Tuesday, August 11, 2015

John Peel 14th April 1991

Featuring superb sessions from Heavenly and The Moonflowers.

Freddie King - Washout (Polydor)
Sonic Youth - Tom Violence (Goo)
Eskimos And Egypt - That's What You Want (Deutsche Englischer Freundschaft)
Heavenly - And The Birds Aren't Singing (Session)
Wi-Ze - Tagging It Up (Rough City)
The Moonflowers - Back Where We Belong (Session)
God In Texas - Purge (Lovehammer)
Tony Rebel - Fresh Vegetable (Penthouse)
The Fall - Edinburgh Man (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
Babyland - Mask (FX)
Manufacture - Running Mad (Nettwerk)
Earwig - Driving You Mad Slowly (Lah Di Dah)
Ivor Cutler - The Other Half (Virgin)
Seeran Benza Ft. Diblo Dibala - Isha
MC Buzz B - Don't Have The Time (Polydor)
Shonen Knife - Blue Oyster Cult (Rockville)
The Moonflowers - Groove Power (Session)
Pinchers - Harder They Come (Digital B)
I Ludicrous - How Much Money Should I Give To Charity (Rodney Rodney)
New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Get Better (Play It Again Sam)
Heavenly - So Little Deserve (Session)
Paris - Lights Camera Revolution (Tommy Boy)
25th May - Solid State Logic (Arista)
Sonic Youth - Stereo Sanctity (Goo)
Sonic Youth - Brother James (Goo)
George Smith - Yes Baby
Xtal - An Old Colonial's Hard Luck Story (Alias)
Harm Farm - Transgressions (Alias)
Aerial - Sea Of Beats (Creed)
The Moonflowers - My Baby (Session)
Buttsteak - Heroin Angel (Murkin)
Black Bizarre - You've Got The Devil Inside (Tam Tam)
Heavenly - Escort Crash On Marsten Street (Session)
No Comment - A Mother's Crime (Slap A Ham)
Etta James - I'm Loving You More Every Day
Paul Leary - Dalheart Down The Road (Rough Trade)
The Fall - Pitsville Direkt (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
The Fall - Book Of Lies (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
Admiral Tibet - Keep On Telling Me (Digital B)
Artsciencetechnology - Esus Flow (Debut)
Olive Lawn - Minnesota (Nemesis)
The Moonflowers - Higher (Session)