Wednesday, March 19, 2014

John Peel - 16th February 1992

Featuring sessions from Even As We Speak and The Cranberries.

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Jad Fair - Mule In The Corn (Paperhouse)
MC 900ft Jesus - The City Sleeps (Play It Again Sam)
Gallon Drunk - You, The Night... And The Music (Clawfist)
Diblo Dibala And Matchatcha - Medisance (Afric Music)
Even As We Speak - Falling Down (Session)
The Cranberries - Waltzing Back (Session)
Nardo Ranks - Don Dog Hearts (Gussie P Records)
Zeni Geva - Godflesh (Public Bath)
Godflesh - Spite (Earache)
Neutron 9000 - Which Way Are You Going (MFS)
Mr Ray's Wig World - Elvis Begins With An E (Liquid Noise)
Elvis Presley - My Baby Left Me (RCA)
Freefall - Shine (Liquid Noise)
S.L. Troopers - Systematic Terror (Kold Sweat)
The Cranberries - Linger (Session)
Ungungungloval Brothers - Passe Parlo
Third Dimension - A Forest (Dance Device)
Even As We Speak - Stay With Me (Session)
Curve - Arms Out (Anxious)
Bunny General - Played By Dis Ya Sound Alone (Fashion)
The Fall - Free Range (Fontana/Cog Sinister)
The Fall - Everything Hurtz (Fontana/Cog Sinister)
Soca Band - Linga Linga (Jabalarney)
The Sentinals - The Pipe (Ace)
The Cranberries - Want (Session)
Sound Systemme - Get Down [Woodentop Mix] (Go! Discs)
Even As We Speak - Straight As An Arrow (Session)
Cobra - Licence Fi Bad (New Name Music)
PJ Harvey - Hair (Too Pure)
PJ Harvey - Joe (Too Pure)
Monkeywrench - Bottle Up And Go (Sub Pop)
K Creative - Zen Flash Zen Bone (Talking Loud)
Sunshot - Baby Doll (Deva)
70 Gwen Party - Get Sick On The Beach (Snape)

Ronin - Who's Got The Last Laugh (Circa)
Ween - Sketches Of Winkle (Shimmy Disc)
Duffle Coats - Motorbikesong (Bring On Bull)
Even As We Speak - Sailors Graves (Session)
Capleton - Murderation (Father And Son)
The Cranberries - I Will Always (Session)
Safehouse - Screamer
Love Child - Six Of One (Homestead)
Nightblooms - Blue Marbles (Fierce Recordings)