/Scar Yourself/Drink It Away/Brainwashed/Possessed (Ice Pick)
Leo Reisman And His Orchestra - Gay Love
Fantasy Club - Mystery Girl (International House)
27 Devils Joking  - Where's Bo Diddley When You Need Him (Fundamental)
Cookie Crew - The Place To Be (Session)
Bastard Kestrel - Tardive (Goldhanger Records)
U-Roy with John Holt - Wear You To The Ball (Treasure Isle)
Cyclic Amp - Turkey Shop (Probe Plus)
Bomb The Bass - Beat Dis (Mister- Ron)
The Buzzcocks - What Do I Get (Strange Fruit)
UT - Evangelist (Blast First)
Terry Gibbs - Gibberish (Emarcy)
Crucial Youth - Be Kind, Rewind (Faith Records)
Cookie Crew - The Cut Master Swift Rap (Session)
Kahondo Style - Green Dream (Nato)
H.D.Q. - Have Faith (Meantime Records)
Stella Chiweshe - Chamakuwende (Globe Style)
The Sugarcubes - Cold Sweat [Remix] (One Little Indian)
The Rosehips - Loophole (Subway)
Sir Drew And Rapski - Notting Hill (Positive Beat Records)
Bhundu Boys - Writing On The Wall
Cud - You Sexy Thing (Strange Fruit)
Cows - Redhouse  (Treehouse Recoprds)
The Primitives - Crash (RCA)
Cookie Crew - It's Gotta Be Fresh (Session)
SDT - It's A Groove (Paradox)
Doom - Slave To Convention (Peaceville)
Ripple - Willie, Pass The Water (GRC)
The Chesterfields - Sob Sob Story (Subway)
A.C. Marias - Time Was (Mute)