Wednesday, March 26, 2014

John Peel - 27th February 1990

This fine show includes the blistering second session from Birdland who were just about to unleash their self titled debut album onto the world.

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Benny Profane - Beam Me Up (Illusion)
Gregory Isaacs - Hang On (Jammy's)
Cynics - Business As Usual (Get Hip)
Birdland - Rock And Roll Nigger (Session)
Aaron Neville - Tell It Like It Is (Connoisseur)
Mellow Man Ace - Mas Pingon (Capitol)
Last Option - Bring Me Down (In Your Face)
Vandal - I Love To Dance (Nu Groove)
Birdland - Shoot You Down (Session)
The Jungle Brothers - What U Waiting For (Warner Bros)
Fat - ? (These)
Gene Vincent - Well I Knocked (Bim Bam)
Sugar Minot - Girl She Is Gone (Exterminator)
The Sandkings - Need To Know (Long Beach)
Birdland - All Over Me (Session)
Shut Up And Dance - (Shut Up And Dance)
Buttsteak - Water In My Pants (Camp Zama International)
Thriller U - Careless Whisper (Redman Super Power)
Birdland - Wanted (Session)
The Fall - Chicago Now! (Fontana/Cog Sinister)
Gregory Isaacs - My Native Woman (Redman International)