Tuesday, March 31, 2015

John Peel - 27th July 1987

Featuring 14 Iced Bears and Abs in session.

Polkacide - Chicken (Subterranean)
The Smiths - Sheila Take A Bow (Rough Trade)
Beastie Boys - She's Crafty [Def Jam)
Napalm Death - Sacrifice (Earache)
14 Iced Bears - If I Said (Session)
Pablove Vlack - Cool Meditation (Wambesi)
Shonen Knife - Devil House (Zero)
Abs - Same Mistake Twice (Session)
Bhundu Boys - Wafungeyiko (Discafrique International)
Blab Happy - So Articulate (Wisdom)
Coldcut - Sorry But This Just Isn't Music
14 Iced Bears - Spangle (Session)
Catapult - Summary (STS)
Sugar Billy - Sugar Pie (Fast Track)
Culture Shock - Punks On Postcards (Bleurgh)
Abs - Fear Is The Key (Session)
Earl Bostic - Sleep (King)
The Wedding Present - [The Moment Before] Everything's Spoiled Again (Reception)
Anquette - Ghetto Style (Luke Skyywalker Records)
14 Iced Bears - Miles Away (Session)
Premi - Yaar Mere Di Chaal (Multitone Records)
Half Pint - Can't Get Me Act
Active Minds - ? (Loony Tunes)
Abs - Grease Your Ralph (Session)
Elmore James - Something Inside Of Me (Bell Records)
The Dead Milkmen - Going To Graceland (Enigma)
Elvis Presley - My Baby Left Me (RCA)
Sonic Youth - Pacific Coast Highway (Blast First)

Monday, March 30, 2015

John Peel - 11th December 1968

Featuring sessions from John Martin and John Renbourn and Jacqui McShee. John Lennon and Yoko Ono are guests in the studio having just released their Two Virgins LP.

John Martyn And Harold McNair - Different From The Book (Session)
The Deviants - You've Got To Hold On (Session)
Jacqui McShee And John Renbourn - Watch The Stars (Session)
John Lennon And Yoko Ono - Two Virgins (Apple)
Christopher Logue - He Was Very Good Looking
John Martyn And Harold McNair - Jelly Roll Baker Blues (Session)
John Peel, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Christopher Logue - Alchemical Wedding
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra - [Dvorak] Slavonic Dance No 1 In C
Yoko Ono - John My Love (Demo)
Jacqui McShee And John Renbourn - Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes (Session)
BBC Archive - Azerbaijani Music
Papa George Lightfoot Wine, Women And Whisky (Liberty)
Christopher Logue - Why?
John Martyn and Harold McNair - Dusty (Session)
Lonnie Donegan - Wabash Cannonball (Pye)
Jacqui McShee and John Renbourn - Every Night When The Sun Goes Down (Session)
Traffic - Utterly Simple (United Artists)
John Lennon - Charles
John Martyn and Harold McNair - Hello Train (Session)
Spike Jones And His City Slickers - Sheik Of Araby (RCA Victor)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

John Peel and Tommy Vance - Top Gear, 31st December 1967

Featuring sessions from Eric Burdon And The Animals, Herd, Alan Brown Set, Moody Blues and The Pink Floyd.

Billy Joe Royal - Hush (CBS)
Herd - Mixed Up Hands (Session)
Don Partridge - Rosie (Columbia)
Alan Brown Set - Toyland (Session)
Moody Blues - Twilight Time (Session)
The Rolling Stones - 2000 Man (Decca)
Manfred Mann - Mighty Quinn (Fontana)
Pink Floyd - Vegetable Man (Session)
Eric Burdon And The Animals - All Night Long (Session)
Erma Franklin - Piece Of My Heart (London)
The Beach Boys - Darlin' (Session)
Herd - Paradise Lost (Session)
Buffalo Springfield - A Child's Claim To Fame (Atlantic)
The Who - Armenia City In The Sky (Track)
Alan Brown - Technicolor Dream (Session)
Moby Grape - Fall On You (CBS)
Moody Blues - Another Morning (Session)
Traffic - Coloured Rain (Island)
Eric Burdon And The Animals - Monterey (Session)
Pink Floyd - Scream Thy Last Scream (Session)
Sandpebbles - Love Power (Track)
Country Joe And The Fish - Porpoise Mouth (Fontana)
Herd - Come On, Believe Me (Session)
Alan Brown Set - Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies (Session)
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Jollity Farm (Liberty)
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Castles Made Of Sand (Track)
Moody Blues - Tuesday Afternoon (Session)
Amen Corner - Bend Me, Shape Me (Deram)
Eric Burdon And The Animals - Orange And Red Beams (Session)
The Beatles - Blue Jay Way (Parlophone)
Spencer Davis Group - Mr Second Class (United Artists)
Pink Floyd - Jug Band Blues (Session)
Herd - She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (Session)
Plastic Penny - Everything I Am (Page One)
Canned Heat - Bullfrog Blues (Liberty)
Alan Brown Set - Story Book (Session)
Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin (Session)
Denny Laine And The Electric String Band - Too Much In Love (Deram)
Eric Burdon And The Animals - Anything (Session)
Peter And The Wolves - Lantern Light (MGM)
The Misunderstood - I Can Take You To The Sun (Fontana)
Pink Floyd - Pow R Toc H (Session)
Scott McKenzie - It's Not Time Now (CBS)
One In A Million - Fredereek Hernando (MGM)
Alan Brown Set - Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Session)

Art - Supernatural Fairy Tale (Island)
Herd - I Want You (Session)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Dropout Boogie (Buddah)
Moody Blues - Evening [Time To Get Away] (Session)
John Fahey - Sail Away Ladies (Takoma)
John Mayall And The Bluesbreakers - Oh Pretty Woman (Decca)
Adrian Henri And Andy Roberts - Talking After Christmas Blues (CBS)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

John Peel - 12th January 1999

Featuring Faust in session.

Bis - Action And Drama (Wiiija)
Man With The Woman Head - 
Dungeon Master - Expert (Gold Hole)
Sportique - Tiny Clues (Wiaiwya)
Patric Cantani - Flesh Dissolves In The Acid Of Light (DHR)
Gene - As Good As It Gets (Polydor)
Beat Junkies - Chganges (Second Movement)
Stella Maris - Good Bloke, Bad Bloke And God (Yassaba)
Tes Fa Siyon - Evil Inevitability (Maskaram)
Faust - What Really Happened To Faust Parts I and II (Session)
DJ Stretch And Teebone - U Make Me (Riddim Track)
Sebadoh - Flame (domino)
Sizzla - New Generation (Exterminator)
Cul De Sack - The Portland Cement Factory At Monolith, Calif (Earworm)
The Fall - New Face In Hell (Strange Fruit)
Luciano - Love His Majesty (Flash)
Faust - What Really Happened Part III (Session)
Uneven Surface - Dog Inc (Stayupforever)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

John Peel - 28th November 1983

Featuring sessions from Dead Can Dance and Twinset.

Stiff Little Fingers - Wasted Life (Rigid Digits)
Grandmixer D. St. - Crazy Cuts (Celluloid)
Twinset - Too Too Much (Session)
The Birthday Party - Swampland (Mute)
Dennis Brown - Your Love Is A Blessing (Yvonne's Special)
The Smiths - This Charming Man (Rough Trade)
Fear Amongst Friends - I Was You 
Twinset - Glittering New Day (Session)
Elgins - Heaven Must Have Sent You (VIP)
Sisters Of Mercy - Alice (Merciful)
Dead Can Dance - Ocean (Session)
Laurel And Hardy - Video Traffickin (Upright)
Twinset - Crush (Session)
Einsturzende Neubauten - Vanadium I Ching (Some Bizzare)
T Bone Burnett - Fatally Beautiful (Warner Bros.)
Dead Can Dance - Threshold (Session)
Designer - Feeling Nice (Charlie's)

Monday, March 23, 2015

John Peel - 4th June 1979

Featuring sessions from The Skids and Linton Kwesi Johnson.

Roger Chapman - Who Pulled The Night Down (Arista)
The Pratts - Inverness (Fast Product)
Def Leppard - The Overture (Bludgeon Riffola)
Lee Perry - Soul Fire (Lion Of Judah)
The Smirks - Angry With Myself (Smirksongs)
Tubeway Army - Are Friends Electric (Beggars Banquet)
The Skids - War Poets (Session)
The Rolling Stones - All Down The Line (Rolling Stones)
Mike Chapman - End Of The Line (Criminal Records)
Linton Kwese Johnson - Want Fi Goh Rave (Session)
Edge - Downhill (Hurricane)
Crisis - Holocaust (Action Group)
Shoes For Industry - Falling In Love Again (Fried Egg Records)
Hollywood Brats - Sick On You (Cherry Red)
The Skids - Hymns For A Haunted Ballroom (Session)
Leyton Buzzards - I'm Hanging Around (Chrysalis)
Flowers - Criminal Waste (Fast Product)
Gene Vincent - Baby Blue (Capitol)
Devo - Penetration In The Centerfold (Virgin)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Reality Poem (Session)
Pseudo Existers - Pseudo Existence (Dead Good)
Sly Williams - I Believe In A Woman (Red Lightning)
The Skids - Withdrawal Symptoms (Session)

The Executives - Shy Little Girl (Atrix)
Plain Characters - I Am A (Rouge Records)
Punishment Of Luxury - Engine Of Excess (United Artists)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Sonny's Lettah (Session)
Jolt - Maybe Tonight (Polydor)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

John Peel - 9th April 1981

Featuring sessions from Cuban Heels and Glaxo Babies.

Restricted Code - Love To Meet You (Pop Aural)
Big Three - Reelin' And Rockin' (Decca)
Echo And The Bunnymen - The Pictures On My Wall (Zoo)
Cuban Heels - Walk On Water (Session)
Public Image Limited - Banging On The Door (Virgin)
Ringo - Nah Fight Over Women (Top Ranking)
Glaxo Babies - Who Killed Bruce Lee (Session)
Blue Orchids - Work (Rough Trade)
Wild Man Fischer - I'll Take A Picture Of You
The Cure - Primary (Fiction)
MX-80 Sound - City Of Fools (Ralph Records)
Cuban Heels - Hard Times (Session)
Little Roy and Ian Rock - Way Down In Babylon (Selection Exclusive)
Dark - Einstein's Brain (Fresh Records)
Glaxo Babies - It's Irrational (Session)
Bonnie Parker And Acme Attractions - Eve Of Destruction (Orchid)
P.F. Sloan - The Sins Of A Family (RCA Victor)
Moderates - Yes To The Neutron Bomb (Hyped)
Cuban Heels - Old School Song (Session)
Plastics - Delicious (Island)
Plastics - Diamond Head (Island)
Heaven 17 - [We Don't Need This] Fascist Groove Thang (Virgin)
Elmore James - Every Day I Have The Blues (Charly)
Glaxo Babies - She Went To Pieces (Session)
Legs Akimbo - Sick Note (Vindaloo)
Wayne Wade - Poor And Humble (Greensleeves)
The Fall - Leave The Capitol (Rough Trade)
Glaxo Babies - Burning (Session)
Can't Stop - It's Getting Dark Again (Can't Stop Records)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

John Peel - 1st April 1985

This is all that remains of this show but still well worth a listen. Session tracks come from Tears For Fears.

The Birthday Party - Big Jesus Trash Can (Missing Link)
Outcasts - I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Raining (Askel)
Vibes - I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Raining (Chainsaw)
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Chance (Red Rhino)
Beasts Of  Bourbon - Psycho (Red Eye Records)
Dead Can Dance - Carnival Of Light (4AD)
Tears For Fears - Ideas As Opiates (Session)
Mel-O-Tones - I Walked With A Bugs Bunny Bendy Toy (Probe Plus)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

John Peel - 24th November 1990

Featuring Where's The Beach? in session.

Tools You Can Trust - Working And Shopping (Strange Fruit)
Main Source - Looking At The Front Door (Wild Pitch)
Surgery - Losida Slide (Glitterhouse)
Unsane - Four Sticks (Glitterhouse)
Codeine - Castle (Glitterhouse)
North/Clybourne feat. Ernestine Brown - Don't Walk Out The Door (Gherkin)
Prince Far I - Armageddon (Virgin)
Ruins - Iron Lady (Shimmy Disc)
Where's The Beach? - Mega Armageddon Death/Yankamantra (Session)
Electro Hippies - Mega Armageddon Death (Strange Fruit)
Cowboy Killers - Ku Klux Klan (Words Of Warning)
Gene Vincent - Who Slapped John (Capitol)
Brand Nubian - Drop The Bomb (Elektra)
Victims Family - Drink The Kool Aid (Mordam)
Brian Eno - Blank Frank (Island)
Clawhammer - Blank Frank (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Fluke - Thumper (White Label)
Shonen Knife - Elephant Pao Pao (Giant/Gasatanka)
Test Department - Pax Americana (Ministry Of Power/Jungle)
Casus Belli - Punishment (Amphetamine Reptile)
Raw Noise - Stench Of Death (Raw Noise)
Where's The Beach - Chaos At The Axe Factory (Session)
The Misunderstood - I Can Take You To The Sun (Fontana)

Monday, March 16, 2015

John Peel - 5th December 2002

Featuring Gold Chains in session.

Dick Dale - The Wedge (Capitol)
King Tubby's And The Aggrovators - I Trim The Barber (Trojan)
The Aisler Set - Mission Bells (Suicide Squeeze)
Gold Chains - How We Do This (Session)
Baptist Generals - Burning (Munich)
The Kaisers - She's Gonna Two Time (Imperial)
Steve Knight And Ryze - The Worm (Active Media)
The Broken Family Band - When We're Dry (Snowstorm)
Amon Tobin - Verbal (Ninja Tune)
The Datsuns - Little Bruise (NME)
Manui And Lula - Tomi Tomi (Big Snake)
Gold Chains - I.D.K. (Session)
Ladytron - Startup Chime (Telstar)
Little Jr Jesse And His Teardrops And The Tears - Funk Stuff (Jazzman)
Spirit - Sphinx (Renegade Hardware)
Bel Divioleta - Slow Strawberry Bicycle (Siesta)
Godspeed You Black Emperor - 09-15-00 (Constellation)
Gold Chains - Sunshine Kisses (Session)
3 Stages Of Pain - Southern Bullet [With Chaos In Her Wake] (Undergroove)
Mark E Smith - Who Are You And How Did We Get Here (Action)
Bad Company - Dr. Schevago (BC Safari)
The Gun Club - Sexbeat (Ruby Records)
Jackie Brenston - Rocket (Uncut)
Grover - With My Eyes Wide Shut I Can See The Universe (White Label)
Bailey's Lucky Seven - Wimmin' (Winner)
Gold Chains - Death (Session)
Yeah Yeah Yeah's - Miles Away (NME)
The End - The Image Economy (Hymen)

Thursday, March 12, 2015

John Peel - 4rd December 2002

Featuring The Loves in session. 

Howlin' Wolf - Commit A Crime (Stars)
Mr Airplane Man - Commit A Crime (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Mascotte - Ride Em Girls (Surprise)
The Loves - Rock 'N Roll (Session)
Cranebuilders - Now I Hear You (Skinny Dog)
Niney The Observer - Dub With Tubby (Jamaican)
The White Stripes - Candy Cane Children (XL)
Psychosis - Street Noise (Trouble On Vinyl)
Kate Rusby - The Fairest Of All Yarrow (Pure)
The Loves - Just Like Bobby D (Session)
Soul Stirrers - Christmas Joy (Checker)
G - Blizzard (Artform)
D4 - Pirate Love (Infectious)
Harry Bluff And Buena Bent - Mr and Mrs Brown At The Pantomime (Winner)
Soma - Get Thee Behind Me (Hidden Art)
Eddie And Ernie - We Try Harder (Kent)
The Loves - Cold Turkey (Session)
Majestics - Funky Chick (Jazzman)
Jack Norton - Tennessee Waltz (Demo)
Transllusion - Third Eye (Rephlex)
The White Stripes - Story Of The Magi/Silent Night (XL)
Winnebago Deal - Manhunt (Demo)
Beatbox Saboteurs - Bananas (House Of Beauty)
Don't Stop - Devotion And Exert (F.B.I.)
The Loves - True Love Will Find You In The End (Session)
Six Parts Seven - Seems Like Most Everything Used To Be Something Else (Suicide Squeeze)

Thank You

I'd like to say a quick thank you to those who have donated to the site over the last few months. It really is very much appreciated and will certainly help to ensure the site can continue to expand and grow (bit like me according to the missus!). 

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

John Peel - 6th January 1995

Featuring session from Smog and Thrush Puppies.

Morganistic - Crimes And Misdemeanors (Input Neuron Musique)
Autohaze - Way Out There (Summershine)
Thrush Puppies - Offside (Session)
Badman - War For 94 (IQ)
Elvis Presley - Lawdy Miss Clawdy
Smog - My Family (Session)
The Black Dog - Tahr (Warp)
Huevos Rancheros - Jezebel (Demolition Derby)
Free Kitten - Rock Of Ages (Wiiija)
Hardfloor - Kangaroos And Bubbles (Harthouse)

Thrush Puppies - Mayqueen (Session)
U Brown - Weather Balloon (Sampalue)
Mold - Sonic Youth At Disneyworld (Funky Mushroom)
Lord Of Hardcore - Attack The Dancefloor (Evolution)
Smog - A Jar Of Sand (Session)
Tom and Tom - Down Force (Deep Red)
Skip Bifferty - Time Track (Essex)
Shalawambe - Chingolongo (Mondeca)
Thrush Puppies - Guilty (Session)
Prophets Of Da City (Ghetto Ruff)
Dirty Boots - Seems Like Shadow Stuff (Elefant)
Hillbilly Devilspeak - Revenge Of The Micronauts (BGR)
Oval - Mediation (Mille Plateaux)
Smog - My Shell (Session)
Urusei Yatsura - It Is (Tiny Superhero)
Slipmatt - Hear Me (Rogue Trooper)
Wingtip Sloat - Slouching Towards Dulles (VHF)
Blind Willie's Johnson - Married Woman (Unclean)
Junior Tucker - Why (Digital B)
Thrush Puppies (Session)
June - All Of Me (Squealer)
O Rang - An Ocean Ahead (Echo)
Guitar Wolf - Jett Rock (Bag Of Hammers)
Firefox And 4-Tree - Warning (Philly Bunt)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

John Peel - 23rd October 1978

Featuring Sessions from The Buzzcocks and The (mighty) Fall.

George Thorogood And The Destroyers - Move It On Over (Sonet)
Patrik Fitzgerald - Irrelevant Battles (Small Wonder)
The Buzzcocks - Sixteen Again (Session)
Rick Wright - Funky Deux (Harvest)
Matumbi - Guide Us (Harvest)
Lene Lovich - Say When (Stiff)
Lene Lovich - Tonight (Stiff)
Lene Lovich - Writing On The Wall (Stiff)
The Fall - Rebellious Jukebox (Session)
The Squares - No Fear (Sire)
Neil Young - Motorcycle Mama (Reprise)
The Buzzcocks - Everybody's Happy Nowadays (Session)
Wreckless Eric - Veronica (Stiff)
Wreckless Eric - Roll Over Rock-Ola (Stiff)
Wreckless Eric - I Wish It Would Rain (Stiff)
The Faces - I Wish It Would Rain (Mercury)
The Fall - Mother Sister (Session)
Linval Thompson - Negrea Africa Dub (Trojan)
Johnny Thunders - Subway Train (Real)
Red Crayola Hurricane Fighter (Radar)
The Buzzcocks - Lipstick (Session)
Chou Pahrot - Buzgo Tram Chorus (Klub)
The Fall - Industrial Estate (Session)
Status Quo - I'm Giving Up My Worryin' (Vertigo)
Cabaret Voltaire - Do The Mussolini Headkick (Rough Trade)
Cabaret Voltaire - The Set Up (Rough Trade)
Ferdia - The Maids Of Trelaw/Mrs McClouds Reel (Polydor)
The Buzzcocks - Promises (Session)
Andy Mackay - The Inexorable Sequence (Bronze)
The Fall - Futures And Pasts (Session)

Monday, March 09, 2015

John Peel - 26th December 1988

Featuring sessions from The Jesus And Mary Chain, Dinosaur Jr, Marta Sebestyen, My Bloody Valentine, Heresy and Funky Ginger along with numbers 31-21 from the 1988 Festive 50.

The Jesus And Mary Chain - Sidewalking (Session)
Marta Sebestyen - Dunantuli Tancok (Session)
Heresy - Into The Grey (Session)
Funky Ginger - Money Passion Vice (Session)
Dinosaur Jr - Raisans (Session)
My Bloody Valentine - I Can Feel It But I Can't See It (Session)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Coast To Coast (Session)
Marta Sebestyen - Szeki Tancok (Session)
Heresy - When Unity Becomes Solidarity (Session)
Dinosaur Jr - Leper (Session)
Funky Ginger - Jack The Knife (Session)
My Bloody Valentine - Lose My Breath (Session)

Heresy - The Street Enters The House/Cornered Rat (Session)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Take It (Session)
Dinosaur Jr - Bulbs Of Passion (Session)
Heresy - Open Up (Session)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - My Girl (Session)
Mudhoney - Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More (Sub Pop)
Pixies - Where Is My Mind (4AD)
Sonic Youth - Silver Rocket (Blast First)
Overlord X - 14 Days In May (Hardcore)
The Fall - Curious Oranj (Beggars Banquet)
The Cocteau Twins - Carolyn's Fingers (4AD)
Billy Bragg - Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards (Go! Discs)
The Fall - Big New Prinz (Beggars Banquet)
Morrissey - Disappointed (HMV)
Morrissey - Late Night, Maudlin Street (HMV)
Robert Lloyd And The New Four Seasons - Something Nice (In Tape)

Thursday, March 05, 2015

John Peel - BFBS, 30th September 1995

Another one of those great programs John recorded for German station BFBS.

Ash - Angel Interceptor (Infectious)
The Volcanos - Twilight At Rincon (Neurotic Bop)
Steve Stoll ? (Proper N.Y.C.)
Amp - Get There (Linda's Strange Vacation)
Hole - Violet (Caroline)
Barrington Levy and Beenieman - Murderation (Jah Life)
Neanderthals - Arula Mata Gali (Spinout)
Panasonic - Kirjoituskone (Blast First)
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Tropical Hot Dog Night
Heavy Vegetable - Head Rush (Headhunter)
J and J - Tons Of Bass (Strictly Underground)
Flying Saucer Attack - Everywhere Was Everything (Domino)
Hard Trance - Black Sauce (Corrosion)
Red Eye - Special Delivery To My Heart (Decomposition)
Cocteau Twins - Wax And Wane (4AD)
The Fall - Glam Racket (Permanent)
Nonplace Urban Field - Nuf Luf (Incoming)
Link Wray And His Wray Men - Ace Of Spades (Norton)
Spare Snare - Bugs (Love Train)
Panasonic - Levytela (Blast First)
Butch Paulson - Man From Mars (ORB)
Rude Bwoy Monty - Warp 9 Mr Zulu (Frontine)
Santo And Johnny - Sleep Walk (Canadian American)
Further - Insight (Hut)
Cleaners From Venus - Follow The Plough (Ammunition Communication)
Pablo Lubadika Ft. Diblo Dibala - Mazali Ku

Wednesday, March 04, 2015

John Peel - 21st December 1988

Featuring sessions from The Wedding Present, The Primitives, Butthole Surfers, The Siddeleys and Benny Profane.

The Wedding Present - Minnooli Dnee (Session)
The Primitives - Things Get In Your Way (Session)
Benny Profane - Everything (Session)
Butthole Surfers - Blind Man (Session)
The Siddeleys - Something Almost Brilliant Happened Last Night (Session)
Shalawanbe - Mulemena (Session)
The Primitives - Keep Me In Mind (Session)
The Wedding Present - Vasya Vasil'ok (Session)
Benny Profane - Quick Draw McGraw Meets Dead Eye Dick (Session)
The Siddeleys - You Get What You Deserve (Session)
Butthole Surfers - EDG (Session)
Shalawambe - Mulamu (Session)
The Wedding Present - Zamudav Didochok (Session)
The Primitives - Way Behind Me (Session)
Benny Profane - Beam Me Up (Session)
Butthole Surfers - Neee Neee (Session)
The Wedding Present - Verkhovyna (Session)
Loop - Collision (Chapter 22)
The Fall - Guest Informant (Beggars Banquet)
Pixies - River Euphrates (4AD)
McCarthy - Should The Bible Be Banned (September)
Shalawambe - Samora Machel (Session)
The Fall - Jerusalem (Beggars Banquet)
Stump - Charlton Heston (Ensign)
The Pooh Sticks - On Tape (Fierce)
James - What For (Blanco Y Negro)
Spit - Road Pizza (Nailed To Sound)

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

John Peel - 25th February 1980

Featuring sessions from Stiff Little Fingers and Cockney Rejects.

Any Trouble - Yesterday's Love (Stiff)
Ebba Gron - Tatalvagra (Mistlur)
The Untouchables - I Can't Be Satisfied (Albion)
The Rolling Stones - I Can't Be Satisfied (Decca)
Stiff Little Fingers - No Change (Session)
 Cockney Rejects - The Greatest Cockney Rip Off (Session)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Drop Dead/Celebration (Polydor)
The Specials - Nike Klub (Two Tone)
The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes (Rough Trade)
Steve Miro And The Eyes - Making Money (Object)
Stiff Little Fingers - Doesn't Make It All Right (Session)
Lonnie Johnson - Tomorrow Night (King)
The Cigarettes - Looking At You (Dead Good)
23 Jewels - Playing Bogart (Let's Call It Temporary)
Cockney Rejects - I Wanna Be A Star (Session)
Dirk Hamilton - Main Attraction (Elektra)
Distributors - TV Me (Red Rhino)
Blackbeard - 'nough (More Cut)
Elvis Costello And The Attractions - Motel Matches (F-Beat)
Stiff Little Fingers - Fly The Flag (Session)
Hans A Plast - Amerikaner (Lava)
Pinkoes - Mr Smith (Popular Music)
Cockney Rejects - 15 Nights (Session)
Scars - They Come And Took Her (PRE/Charisma)
Manufactured Noise - Moscow 1980 (PRE?Charisma)
Slight Seconds - Slight Seconds (Object)
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Di Black Petty Booshwah (Island)
Stiff Little Fingers - I Don't Like You (Session)
Hans A Plast - Monopoli (Lava)
012 - Fish From Tahiti (Weird Noise)
Cockney Rejects - Block Buster (Session)
Prophets - Back To The Burner (Hypothetical)
Clarence Gatemouth Brown - Midnight Hour

Monday, March 02, 2015

John Peel - 6th October 1990

A slightly edited program featuring session tracks from Levellers 5 and The Farm.

The Fall - Jerusalem (Beggars Banquet)
Babes In Toyland - Arriba (Sub Pop)
The Farm - Groovy Train (Session)
Happy Flowers - My Frisbee Went Under A Lawnmower (Homestead)
A Homeboy A Hippy And A Funky Dread - Total Confusion (Tam Tam)
The Charlatans - Sonic (Situation Two)
The Farm - Family Of Man (Session)

Levellers 5 - What's The Matter (Session)
Olivelawn - 4 Is Greater Than 2 (Nemesis)
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Musttt Mustt [Massive Attack Remix] (Real World)
Bleach - Wipe It Away (Way Cool)
Link Wray - Raunchy (Ace)
Chapterhouse - Falling Down (Dedicated)