Wednesday, February 12, 2014

John Peel - 15th January 1993

Featuring Unsane and New Fast Automatic Daffodils in session.

Hum - Sundress (Mud)
Ray Tracing - The Internal Exterior (Urdial)
Unsane - Broke (Session)
The Ukrainians - Venus In Furs (Cooking Vinyl)
Radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar (Parlophone)
Charlie Chaplin - Unleashed (Exterminator)
Lotion - She Is Weird City (Kokopop)
Mambo Taxi - Prom Queen (Clawfist)
New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Music (Session)
Pele And The Young Giants - I Like To Be the Best (Exotica)
Hardfloor - Acperience 3 (Harthouse)
Unsane - Body Bomb (Session)
Grenadine - Gillen [Except Sometimes] (Shimmy Disc)
The Goats - Are You Down With The Goats (Rough House)
Zayika Langa Langa Familiar Day - Martin Ahanga (Sonodisc)
Nirvana - Breed (Geffen)
Cornershop - The Hanif Kureishi Scene (Wiija)
West Bam - Mayday Anthem (Low Spirit)
Terry Edwards - Totally Wired (Stim)
Thieves - Through The Door (Nursery)
Sarcasm - No Straight Edge (Slap A Ham)
Lee Perry - Babylon A Fall (Heartbeat)
Unsane - HLL (Session)
The Werefrogs - Nixi Concussion (Ultimate)
Taste Experience - In My Brain (Power)
New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Kyphos (Session)
Jive Five - My True Story (Ace)
Even As We Speak - To See You Smile (Sarah)
Polygon Window - Quoth (Warp)
Big Black - My Disco (Touch And Go)
Bhundu Boys - Gonzo Nachin'ai (Cooking Vinyl)
Lois - Press Play And Record (K)
Dinosaur Jr - Start Choppin' (Blanco Y Negro)
Cocoa T and Ninjaman - Swear In (Veirman)
New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Bruises (Session)
Camille Howard - Fireball Boogie (Ace)
Gloo Girls - Yo Blondie (Dionysus)
Unsane - Black Book [Vol II] (Session)
Soukous Stars - Sinaweylo (Sterns)
Bill Haley - Real Rock Drive (Marble Arch)
Trumans Water - Habits Are Spirits (Drunken Fish)
Sulphuric - The Acid Chamber (Infonet)