Friday, February 28, 2014

John Peel - Top Gear, 18th May 1969

More vintage goodness from way back. Includes session tracks from Pentangle, John Dummer Blues Band, Blodwyn Pig, Mandrake Paddle Steamer, 

The Mooche - Hot Smoke And Sassafras (Pye)
The Idle Race - Days Of The Broken Arrows (Liberty)
Pentangle - Once I Had A Sweetheart (Session)
John Dummer Blues Band - The Big Feeling Blues (Session)
Bob Dylan - One More Night (CBS)
Blodwyn Pig - Ain'ycha Comin' Home, Babe (Session)
Mandrake Paddle Steamer - The Ivory Castle Of Solitaire Huske (Session)
Credence Clearwater Revival - Penthouse Pauper (Liberty)
Sons Of Champlin - 1982-A (Capitol)
Pentangle - Hunting Song (Session)
Van Morrison - Sweet Thing (Warner Bros.)
Blodwyn Pig - Change Soon (Session)
John Dummer Blues Band - Skin Game (Session)
Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Coogar And Dark (Session)
The Famous Jug Band - The Only Friend I Own (Liberty)
Pentangle - Bruton Town (Session)
Leonard Cohen - The Butcher (CBS)
Blodwyn Pig - It's Only Love (Session)
John Dummer Blues - Jungle Blues (Session)
Dave Kelly - Hard Times (Session)
John Fahey - Sail Away Ladies (Takoma)
Mandrake Paddle Steamer - Senlak Lament (Session)
Spooky Tooth - Waitin' For The Wind (Island)
Blodwyn Pig - The Modern Alchemist (Session)
Pentangle - Sally Go Round The Roses (Session)
The Who - We're Not Gonna Take It
Vilayat Khan And Shanta Prasad - Concert In The Haunted Palace