Tuesday, August 25, 2015

John Peel 23rd July 2002

Featuring the first broadcast of the ninth session by Misty In Roots.

Golden Boy with Miss Kitten - Rippin Kittin (Illustrious)
JamX and DeLeon meets Tom Wax - Louder/Softer (Bulletproof)
The Kills - Cat Claw (Domino)
Misty In Roots - Music Suite (Session)
The Dawn Parade - The Hole In My Heart (Sugar Town)
Dawn Of The Replicants - Leaving Town (Flying Sparks)
Chris C - Call Of The Wild (Nile)
Clinic- Come Into Our Room (Domino)
Astrobotnia - Lightworks (Reflex)
Watchmaker - Broken By Refraction (Terrorizer)
Misty In Roots - The Way [Almighty] (Session)
Grover - I Await Your Letters And Sendings (Teleran)
The Blue Minkies - You Make Me Blush (No Concessions)
Hellfish and Producer - Another Mindless Breakbeat Track (Planet Mu)
Charles Penrose - Seeing Each Other Home (Winner)
Cranebuilders - Against Your Wishes (Earworm)
Scott Brown - Elysium Plus (React)
Misty In Roots - Dance Hall (Session)
Elf Power - Everlasting Scream (Shifty Disco)
Redneck Manifesto - Speaking Of Clowns (Red F)
Jesse Belvin - [I Love You] For Sentimental Reasons (Ace)
JS Ten - Driven (Action)
Ghosts - Westending (Penthouse)
Misty In Roots - Cover Up (Session)