Thursday, November 26, 2020

John Peel - 26th November 1979

 Featuring sessions from Pink Military and Secret Affair.

The Clash - London Calling (CBS)
Willi Williams - Armagideon Time (Studio One)
UK Subs - She's Not There (Gem)
The Zombies - She's Not There (Parrot)
Pink Military - Wild West (Session)
The Velvelettes - Needle In A Haystack (V.I.P.)
Secret Affair - New Dance (Session)
Jimmy McCracklin - The Walk (London)
George Olsen And His Orchestra - Varsity Drag (HMV)
Welton Irie - Bill Fold Wa You Fa (Thrillseekers)
Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell (Harvest)
Pink Floyd - Waiting For The Worms (Harvest)
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Dance Stance (Oddball)
Killjoys - Naive (Raw)
Piranhas - Space Invader (Virgin)
Pink Military - Did You See Her (Session)
Madness - Night Boat To Cairo (Stiff)
Mahammed Al-Ezabi - ?
Leather Nun - Ensam I Natt (Industrial)
Bonzo Dog Band - My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies (Parlophone)
Elvis Costello - Crawlng To The USA (Columbia)
Pink Military - Stand Alone (Session)

Monday, November 23, 2020

John Peel - 23rd November 1999

 Featuring Magoo in session.

Predator - Nothing Left (5HQ Recordings)
Unconscious Collective - Liverpool Scene 1979 (Pearls For Swine)
Magoo - East Polar Opposites Can Dream (session)
Rootsman - Imitator (Third Eye Music)
Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas (RCA Victor)
Low - Blue Christmas (Tugboat)
Hole - Northern Star (Geffen)
Look Jerk Sound System - Judge Mental (Liquid Sky)
Hydroplane - Grand Central (Bad Jazz)
Magoo: The High Castle (session)
Gene Dozier and The United Front - Give The Women What They Want (Mercury)
David Bowie - Fame (RCA Victor)
Burning Spear - Slavery Days (Island)
Little Feat - Long Distance Love (Warner Bros.)
Millie Jackson - Loving Arms (Polydor)
Knights Of Bass - Da M-Pire (Bomb Hip-Hop)
Rooney - Spot Fine (Common Culture)
Magoo - Nastro Adhesivo (session)
Filibuster - Bonafide Funk (Intercom Recordings)
Vic Godard - Place We Used To Live (Creeping Bent)
Ant - Where Happiness Begins (Fabulous Friends)
Eek-A-Mouse - Operation Eradication (Greensleeves)
Camp Blackfoot - The Blue Hood (Pandemonium)
Ui - Blue Pietro (Southern)
Magoo - Valley Of Tears (session)
Jeremdam - A Battle Against Time (Tresor)
L'Augmentation - Rich (Kooky)
Mortician - Silent Night, Bloody Night (Relapse)

Thursday, November 19, 2020

John Peel - 19th November 1993

 Featuring session from Polvo and Gag.

Download Here

Sleeper - Alice In Vain (Indolent)
Earl Bostik - Sleep (Vogue)
Elevate - Single Figures 8.9.10
Gag - What Is The Reason? (session)
Terminator Benelux - Red Alert (Heide Of Switzerland)
Polvo - Six Leaf Clover (session)
The Fall - M5 (12" - (Permanent)
The Ramones: Teenage Lobotomy (Sire)
Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl (Kill Rock Stars)
African Head Charge - Pursuit (On-U Sound)
Gag - Ere Drij (session)
Gag - Dance Party (session)
Gag - Fruin (session)
Beautyon - Don Pilone 2 (Irdial)
Po! - Sunday Never Comes Around (Rutland)
Polvo - Thermal Cupid (session)
Captain Beefheart - Sugar 'N Spikes (Straight)
Die Coolen Säue - Etwas Ist Faul
The Fall - Happy Holiday (Permanent)
Alla Rakha - Solo De Tabla En Ektal (World Pacific)
Gag - Topper (session)
Small - Every (Shakedown)
Human Beings - The Medium (Deviate)
Freak Baby - My Pet Pig (Delirium)
Polvo - Double Scorpio (session)
Hollywood Flames - Crazy (Ace)
Cristian Vogel - Hearing Things Before They Happen (Magnetic North)
Gag - Dismissed Bill (session)
The Music Family - Barefoot In The Desert (Conscious Sounds)
The Fall - Behind The Counter (Remix) (Permanent)
Popsicle - True (Telegram)
4 Étoiles - Doly (Stern's Africa)
Alluring Strange - Hard On The Outside (Feedback)
Sonic Youth - Shadow Of A Doubt (Blast First)
Juno Reactor - Contact (NovaMute)
Lonesome Sundown - Lonesome Lonely Blues (Ace)
Polvo - Watch The Nail (session)
The Wonderin' Stars - If God's Dead, Who's That Living In My Soul? (Nuf Sed)
Zuvuya - Grabbing Nandi By The Horn (Nation)
Gag - I Understand Fully (session)
The Supreme Dicks - In A Sweet Song (Homestead)
G.T.R. - Ask Me (The 3rd Day) (Planet 4 Communications)
Breed - The Greatest Story Never Told (Clawfist)
Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler - By A Waterfall (United Artists)

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

John Peel - 18th November 2003

 Featuring a session from Immortal Lee County Killers.

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Coachwhips - I Knew Her She New Me (Narnack)
To Rococo Rot - For Bologna (Unhip)
Cynista and K Complex - Mad as Hell (Nu Energy)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Revolution Summer (session)
Spillsbury - Das Spiel Ist Aus (L'Age D'Or/Ladomat)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Soldier Of Lead (Geographic)
Winnebago Warriors - Trailer Trash (Remix) (Stay Up Forever)
Tramp Attack - Oh! When The Sun Goes Down (Must Destroy)
Boxed In - Passivity = Compliance (Busted Heads)
Wailing Souls - Mass Charley Ground (Greensleeves)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Been Down So Long (session)
Sharkey and K-Complex - Pulsive (Synthetix)
Vaults - I'm Going (W/L)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Radio 1 Jingle (session)
Joe Tex - I Believe I'm Gonna Make it (Kent)
Junior Boys - Birthday (Kin)
Fonda 500 - Digital Space Pop (Truck)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Boom Boom (Yeah Yeah) (session)
King Tubby - African Roots (Moll-Selekta)
Duke Ellington and His Orchestra - Live and Love Tonight (His Masters Voice)
Stereolab - Jaunty Monty And The Bubbles Of Silence (Duophonic)
Sudden Ensemble - 10kHz (Angelika Kohlermann)
Two's Company feat. K Complex - Hardcore Frenzy (Relentless)
The Fire Engines - Candyskin (Pop Aural)
Vaticans - Commotion (Pure Filth)
Denis Rusnak - Working Sister (Arcola)
Immortal Lee County Killers - Cool Driver (session)
D_rradio - Dust And Guitars (Static Caravan)
Soft Machine - Moon in June (Strange Fruit)

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

John Peel - BFBS, 17th December 1979

 Another fine program originally broadcast on British Forces Broadcasting Service in Germany.

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The Dark - John Wayne (Fresh)
Talking Heads - Life During Wartime (Sire)
The Residents - Is He Really Bringing Roses? (Ralph)
The Carpettes - I Don`t Mean It (Beggars Banquet)
Madness - Swan Lake (Stiff)
The Buzzards - I Don`t Wanna Go To Art School (Chrysalis)
Dub Specialist - Follow This Dub (Studio One)
The Damned - Plan 9 Channel 7 (Chiswick)
The Fall - Your Heart Out (Step-Forward)
Armed Force - Popstar (AFI)
Madness - Bed & Breakfast (Stiff)
The Buzzards - People On The Street (Chrysalis) 
Mikey Dread - Step By Step (Dread At The Controls)
The Crawdaddys - I`m A Lover Not A Fighter (London/Bomp!)
The Vapors - Prisoners (United Artists)
The Buzzards - No Dry Ice Or Flying Pigs (Chrysalis)

Monday, November 16, 2020

John Peel - 16th November 1981

Featuring Twisted Nerve in session.

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Higsons - It Goes Waap (Waap)
Ranking Joe - Disco Skate (Copasetic)
Twisted Nerve - We Don't Need Them (session)
Scritti Politti - The "Sweetest Girl" (Rough Trade)
The Sound - Hot House (session)
Academy One - Forever And Ever (Armageddon)
New Order - Dreams Never End (Factory)
New Order - Truth (Factory)
Eba Aka Jerome - Massoua Mo (Island)
Twisted Nerve - When I'm Alone (session)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick [Love At First Sight] (Virgin)
Altered Images: Jeepster (Epic)
The Fall - Lie Dream of A Casino Soul (Kamera)
Gun Club - Sex Beat (Beggars Banquet) 

Friday, November 13, 2020

John Peel - 8th April 1976

 Featuring Elkie Brooks in session.

Download Here

Row Powell and The Shiver Givers - Whoops A Daisy, Masie (Charly)
Amazing Rhythm Aces - Amazing Grace [Used To Be Her Favourite Song] (ABC)
Elkie Brooks - Jigsaw Baby (Session)
Michael Mantler - The Sinking Spell (Virgin)
Max Merritt and The Meteors - Let It Slide (Bell)
Prince Jazzbo - The Wormer (Attack)
Stretch - That's The Way The Wind Blows (Anchor)
Elkie Brooks - Lilac Wine (Session)
Elkie Brooks - Try A Little Love (Session)
Led Zeppelin - Nobody's Fault But Mine (Swan Song)
The Penguins - Earth Angel (Dootone)
The Funkees - Abraka (Black Magic)
Elkie Brooks - Where Do We Go From Here (Session)
Boys Of The Lough - The Blarney Pilgrim/Jackson's Jig (Transatlantic)