Thursday, July 28, 2016

John Peel - 28th July 2004

Featuring a superb set from Orbital live from Maida Vale.

Milanese - So Malleable (Warp)
The Telescopes - Sadness Pale (Space Age)
Audio - Darko (Triple Six)
Hyper Kinako - Bika Lika (Mummy Where's The Milkman)
Traffic - Paper Sun (Island)
Clor - Magic Touch (Regal)
Paper Chase - One Day He Went Out For Milk And Never Came Home (Kill Rock Stars)

Orbital Live Set
The Girl With The Sun In Her Head
You Lot
The Box
One Perfect Sunrise
Remind [Rewind]

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

John Peel - 27th July 1978

Featuring Alternative TV in session.

The Jolt - Mr Radio Man (Polydor)
Jilted John - Jilted John (EMI)
Alternative TV - Going Round In Circles (Session)
Magazine - The Light Pours Out Of Me (Virgin)
George Thorogood And The Destroyers - Madison Blues (Sonet)
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Orange Claw (Straight)
Steel Pulse - Bad Man (Island)
The Lurkers - I'm On Heat (Beggars Banquet)
Devo - Be Stiff (Stiff)
Alternative TV - The Good Missionary (Session)
The Jam - David Watts (Polydor)
Chalawa - Piccadilly Hop (Tempest)
Ace - I Ain't Going To Stand For This No More (Anchor)
The DIckies - Eve Of Destruction (A+M)
PF Sloan - The Sins Of A Family (Dunhill)
Essential Logic - Aerosol Burns (Rough Trade)
Alternative TV - Release The Natives (Session)
Creedence Clearwater Revical - Pagan Baby (Liberty)
Revolutionaries - Dub Down Babylon (Cash And Carry)
Roshelle Anderson - The Grapevine Will Lie Sometimes (Contempo)
Van Der Graaf - Ship Of Fools (Charisma)
Desperate Bicycles - Skill (Refill)
Alternative TV - Nasty Little Lonely (Session)
David Bowie - Blackout (RCA)
New York Dolls - Human Being (Mercury)
Left Hand Drive - I Know Where I Am (Bancrupt)
The Flamingoes - I'll Be Home (Pye)

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

John Peel - 26th July 1990

Featuring The Nightblooms in session.

Download Here

Frankie Paul - Dangerous (Wild Apache)
June Tabor And The Oyster Band - Dark Eyed Sailor (Cooking Vinyl)
Bocca Juniors - Raise [63 Steps To Heaven] (Boys Own Recordings)
The Nightblooms - One Weak MOment (Session)
Napalm Death - Suffer The Children (Earache)
Les Tetes Brulees - Man For Job (Bleu Club)
Jaz - It's That Simple (EMI)
The Fall - Blood Outta Stone (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
The Nightblooms - Butterfly Girl (Session)
Kid Frost - In The City (Virgin America)
Rote Kapelle - Calamity Comes Down (In Tape)
JFK - Feel The Weight (Fourth Dimension)
Tony Rebel - Mandela Story (Penthouse)
The Nightblooms - Afraid (Session)
Conjunto Los Chankas Apurimac - Mis Quejas (Arhule)
The Cranes - Inescapable (Dedicated)
The Fall - Zagreb (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
The Aggrovators - Don't Try To Dub (Attack)
The Nightblooms - Let Me (session)
Vandal - Unravelled (Nu Groove)

Monday, July 25, 2016

John Peel - 25th July 2000

Featuring Piano Magic in session.

Cowcube - The Popping Song (Demo)
DJ Chuck Chill Out - Hip Hop On Wax Vol 1 (Vintertainment)
EC8OR - I Won't Pay (Digital Hardcore)
Piano Magic - The Return Of... (Session)
Union Kid - Fort Disney (1970)
Facs and B.Key - Antics (Biotic)
Hefner - We Love The City (Too Pure)
Bobby Bare - Dropkick Me, Jesus (RCA)
Pacou - Fireball (Tresor)
Te Vaka - Pate Pate (fRoots)
Piano Magic - The Index (Session)
Bushman - Naah Go Fall (King Jammy's)
Garlic - Slave To The Summer, Son (Propylactic)
Hofman - Song You Hate (Vibrations)
Ming - Apres La Guerre (Fucky)
Mighty Avengers - So Much In Love (Decca)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Dirty Blue Jean (Milksafe)
Acetate - Genetic Engineering (Emotif)
Piano Magic - Milk Teeth (Session)
Folf Implosion - Free To Go (Domino)
Nouvelle Generation De La Republique Democratique - Ma Cherie (World Music Network)
Whistler - You And Me Wiija)
My Morning Jacket - Isabella With The White Umbrella (Bad Jazz)
Augustus Pablo and Lloyd Young - Our Man Flint (Black Ark)
Arkatek - Underground Wave (Cluster)
Piano Magic - Password (Session)
Peter 'Guitar' Lewis - Louisiana Hop (Hop)
Bluetip - Hot Fast Union (Slowdime)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

John Peel - 20th July 2004

Featuring Melys in session.

Thee Shams - Want You So Bad (Fat Possum)
Mimaku Spldat - Whatever I Want (Phantomnoise)
X27 - Superstar (Narnack)
Melys - Casino El Camino (Session)
Krytic Minds and Leon Switch - Kontakt (Defcom)
De Rosa - Camera (Gargleblast)
Low - Bright (Rough Trade)
Avrocar - Illustrate A Way To Survive (Short Sharp Shock)
King Honey - Plectrum (Make Mine)
Alex Father - and Shannon Coen - Speartips (Atlas)
Face For Radio - Plot Route On Yellow Paper (Big Scary Monsters)
Melys - Casino El Camino (Peel Session)
David Jack - Show Us Where It Hurts (Knife Fighting Monkeys)
Sam Lightnin' Hopkins - Needed Time (Munster)
Decoration - I Tried It, I Liked, I Loved It (CD-R)
Bailey's Lucky Seven - On The Gin Gin Ginny Shore (Winner)
Melys - Treading Water (Session)
Rhythm Beater - Troublemaker (Cutterz Choice)
Melys - Once Around Again (Session)
Venetian Snares - Huge Chrome Peach (Planet Mu)
Six By Seven - Sometimes I Feel Like (White Label)
DJ Messiah - Can't Beat The System [Morph Remix] (AST)
Family - No Mule's Fool (Hux)
Blackout vs Hydraulix - Untitled (Blackout Audio)
Blitters - Eating Your Brains (Bad Hand)
Melys - Girls On Film (Session)
Classics - Till Then (Ace)
Sin Kil Moon - Salvador Sanchez (Jetset)

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

John Peel - 19th July 1984

Featuring in session from Papa Levi and Pink Peg Slax.

Pink Peg Slax - Bippo Bippo [Bop Man Bop] (Session)
Red Guitars - Steeltown (Self Drive)
Papa Levi - Bonnie And Clyde (Session)
The Human League - Being Boiled (Fast Product)
Divine Sounds - What People Do For Money (Streetwave)
Brilliant Corners - Tangled Up In Blue (SS20 Records)
Junior Parker - These Kind Of Blues (Vocalion)
Everything But The Girl - Mine (Blanco Y Negro)
Pink Peg Slax - Lonely Afternoon (Session)
Skeletal Family - So Sure (Red Rhino)
Art Farmer And Donald Byrd - Contour (Prestige)
Play Dead - Isobel (Clay Records)
Papa Levi - The Hit (Session)
The X Men - Do The Ghost (Creation)#
The Leuven Brothers - I'm Changing The Words [To My Love Song] (MGM)
Pink Peg Slax - Self Pitying Stand (Session)
Public Image Limited - 1981 (Virgin)
Frankie Paul - Slave Driver (Channel One)
Killing Joke - A New Day (EG)
Spike In Vain - E.K.G. (Trans Dada Records)
Papa Levi - My God My King (Session)
The Blubbery Hellbellies - The Green Green Grass Of Home (Upright Records)
The Frank Chickens - Blue Canary (Kaz Records)
Cleveland Crochet - Sugar Bee (Goldband)
Microdisney - I'll Be A Gentleman (Rough Trade)
Amaswazi Emvelo - Mkhuzeni

Monday, July 18, 2016

John Peel - 18th July 1979

Featuring sessions from The Chords and Nicky And The Dots.

Merton Parkas - You Need Wheels (Beggars Banquet)
Joy Division - She's Lost Control (Factory)
The Frames - 69 (Brain Boosters)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Playground Twist (Polydor)
Nicky And The Dots - Sitting Next To Susan (Session)
Lennie And The Lawbreakers - Suzi D (Rip Off)
Steel Pulse - Tribute To The Martyrs (Island)
The Chords - Now It's Gone (Session)
The Jags - Double Vision (Island)
Joe Public - Herman's Back (Wavelength)
Menace - Last Years Youth (Small Wonder)
Johnny Guitar Watson - Cop And Blow (DJM)
Nicky And The Dots - She Walks There (Session)
Speed - She's All There (DJM)
A Certain Ratio - All Night Party (Factory )
The Buzzcocks - Something's Gone Wrong Again (United Artists)
The Chords - Something's Missing (Session)
Swell Maps - Spitfire Paradise (Rough Trade)

Roses Are Red - Can't Understand (Posthumous Petal)

Thursday, July 14, 2016

John Peel - 14th July 1995

Broadcast live from the Phoenix Festival featuring a superb live set from The Fall along with interviews with the likes of Fluke, Steve Harley, Dick Dale and Solar Race.

Deadly D - Listen Dis (Flex Recordings)
Strip Kings - Backlash (Redline)
Dancing French Liberals Of '48 - In A Past Life (Revenge)
Fluke - Synth Bit (Volume)
Wah - Better Scream (Inevitable)
The Yummy Fur - Documentary Of A Kid (Guided Missile)
The Yummy Fur - Amelia Scoptophilia (Guided Missile)
The Yummy Fur - The Replica (Guided Missile)
Hole - Old Age (Geffen)
Armagideon - Hardware Dub (Armagideon Sounds)
Liquid Bump - Alkalin (Hot Trax)

The Fall - Live At The Phoenix Festival

Pearl City
Behind The Counter
Free Range
Don't Call Me Darling
Feeling Numb
Idiot Joy Showland
Edinburgh Man
Glam Racket

LFO - Helen (Volume)
Bomboras - Drag Strip Tease (Screaming Apple)
The Nectarine No.9 - Can't Scratch Out (Postcard)
Orchestre Bwambe Bwambe - Tumba Part 1
Lemon D - Feel It (Conqueror)
Dick Dale - Shredded Heat (Hightone)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Gewn Ni Gorffen (Ankst)
Locust - Truth Is Born Of Arguments (Apollo)
The Flaming Stars - The Face On The Bar Room Floor (Vinyl Japan)
Medicine Head - Only To Do What Is True (See For Miles)
Zion Train - Why Should We Have To Fight (China Records)
Hooton 3 Car - Danny (Rumblestrip Records)
Drunken Master - Dragon Dance (IZM)
J Church - Lama Temple (Damaged Goods)
Neil Young - Song X (Reprise)
Big Flame - Debra (Drag City)
Shig And Buzz - Fog City (Mai Tai Records)
Roni Size - Daylight (Full Cycle Records)

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

John Peel - 13th July 1983

Featuring sessions from Louden Wainwright III and The Farmers Boys.

Loudon Wainwright III - Screaming Issue (Session)
Artery - Into The Garden (Armageddon)
The Farmers Boys - Probably One Of The Best Investments I Ever Made (Session)
Billy Bragg - The Milkman Of Human Kindness (Go! Discs)
Temptest - Lady Left This (Glass)
The Yard Band - Juks Pon De Corner (Gorgon)
Louden Wainweight III - Not John (Session)
Hose - Mobo (Def Jam)
The Farmers Boys - The Way You Made Me Cry (Session)
Mark Stewart and Mafia - The Paranoia Of Power (On U Sound)
Singers And Players - Bedward The Flying Preacher (On U Sound)
Louden Wainwright III - Outsidey (Session)
Cabaret Voltaire - Just Fascination (Some Bizzare)
James Cagney - Yankee Doodle Dandy (Curtain Calls)
The Farmers Boys - I Don't Know Why I Don't Like All My Friends (Session)
Yellowman - You Can't Hide From Jah (Greensleeves)
Style Sindrome - Waving In The Dark (Electric Eye)
Louden Wainwright III - I'm Alright (Session)
New Order - The Village (Factory)
Jason And The Nashville Scorchers - These Women [Make A Fool Out Of Me] (Praxis)
Dormannu - Powdered Love (Illuminated)
Johnnie Clarke - Young Rebel (Top Notch)
The Farmers Boys - Matter Of Fact (Session)
The Icicle Works - Gun Boys (Situation Two)

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

John Peel - 12th July 1990

Featuring Dawson in session.

F.S.K. - I Wish I Could "Sprechen Sie Deutsch" (Strange Fruit)
Skin Yard - Start At The Top (Sub Pop)
Anthony Redrose And Tiger - Worries And Problems (New Name Music)
Shack - I Know You Well [Extended Mix] (Ghetto Recording Company)
Boneshakers - Don't Go Away (Reachin')
Dawson - Sort Of Man (Session)
Dawson - Fifty Years (Session)
John Boxingo Et Le Groupe Loketo - Djany Jenefer (Soweto)
Oxbow - Curse (Pathological)
Rote Kappelle - Shakedown Crawl (In Tape)
Trick Disco - Tricky Disco (Warp)
Babes In Toyland - Never (Twin/Tone)
Dawson - White Colonial (Session)
Dawson - From The Loins Of Mr And Mrs Neurosis (Session)
Cutty Ranks - The Bommer (Shocking Vibes)
Jazzateers - Once More With Feeling (Rough Trade)
The Boredoms - Bubblebop Shot (Shimmy Disc)
S.W.S. - Overture (Cue)
The Boo Radleys - Kaleidoscope (Action)
Dawson - Molicoke Cocktail (Session)
Dawson - Ad Nauseam (Session)
The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld (WAU! Mr Modo)

Monday, July 11, 2016

John Peel - 11th July 1992

Featuring sessions from Stereolab and Unsane.

Cecil Gant - Nashvillle
Lung - Litany (Serial Killer)
Jao Joby - Samy Mandeha Samy Mitady (Rouge Records)
Stereolab - Laissez Faire (Session)
Big Stick - Orthelia (Albertine)
The Aphex Twin - Polynomial (R+S)
The Fall - Ed's Babe (Fontana)
Rocket From The Crypt - Boychucker (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
REC - Centrepoint (Djax Up Beats)
Unsane - Bath (Session)
Pavement - Sue Me Jack (Big Cat)
Babes In Toyland - Bruise Violet (Southern)
Lagowski - Formant (Chromium Industries)
Fatima Mansions - North Atlantic Wind (Kitchenware Records)
The Original Super 5 Of Africa - Master Open Eye (Olumo)
Drop Nineteens - Ease It Helen (Hut Recordings)
Silverfish - Suckin' Gas (Creation)
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Babakganoosh (Cargo)
Seti - ?
Rod Keith - Lost In Space (Carnage Press)
Unsane - Organ Doctor (Session)
Unsane - Street Sweeper (Session)
Unsane - Jungle Music (Session)

Unsane - Exterminator (Session)
Urban Hype - A Trip To Trumpton (Faze 2)
Stereolab - Peng (Session)
Chaka Demus And Pliers - Dem A Watch Wi (Greensleeves)
Knight Phantom - What's The Situation Now (Rising High)
Babes In Toyland - Won't Tell (Southern)
Acid Junkies - Sector 9 (Djax Up Beats)
Sonic Youth - Shoot (Geffen)
Sonic Youth - Wish Fulfilment (Geffen)
Sonic Youth - Sugar Kane (Geffen)
Sonic Youth - Orange Rolls, Angels Spit (Geffen)
Dressed N' Black - Discretion's (Kold Sweat)
Georgia Yellow Hammer - When The Birds Begin Their Singing In The Trees (Rounder)
Stereolab - John Cale Bubblegum (Session)
The Fall - Pumpkin Head Xscapes (Fontana)
Automation - Vinyl Warfare (Triple Hex)
John Spencer Blues Explosion - Maynard Avenue (Hut)
Mudhoney - The Money Will Roll Right In (Sub Pop)
Natural Ites And The Realistics - Picture On The Wall (CSA)

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

John Peel - 30th June 1991

Featuring Babes In Toyland and Catherine Wheel in session.

Ragga Twins - Hooligan 69 (Shut Up And Dance)
Fudge Tunnel - Bed Crumbs (Earache)
Blue Sky Boys - An Old Account Was Settled Long Ago (Arhoolie)
Babes In Toyland - Pearl (Session)
KMD - Humrush (Elektra)
Catherine Wheel - Shallow (Session)
Gallon Drunk - The Last Gasp (Clawfist)
Notsensibles - I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher (Snotty Snails)
Bunny Wailer - Dance Ha Fi Gwan (Solomonic)
The Hoovers - Mr Average (Produce)
F.S.K. - Die Englischen Fraulein (Sub Up)
T.D.C. - Can You Feel It (1st Bass)
Confusion - Dirty War (Amok)
Babes In Toyland - Dogg (Session)
Los Bordones Del Peru - Tus Ojos
Volcano Suns - Hey Monarch (Quarterstick)
Ken Coyler's Jazzmen - Goin' Home (Lake)
Subject 13 - The Promise (Vinyl Solution)
Catherine Wheel - Black Metallic (Session)
Sekiri - Katsu Katsu Rock (Public Bath)
Krispy 3 - Sell Outs Must Be Done (Beechwood)
14 Iced Bears - Hold On (Borderline)

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

John Peel - 5th July 1983

Featuring Darkness And Jive in session.

Echo And The Bunnymen - Never Stop (Korova)
Culture - Babylon's Big Dog (Cultural Foundation)
Mau Mau - Facts Of War (Pax)
Moral Lepers - Beryl Bean (MO DA MU)
Red Guitars - Good Technology (Self Drive)
Darkness And Jive - Victims (Session)
Yard Band - Juks Pon De Corner (Gorgon)
The Cure - The Walk (Fiction)
Jimmy McCracklin - The Walk (Mercury)
Little Walter - Duke (Mercury)
Billy Bragg - The Busy Girl Buys Beauty (Utility)
Khartomb - Swahili Lullaby (Whaam!)
Vusi Nkosi with the Mavulela Queens - Gijimani Bafana