Monday, March 03, 2014

John Peel - 24th January 2002

Featuring Cowcube in session.

Chris C - A Drop Of The Hard Stuff (Pirate Wax)
Shadows Of Knight - Lightbulb Blues (Dunwich)
Cowcube - George (Session)
Charley Patton - Green River Blues (Revenent)
Ballboy - Dumper Truck Racing (SL)
Chezidek - Harvest Time (Xterminator)
Trinity - My Love Is True (V)
Nazis From Mars - TV  Love Song (Irritant)
Desaparecidos - Greater Omaha (Wichita)
Cowcube - Ouch (Session)
Preston Epps - Bongo Rock (Original Sound Records)
Herman Dune - Not Knowing (Prohibited)
Chris C And The Doktor - Dead On A Rival (Pirate Wax)
Purple Gang - Granny Takes A Trip (Big T)
The Heads - Dissonant (Sweet Nothing)
Alpha Omega - VCF (Reinforced)
Miss Black America - Infinite Chinese Box (Integrity)
Cowcube - Supermusicboy (Session)
Nina N - Dog's Life (Socialist Records)
FLR - Easy Filter (Reel Musiq)
Division Of Laura Lee - We've Been Planning This For Years (Burning Heart)
Dynamo - Voraus 1 (Din)
Tone - Queen Of The Shoplifters (Rugger Bugger)
Cowcube - Truffle Shuffle (Session)
Sonic And Silver - Generation Dub (Trouble On Vinyl)
Northern Lite - Treat Me Better (City Rockers)