Thursday, November 27, 2014

John Peel - 16th May 2000

Featuring  a repeat of the fifth Delgadoes session.

Sportique - Sport For All (Where It's At Is Where You Are)
DJ Me DJ You - Video City Boy (Emperor Norton)
The Delgados - No Danger (Session)
Melt Banana - What Do You Slaughter Next? (Skin Graft)
Tarwater - Early Rises (Kitty Yo)
Yellow 6 - Tomorrow (Enraptured)
Tomorrow - My White Bicycle (Parlophone)
Jah Cure - Spread Jah Love (Henfield)
Karl O'Connor/Peter Sutton - Nothing And No-One (Tresor)
The Delgados - Make Your Move (Session)
Wallpaper - Star Sequins (Blackbean And Placenta)
Gene Vincent - Race With The Devil (Capitol)
Linoleum - Don't Come Down (Fierce Panda)
Jonny L - Cut Off (Piranha)
Cinerama - 10 Denier (Scopitones)
Rechenzentrum - Submarine (Kitty Yo)
Clinic - Distortions (Domino)
The Delgados - Accused Of Stealing (Session)
Old Man Gloom - Flood 1 (Tortuga)
Moris Resistone - The Chase Compilation (Pavlek)
Super Furry Animals - Pan Ddaw'r Wawr (Placid Casual)
Lonnie Johnson - Handful Of Riffs (Catfish)
Sender Berlin - Nana (Ungleich)
The Delgadoes - Aye Today (Session)
The Mighty Wah - Sing All The Saddest Songs (When!)
Micky Spice And Louie Culture - Grab Yu Lass And Come (Digital B)
Botch - St Matthew Returns To The Womb (Hydra Head)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

John Peel - 28th June 1990

A seriously edited program but well worth hearing never the less. Featuring The Orchids in session.

Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots (Geffen)
The Orchids - Frank Desalvo (Session)
Kiss - Soul Apart (Demon)
The Melvins - Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More (Tupelo)
The Orchids - Caveman (Session)
The Orchids - Dirty Clothing (Session)
Dream Warriors - Wash Your Face In My Sink (4th and Broadway)
The Breeders - If I Was A Painter (4AD)
The Orchids - When I Wake Up (Session)

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

John Peel - 26th January 1982

An edited show but still well worth a listen. The session tracks come from Maximum Joy. The Icicle Works also had a session broadcast on this show but sadly those do not survive on this recording.

Gang Of Four - To Hell With Poverty (EMI)
Yellowman - Yellowman Getting Married (Greensleeves)
The Stranglers - No More Heroes (United Artists)
Ranking Trevor - Fish Fillet/Fish Man Dub (Black Roots)
Maximum Joy - Open Your Heart (Session)
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Best BAtch Yet (Virgin)
Waitresses - It's My Car (Polydor)
Palais Schaumberg - Telephon (Zickzack)
Maximum Joy - Slip Into The Fit (Session)
Agent Orange - A CRy For Help In A World Gone Mad (Posh Boy)
Meters - People Say (Reprise)
Kinetic Ideals - Animalistic (Mannequin)

Monday, November 24, 2014

John Peel - 29th August 1977

Bit of a punk special this one with sessions from the likes of Squeeze, Generation X, XTC and The Cortinas.

The Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant (Virgin)
The Vibrators - London Girls (Epic)
The Stranglers - London Lady (United Artists)
The Clash - Capital Radio (NME)
Squeeze - Model (Session)
The Models - Man Of The Year (Step Forward)
XTC - Crosswires (Session)
The Cortinas - Television Families (Session)
Generation X - Your Generation (Session)
Desperate Bicycles - Smokescreen (Refill Records)
The Buzzcocks - Boredom (New Hormones)
Squeeze - Sex Master (Session)
The Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes (Anchor Records)
XTC - Radio's In Motion (Session)
The Damned - Neat Neat Neat (Stiff)
101ers - Keys To Your Heart (Chiswick)
The Clash - Career Opportunities (CBS)
The Cortinas - Further Education (Session)
Generation X - Youth Youth Youth (Session)
The Users - Sick Of You (Raw)
The Nosebleeds - Ain't Bin To No Music School (Rabid Records)
Squeeze - All Fed Up (Session)
The Jam - All Around The World (Polydor)
Table - Do The Standing Still (Virgin)
XTC - He's So Square (Session)
The Cortinas - Defiant Pose (Session)
Chelsea - Right To Work (Step Forward)
The Adverts - One Chord Wonders (Stiff)
Generation X - Day By Day (Session)
The Stranglers - Straighten Out (United Artists)
The Clash - White Riot (CBS)
Squeeze - Cat On A Wall (Session)
XTC - Science Fiction (Session)
Slaughter And The Dogs - The Bitch (Rabid Records)
The Cortinas - Having It (Session)
The Boys - Box Number (NEMS)
The Rezillos - I Can't Stand My Baby (Sensible Records)
The Sex Pistols - Anarchy In The UK (EMI) 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

John Peel - 26th February 1980

Featuring a repeat of the one and only session from Cigarettes.

Siouxsie And The Banshees - Happy House (Polydor)
Stiff Little Fingers - Wait And See (Chrysalis)
Cigarettes - Frivolous Disguises (Session)
Attic - Don't Touch Me (Brain Boosters)
Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps - Who Slapped John (Capitol)
Penetration - Nostalgia (Virgin)
Bogey Boys - You Can't Catch Me (Albion)
The Rolling Stones - You Can't Catch Me (Decca)
Scritti Politti - Doubt Beat (Rough Trade)
Stiff Little Fingers - Tin Soldier (Chrysalis)
King Stitt - Reality (Banana)
Cigarettes - It's The Only Way To Live [Die] (Session)
The Offs - Zero Degrees(415)
Come - Come Sunday (Come Organisation)
Cleveland Crochet And The Sugar Bees - Hound Dog Baby
Home Service - The New Age Ain't It Cool
Stiff Little Fingers - I Don't Like You (Chrysalis)
The Jam - Going Underground (Polydor)
The Selecter - Everyday (2-Tone)
Rotzkotz - We're The Rest (Hipocrite)
Rotzkotz - Pressure Mark (Hipocrite)
Martha And The Muffins - Monotone (Dindisc)
Cigarettes - Valium World (Session)
Romancers - I Still Remember (Dooto)
The Misfits - Teenagers From Mars (Plan 9/Cherry Red)
Stiff Little Fingers - Fly The Flag (Chrysalis)
Cabaret Voltaire - Silent Command (Rough Trade)
Tearjerkers - Murder Mystery (Back Door)
Krypton Tunes - My Night To Moan (Secret)
Modern Eon - Second Still (Eon)
Elvis Costello And The Attractions - Riot Act (F-Beat)
Cigarettes - Can't Sleep At Night (Session)
Contortions - My Infatuation (ZE/Island)
Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Hero (Chrysalis)
Michael And The Majestics - Midnight Runner

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

John Peel - 18th July 1990

Featuring Sex Clark Five in session.

Monster Truck 005 - If It Comes To This (Datapanik)
Sex Clark Five - Microwave Music (Session)
The Aggrovators - Creation Dub (Attack)
Sex Clark Five - Modern Fix (Session)
Sex Clark Five - Netta Grew Up (Session)
33 1/3 Queen - Searchin' (Nu Groove)
Fugazi - Styrofoam (Dischord)
God's Acre - 7 Things To Do On Speed (Angry Fish Music)
June Tabor And The Oyster Band - Dark Eyed Sailor (Cooking Vinyl)
(c) - When He Comes Back
Sex Clark Five - Mongol Song (Session)
Sex Clark Five - America Under The Mongol Yoke Prelude (Session)
Sex Clark Five - Can't Shake Loose (Session)
DJ Magic Mike - Drop The Bass (Cheetah)
Drive - Peephole (First Strike)
Pixies - Velouria (4AD)
Israel Vibrations - Rumours Of War (RAS)
Morgoth - Obituary (Century Media)
Sex Clark Five - She Collides With Me (Session)
Hibrid - Twisted Tambourine (Megablast Recordings)
Rote Kappelle - You're Out Of Time (In Tape)
Mudhoney - Thorn (Glitterhouse)

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

John Peel - 11th July 1990

Featuring Happy Flowers in session which I believe was released on 7" at some point.

The Field Mice - It Isn't Forever (Sarah)
Happy Flowers - My Head's On Fire (Session)
Little Twitch - Glammy (Greensleeves)
The Smiths - William It Was Really Nothing (Rough Trade)
Action Swingers - Kicked In The Head (Noiseville)
Amber - X-Logic (Hammer)
Tchico Tchicaya e Orchestre Kilimandjaro - La Rossignol De Pointe Noire (ACP)
Happy Flowers - Mom And Dad Like The Baby More Than Me (Session)
Intelligent Hoodlum - Intelligent Hoodlum (A+M)
Aggrovators And King Tubby's - Straight To Jackson's Head (Attack)
Serious Drinking - Love On The Terraces (Workers Playtime)
Wasp Factory - Scissors (Mignight Music)
Admiral Tibet - Executor Sound (Digital B)
Happy Flowers - Ruckwerts Essen Vetzt (Session)

Happy Flowers - I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone (Session)
Open Spaces - First Human Family (City Limits)
Paris Angels - All On You [Perfume] (Sheer Joy)
Buttsteak - Water In My Pants (Camp Zama International)
Scottie And Nardo Rankin - Wha'ppen To Me (Techniques)
Teenage Fanclub - Catholic Education (Paperhouse)
Bootsy Collins - #1 Funkateer (Warner Bros)
Happy Flowers - These Peas Are So Green (Session)
Orchestra Super Mazembe - ? (Discafrique International)

Monday, November 17, 2014

John Peel - 31st August 1991

Featuring sessions from The Farm and Ragga Twins

Download Here

Dinosaur Jr - Whatever's Cool With Me (Blanco Y Negro)
Strawberry Story - Freight Train (Heaven)
Shuggo Banton - Marksman (Steely And Clevie)
The Farm - Mind (Session)
Prime Rhyme Masters - You Need Discipline (Kold Sweat)
Teenage Fanclub - Interstella Overdrive (Creation)
Bob Williams - My Goose Is Cooked (Stompin')
Phobia - Don't Ask (Blue Fire)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Geffen)
Augustus Pablo - Cool Melody (Greensleeves)
Katch 22 - Cynical World (Kold Sweat)
Parasites - Paperback Writer (Shredder)
The Farm - Smile (Session)
Spitfire - Superbaby (Eve)
Ragga Twins - Wipe The Needle/Hooligan (Session)
Nation Of Ulysses - Today I Met The Girl I'm Going To Marry (Dischord)
Nation Of Ulysses - Cool Senior High School [Fight Song] (Dischord)
Nation Of Ulysses - A Kid Who Tells On Another Kid Is A Dead Kid (Dischord)
Ivo Papasov And His Orchestra - Kasapsko Horo (Hannibal)
Prodigy - Charly (XL)
Hole - Teenage Whore (City Slang)
Almighty and K.D. Ranks - Trenton Where We Live (Interscope)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

John Peel - 18th June 1990

Featuring the one and only session from Dandelion Adventure.

Public Enemy - Brothers Gonna Work It Out [Remix] (Def Jam)
Sonic Youth - I Know There's An Answer (Demilo)
Dandelion Adventure - Exit Frenzy Revisited (Session)
Gregory Isaacs and Johnny Ringo - Second Hand Bad Boy (Mr Doo)
Teenage Fanclub - Too Involved (Paperhouse)
(c) - Boy Used To Whistle (White Label)
Rumblers - Boss (Dot)
Plant Bach Ofnus - Aflan (State Injustice)
Dandelion Adventure - Bing Crosby's Cathedral (Session)
Apna Sangeet - Bolyian (Multitone)
Travelling Wilburys - Nobody's Child (Warner Bros)
Hole - Retard Girl (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Readymade - ? (Wau! Mr Modo)
Crane - Teethfeet (Meantime)
Dandelion Adventure - Don't Look Now (Session)
Cocoa Tea and Shabba Ranks  with Rebel Princess - Just Be Good To Me (Greensleeves)
Alan Vega - La La Bola (Musidisc)
Compton's Most Wanted - I Give Up Nuthin' (Orpheus)
Duane Eddy - Tiger Love And Turnip Greens (London)
The Exuberants - Yeah And Yeah And Yeah And Yeah (Play Hard)
Dandelion Adventure - All The World's A Lounge (Session)
The Upsetters - Peace A Dub ( Trojan)

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

John Peel - 26th November 1986

Featuring the first broadcast of the first 14 Iced Bears session and a repeat of the recent session from The Passmore Sisters.

Untold Fables - Let Me Know (Dionysis)
Bhundu Boys - Shabini (Discafrique)
The Freeze - No-Ones Coming Home (Modern Method)
14 Iced Bears - Balloon Song (Session)
Sugar Minott - Seven Times Rise And Fall (Legal Light)
The Passmore Sisters - Goodbye Billy Wild (Session)
Emanon - Fresh Beats (Pow Wow)
Da Vincis - The Book (Vulcan)
The Undertones - Billy's Third (Strange Fruit)
Throwing Muses - Vicky's Box (4AD)
14 Iced Bears - Cut (Session)
Taxman - Terminator
Roy Orbison - Domino (Born Bad)
The Passmore Sisters - Sally Why? (Session)
Screaming Jay Hawkins - I Put A Spell On You
14 Iced Bears - Shy Like You (Session)
A Witness - Smelt Like A Pedestrian (Ron Johnson)
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle (Factory)
14 Iced Bears - Train Song (Session)
Original Concept - Pump That Bass (Def Jam)
Stump - Tupperware Stripper (Stuff)
Charley Patton - Green River Blues (Yazoo)
The Passmore Sisters - Hit The Ground (Session)
Marshmallow Overcoat - Groovy Little Trip (Dionysus)
Age Of Chance - Kiss (Fon)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

John Peel - 10th July 1990

Not a complete show but quite possibly the best half hour of music you'll hear this week. Another one of those slightly annoying edited programs but don't let that put you off. Session tracks come from the mighty Fudge Tunnel.

Sonic Youth - Mary Christ (Geffen)
Fudgetunnel - Boston Baby (Session)
Happy Flowers - Left Behind (Homestead)
Paris Angels - All On You [Perfume] (Sheer Joy)
Fudge Tunnel - Sex Mammoth (Session)
Rote Kappellr - No North Briton (In Tape)
Fudge Tunnel - Sweet Meat (Session)
Fudge Tunnel - Breadcrumbs (Session)
Major Problems - Overdose (Nu Groove)

Monday, November 10, 2014

John Peel - 8th May 1981

No session in this program which is made up entirely of singles.

Tenpole Tudor - The Swords Of A Thousand Men (Stiff)
Joseph K. - Revelation (Les Disques Du Crepuscule)
Barrington Levy - M16 (Live Look And Kearn)
Vice Squad - Young Blood (Riot City)
Public Image Ltd - Flowers Of Romance (Virgin)
Jakie Loran - Boogie Woogie (Feel Good)
Tarzan 5 - Boys Game (021)
Human Cabbages - The Witch (Boys And Girls)
The Lone Ranger - Don't Mess With Dread (Powerhouse)
Blitzkrieg - ? (No Nordstadt)
Echo And The Bunnymen - Zimbo
The Sinatras - Happy Feeling (Dining Out)
The Outskirts - Blue Line (True Religion)
Welton Irie - Hotter Reggae Music (Taxi)
Cabaret Voltaire - Nag Nag Nag (Rough Trade)
Medium Medium - Hungry, So Angry (Cherry Red/Cachalot)
Eddie Daniels - Going To The Mardi Gras (Charlie)
The Pullovers - Peter Pan Pill (Super Music)
J.C.'s Mainmen - Casual Trousers (Fresh)
Out On Blue Six - Party Mood (Hungry Rooms)
Winston Wonder - Straight And Narrow Way (Harmonic)
The Chefs - 24 Hours (Attrix)
The Nice Men - Senile Youth (Demon)
My Captains - History (4AD)
The Sinking Ships - Dreams (Recession)
Club Tango - Performance (Dining Out)
Zeitgeist - Shake Rake (Human)
Those Helicopters - Technical Smack (Lavender Sound Studio)
Stranger Station - Minutes To Silence (Superwop)
Theatre Of Hate - Rebel Without A Brain (Burning Rome)
The Everready's - Don't Do It Again (Taaga)

Thursday, November 06, 2014

John Peel - 9th July 1990

Featuring The Family Cat in session.

Prophecy Of Doom - Insanity Reigns Supreme
King Tee - Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)
The Family Cat - With A War (Session)
Tyrannosaurus Rex - Mustang Ford (Regal Zonophone)
Swervedriver - Son Of Mustang Ford (Creation)
The Family Cat - Gameshow (Session)
Powderburns - Shut Up (Noiseville)
Pavement - Fork Lift (Drag City)
The Fall - U.S. 80's-90's (Beggars Banquet)
The Family Cat - Steamroller (Session)
Pixies - Make Believe (4AD)

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

John Peel - 28th February 2001

Featuring 90 Day Men in session.

Sawdust Caesars - Anymore Than I Do (Rocket)
Orbital - Funny Break [One's Enough] (FFRR)
Bal Gagoth - The Dark Liege Of Chaos Is Unleashed At The Ensorcelled Shrine Of A'zura-Kai [The Splendor Of A Thousand Swords Gleaming Beneath The Blazon Of The Hyperborean Empire Part 2] (Cacophonus)
90 Day Men - Sort Of Is A Country In Love (Session)
McKinley Mitchell - Lazy Dizzy Daisy (Boxer)
Shirokuma - Marquis De Mark Pt.2 (White Label)
30 Amp Fuse - Love Is A Catch 22 (Dedicated)
Jim White - The Wound That Never Heals (Luaka Bop)
Sick Things - Sleeping With The Dead (Raw/Damaged Goods)
90 Day Men - Hans Lucus (Session)
Pat Hurley - Green One (Oober)
Buddy Guy - First Time I Met The Blues (Chess)
Clearlake - Sunday Evening (Domino)
Hollywood Dance Orchestra - I'm Following You
Beans - Tired ASnow (Zum)
Pascal - Gravel (True Playaz)
Upsetters - Goosey Version [Take 2] (Motion)
90 Day Men - The Methodist (Session)
PJ Harvey - Kick It To The Ground (Island)
Groove Asylum - Untitled (Don't)
Dillinger Escape Plan - The Running Board (Relapse)
Khaya - The Vampires (SL)
Homescience - Dust (Pickled Egg)
Wolfgang Voigt - Galoppmusik (Kompact)
90 Day Men - National Car Crash (Session)
Astrid - Just Yet (Fantastic Plastic)

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

John Peel - 7th August 1992

Featuring sessions from Philistines Jr. and Jules Verne.

Babes In Toyland - Bruised Violet (Southern)
Tar - Viaduct Removal (Amphetamine Reptile)
Hallucination Generation - Pulsation (Thunderpussy)
Philistines Jr - Big Chief (Session)
Erectus Monotone - Hips (Rave Records)
Yami Bolo - Joe The Boss (Tapper)
Jules Verne - Misadventure (Session)
Unwound - Catterpillar (Kill Rock Stars)
Raw Noise - Waste Of Life Pt.2 (Vinyl Japan)
Car And Driver - Two O' Clock (Force Inc.)
Neurosis - The Web (Alternative Tentacles)
Neurosis - Progress (Alchemy Records)
Klezmatics - ? (Piranha)
7 Year Bitch - 8 Ball (Rugger Bugger Discs)
Quazar - Change For The Better (Go Bang!)
Philistines Jr. - Happy Birthday Captain Columbus (Session)
Nirvana - Return Of The Rat (Tim/Kerr Records)
Dynamic Concept - What Do You Want Us To Do [Part 1] (Smog City)
Jules Verne -- Hang Up (Session)
Mav Cacharel - ?
Tommy Swerdlow - Opening Day At Opium Stadium (New Alliance)
Satin Storm - Let's Get Together (Satin Storm)
Babes In Toyland - Right Now (Southern)
Babes In Toyland - Blood (Southern)
Babes In Toyland - Magic (Southern)
Def-J - What's Going On (Kold Sweat)
Philistines Jr. - Army Song (Session)
Billy Bragg - Accident Waiting To Happen [Live] (NME)
Bulgarker - Musica (World Today)
P38 - Burning Fire (Ratfish Records)
Keep - She's So Weird (Ratfish Records)
Tonya Musinga - We Are The Best
Jules Verne - Hollow Tomorrow (Session)
Mudwimin - Neanderthal (Big Dog Records)
Mudskipper - Remixed By The Alchemist
Blade - Gripper The Pitbull (Influential)
Strength Alone - Opinions Voiced (Subjugation)
Philistines Jr. - Thank You John Peel (Session)
Finitribe - Come And Get It (One Little Indian)
Sonic Youth - Youth Against Fascism (Geffen)
Hal Driggers And The Key Bros. - Black Pepper (Cheeco)
Marble Orchard - Nova 69 (Estrus)
Jules Verne - Awake (Session)
Jules Verne - Celebrity Twister (Session)
DJ Dash - Peace And Flangegility

Monday, November 03, 2014

John Peel - 20th June 1990

Featuring Sink in session.

Levellers 5 - Next Big Thing (Probe Plus)
Coldcut feat. Queen Latifa - Find A Way (Ahead Of Our Time)
Sink - Echo (Session)
Lunachicks - Cookie Core (Blast First)
LFO - LFO (Warp)
Sonic Youth - Dirty Boots (Geffen)
Jailcell Recipies - Kick Frank For A Change (First Strike)
Carlton Livingstone - Wicked Runaway (Jah Lifetime)
Sink - One Final Kick In The Head (Session)
Cop Shoot Cop - System Test (Circuit)
K.Z. Morogora Jazz Band - Masimango (Polydor)
The Groove Farm - Basil (Raving Pop Blast)
Sonic Youth - My Friend Goo (Geffen)
Onyx - Ah, And We Do It Like This (Profile)
Sink - Amanush (Session)
Muddy Waters, Little Walter And Big Crawford - Early Morning Blues (Before Daybreak)
A5 - Wal Bryn Fon (R-Bennig)
Pavement - Perfect Depth (Drag City)
The Fall - Fiery Jack (Step Forward)
George Nooks and Cocoa Tea - General (Mr Doo)
Sink - Walking With Me Blues (Session)
Mudhoney - You're Gone (Glitterhouse)
Muzenza - Salve Salve Mocambique (Continental)