Wednesday, August 13, 2014

John Peel - 2nd June 1999

Featuring Third Eye Foundation in session.

The Hellacopters - Twist Action (Fandango)
Space DJ'z - Switch Backz (Soma Mis)
Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage Jesus - American (Creeping Bent)
? - ?
Shere Khan - Vampire (Offyerface)
Starfish Enterprise - Electrons (Law And Order)
? - ?
Clinic - Magic Boots (Domino)
Iyashanti - Getting It Right (Star Trail)
Third Eye Foundation - Goddamit You Got Too Behind (Session)
Datblygu - Mynd (Ankstmusik)
Pavement - Folk Jam (Virgin)
El Presidente - La Galita (Nascente)
Grace Cameron - Adam And Eve
Maude Raymond - Goodbye Molly Brown
George M. Cohan - The Small Town Gal
Maude Raymond - The Dusky Salome
Bob Log III - Daddy LOg's Drive-In Candy Hoppin' Car Babes (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Rob Acid - Sequenzen Des Windes (Force Inc.)
El Hombre Trajeado - Alec Under Observation (Guided Missile)
? - Elvis (Parapsychic Acoustic Research/Ash International)
Jimmy Riley - Prophecy (Pressure Sounds)
Topper - Cwsg Gerdded (Bedlam)
Lightnin' Hopkins - Backwater Blues (Tradition)
Third Eye Foundation - Some Pitying Angel (Session)
Solex - Call Me Mista (Matador)
National Park Vs Future Pilot AKA - Norman Dolph's Money (Earworm)