Wednesday, September 18, 2013

John Peel - 10th April 2003

Of Arrowe Hill - I Are Becoming InstinctRadio Dept., The - LieblingVarious - Speicher CD 1Broadcast - PendulumVarious - Combat DubParty Of One (2) - Caught The BlastSage Francis - Personal JournalsJohnny Dowd - The Pawnbroker's Wife

This program features the superb Venetian Snares live from All Tomorrows Parties 
Solway Firth - Wasp City (White Label)
Radio Dept - Liebling (Rex)
Michael Mayer - Unter Null (Kompakt)
Broadcast - Still Feels Like Tears (Warp)
The Disciples - Brain Booster (Bangarang)
 Party Of One - Six Million Anonymous Deceased (FatCat)
Sage Francis - Personal Journalist (Anticon)
Johnny Dowd - Judgement Day (Munich)
A-Sides - Destroyer (Hard Leaders)
Elias and His Zig Zag Jive Flutes - Tom Hark
The Black Keys - Set You Free (Fat Possum)
Tanto Matro - Thug Party (40/40)
Man... Or Astroman? - Out Of Limits (Estrus)
Opiate - Perdot (Morr Music)
Midnight Evils - 5th Avenue Blues (Estrus)

Venetian Snares - Live From All Tomorrow Parties

Of Arrowe Hill - I Are Becoming Instinct (Must Destroy)
Sanchez - War (Joe Frasier)
Big Flame - Why Popstars Can't Dance (Ron Johnson)
Scott Mac - Damaged 01 (Limit)

A-Sides - Destroyer / Brick CityElias & His ZigZag Jive Flutes* - Tom Hark / Ry RyBlack Keys, The - Set You FreeOpiate - SometimesMidnight Evils, The - Straight Til MorningSanchez - WarBig Flame - Why Popstars Can't DanceScott Mac - Damager 01 / Shake N Drum

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

John Peel - 14th March 1992

Featuring sessions from Spiritulized and Leatherface.

The Gories - Baby Say Unh (Estrus)
Sipho Bhengu - Tickey Dopies (Inkonkoni)
Cybersonic - Thrash (Plus 8)
Leatherface - Peasant In Paradise (Session)
Pointblank - Planting Semtex (Kold Sweat)
The Fall - Everything Hurtz (Fontana/Cog Sinister)
King Tubby - Jam Down (Trojan)
Crane - Colourblind (Elemental)
Big Black - II Duce (Homestead)
Boo Radleys - Skyscraper (Creation)
Cutty Ranks - The Agony (Fashion)
PJ Harvey - Joe (Too Pure)
PJ Harvey - Plants And Rags (Too Pure)
PJ Harvey - Fountain (Too Pure)
Ababa Ba Nasery - Tumebeba Msalaba (Globe Star)
Spiritulized - Angel Sigh/Feel So Sad (Session)
Leatherface - Springtime (Session)
Lee Perry - Perry's Mood (Seven Leaves)
Suckdog - All Of The Things I Could Think Up To Do (Suckdog/#1 Hits)
Nirvana - Mr Moustache (Sub Pop)
Spawn - Tension (NovaMute)
Meathooks - Demon Master Spew /Manic Tribe NYC/Cerebral Demolition (Disastro Mix)
Ambassadors Of Swing - Two Steps Ahead (Kold Sweat)
Loveblobs - Cylinder Head (Wiija)
Leatherface - Dreaming (Session)
Earl Bostic - Flamingo (Polydor)
Blast Furnace Band and The Grapevine Singers - Hammering Hank
Pavement - Here (Big Cat)
Pavement - Two States (Big Cat)
Pavement - Perfume V (Big Cat)
Mescalinum Utd - We Have Arrived (R&S)
Spiritulized - Smile (Session)
Gigolos - Night Creature (Romulan)
Terminator - Soul Joking (Rave 55)
The Verve - All In The Mind (Hut)
The Fall - Married, 2 Kids (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
Dynametrix - I'm Not A Weakling (Kold Sweat)
Sebadoh - Truly Great Thing (Homestead)
Leatherface - I Want The Moon (Session)
Ministry - Jesus Built My Hot Rod (Sire)
Blast Furnace Band And Grapevine Singers, The - Hammering HankPavement - Slanted And EnchantedTerminator (2) - Soul-JokingVerve* - All In The MindMinistry - Jesus Built My HotrodPJ Harvey - DryDynametrix - Keep Da Crowd DancingSebadoh - III

Sunday, September 08, 2013

John Peel - 31st July 1997

Period Pains - Spice Girls (Who Do You Think You Are?)Scarfo - Luxury Plane CrashLance Gambit Trio, The* - Cocktail 2000Revolutionaries* - Headache17 Years - 17 YearsRegis - We Said No / AlliesRing Of Truth (2) - The Horse / The Last TimeScan X - Lost

Featuring the excellent Policecat in session.
Nico And Makai - Omen (No U Turn)
Period Pains - Spice Girls Who Do You Think You Are (Damaged Goods)
Tofu Love Frogs - Arkansas Traveler (Mrox)
Policecat - Blue Movie (Session)
Neuropolitoque - Politique Theme (New Electronica)
Scarfo - Pajo Gear (Deceptive)
Lance Gambit Trio - Mysterious Girl (Music For Leisure)
Revolutionaries - Bellyache (Disco Dubs) 
17 Years - 3 Chords (GMM)
Policecat - Give Us This Day (Session)
Regis - We Said No (Nouvelle Structures)
Cliff Richard and The Shadows - We Say Yeah
Ring Of Truth - The Horse (Sound Archive)
Starkey Banton (Fashion)
Sonora Pine - Snows Cut Snapshots (Quarterstick)
Scan X - Futuristic Funk (F Communication)
Disdain - Give It Up (Pale Moon)
Wnico - Gasoline (Charnel House)
Vendettas - Gasoline
Policecat - Dark Holiday (Session)
Vinylgroover - The Big Bang (World Of Obsession)
Topper - Hapus (Ankst)
Ivor Cutler - Perverse (Creation)
Arab Strap - Hey! Fever (Chemikal Underground) 
Policecat - Lone Rider (Session)
Dean Stanback - I Still Love You (Kent)
DJ Future Shock - The Box Is Banging Quite A Bit (Southwest)
Nasty Habits - Shadow Boxing [The Remix] (31 Records)
 Vendettas, The (2) - Can't StopFade & Bananaman / DJ Vinylgroover* - Calypso Summer Remix 97 / The Big BangTopper (4) - Something To Tell HerIvor Cutler - A Wet HandleArab Strap - The Girls Of Summer EPDJ Future Shock - The Techno Connection EPNasty Habits - Shadow Boxing (The Remix) / March

Friday, September 06, 2013

John Peel - 20th January 1991

Capleton - God Mi Love We Nuh Love SatanOrchids, The (2) - Penetration E.P.Monster Magnet - MurderGreenhouse - Mad As LoveChemlab - 10 Ton Pressure Heavenly - Heavenly Vs. SatanWake, The - Make It LoudBoss Hog - Cold Hands

Featuring Session tracks from Ugly Music Show and The Orb 

Greenhouse - Mad As Love (Native)
Chemlab - I Still Bleed (Fifth Column)
Capleton - God Mi Love Me Nuh Satan (Bravo The Best Baby Father)
Ugly Music Show - Been Here Before (Session)
Johnny Bokelo Esengi - Bijou 
The Orchids - How Does That Feel (Sarah)
Heavenly - Lemonhead Boy (Sarah)
The Wake - Firestone Tyres (Sarah)
Boss Hog - Gerard (Amphetamine Reptile)
3 X Dope - Mr Sandman (City Beat)
Cadillacs - Gloria ()
Ugly Music Show - White Horses (Session)
The Orb - Backside Of The Moon [Tranquility Lunar Orbit]/Into The Fourth Dimension [Essence Of Starlight] (Session)
Monster Magnet - Tractor (Primo Scree)

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

John Peel - 8th April 2003

Various - No to G8! Yes To Breakcore!Dylan - Dark Planet / Chicago SoundBeenie Man & T.O.K. - Bring It OnBlack Keys, The - Hard Row
Big Stick - Drag RacingNumbers - Ee-uh!K-Line (2) - Lessons LearnedVanishing Breed - The Seasons

Featuring Explosions In The Sky in session.

Sludgefest - SOS (Must Destroy)
The Soul Lifters - Hot, Funky and Sweaty (Funk)
Dylan - Dark Planet (Freak)
Dick Dale - Shredded Heat (Hightone)
Explosions In The Sky - First Breath After Coma (Session)
Beenie Man with T.O.K. - Bring It On (South Rakkas Crew)
DEF Feat DJ Three D - DEF Momentum (Street Sounds)
The Black Keys - Hard Row (Fat Possum)
Big Stick - Drag-Racing (Recess) 
Akufen - ? (Trapez)
Numbers - At The Mall (Troubleman Unlimited)
K-Line - Down Around (Boss Tunage)
Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (His Masters Voice)
Vanishing Breed - Flowers Open For Flight Of The Golden Butterfly (Static Caravan)
Explosions In The Sky - The Moon Is Down (Session)
People Like Us - Stifled Love (Soleilmoon)
Magoo - Can't Get Off The Ground Today (May Go)
Lesser and Venetian Snares - Mensa Disco Queers (Tigerbeat6)
Colder - Shiny Star (Output)
I'm Being Good - Nostalgic For Fake Times (Johnson Family)
Liqitex - Liquitex (Secret Agent)
Fast Floor - Roll The Beats 2003 (Audio Rehab)
Coin Op - The Curve (Fierce Panda)
Explosions In The Sky - Memorial (Session)
Johnny Duhon - So What? (Anticon)
Artimus Pyle - And All That Remains Is Sorrow (Prank)
People Like Us - Stifled LoveMagoo (5) - Can't Get Off The Ground TodayVarious - Return Of The Fight ClubColder - Shiny Star
I'm Being Good - 8 Of Us R DeadCoin-Op - The CurveCrow (3) / Artimus Pyle - Crow / Artimus Pyle