Friday, May 30, 2014

The Fall - Live At Manchester Cathedral 2014

A superb set from the mighty ones recorded in the slightly unusual setting of Manchester Cathedral. A storming set including no less than three new songs which hopefully indicates a new lp is working it's way down the pipeline. Just... superb!

Cowboy George
White Lightning
Sir William Wray
Happi Song
Mister Rode
Facebook (troll)
Wolf Kidult Man
Hittite Man
Off stage
Off stage
Aborted Reformation/Mr Pharmacist.

Some particularly nice person also took it upon themselves to film the whole thing!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

John Peel - 27th November 2002

Featuring Ikara Colt in session.

The Von Bondies - Tell Me What You See (Must Destroy)
Koichi - I've Forgotten My Steps (Worm Interface)
Kealer - Thru The Nose (Trouble Maker)
Ikara Colt - Leave This Country (Session)
Clubbing Casualties - Promised Land (Feersum)
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Best Batch Yet (Big Snake)
The Broken Family Band - Behind The Church (Snowstorm)
Total Science - Turtle Wax (Renegade Hardware)
Jerry Built - Near You (Firefly)
Neko Case - I Missed The Point (Matador)
Frank Luther With Novelty Accompaniment - Will The Angels Play Their Harps For Me? (Imperial)
Ikara Colt - Seminal Lie (Session)
Higher Intelligence Agency - Lines In The Sand (Hidden Art)
Rupie Edwards - Ire Feelings (Trojan)
Ladytron - Flicking Your Switch (Invicta Hi-Fi)
Coydog - Deadline (Demo)
Anders Llar - Pedal (Shitkatapult)
Jesse Powel And His Orchestra - The Walkin' Blues (Ace)
Ikara Colt - I'm With Stupid (Session)
Local - They Are Local (Planet Mu)
Baron - Meet The Creeper (CIA)
Marc Riley And The Creepers - Pollystiffs (In Tape)
Dubclash - Prophecy In Dub (Dubhead)
Paik - Purple (Ptolemaic Terrascope)
Eddie - Outcast (Kent)
Ikara Colt - Panic (Session)
Bomb Dogs - Through The Wires (Control Tower)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

John Peel - Rock Radio, Finland, 18th May 1988

One of Mr Peels superb programs recorded for Rock Radio in Finland.

The Sugarcubes - Night Of Steel (One Little Indian)
Dead Moon - Hey Joe (Tombstone)
De La Soul - Plug Tunin' [Are You Ready For This] (Tommy Boy)
Butthole Surfers - Julio Iglesias (Blast First)
John Chibadura And Sungura Boys - Nhamo Yatakawona
Art Phag - 4 Basic Vejabo Groups (Wanghead Records)
Dr And The Crippens - Eat Your Wheelchair (Manic Ears)
Extreme Noise Terror - Only In It For The Music (Manic Ears)
Avo-8 - Is This The End (Avo)
Hard Ons - Busted (Waterfront)
Dismasters - You Must Crazy [Brutus] (Urban Rock)
The Wonder Stuff - Give Give Give Me More More More (Polydor)
Head Of David - Grand Rift Faultline (Blast First)
Slam Boys - ?
Dog Faced Hermans - Big Pot (Calculus)
Vultures - Good Thing (Narodnik)
A Witness - Zip Up (Ron Johnson)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

John Peel - 14th February 2002

Featuring The Loves live at Peel Acres.

Alex Kowalski - Progress (Kanzleramt)
Icarus Line - Feed A Cat To Your Cobra (Sweet Nothing)
Gaby And Wilton - Only Love (Camel)
The Loves - The Sound We Make Is Love (Session)
Eddie And Ernie - I Believe She Will (Chess)
Ikara Colt - Belgravia (Fantastic Plastic)
Max Duley - Into Black (Rodz Konez)
New Order - Here To Stay (White Label)
The Loves - Boom A Bang Bang Bang (Session)
Cecal - Carpenter (Planet Mu)
Flamingos - Mio Amore (End)
Mills Brothers - Till Then
Pressure Rise - Way Of Life (Aspect)
The Loves - Just Like Bobby D (Session)
Nina Nastasia - A Love Song (Socialist)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Deep House Victims Minibus Appeal (Probe Plus)
Exile - Don't Forget X (White Label)
And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Baudelaire (Interscope)
Geater Davis - For Your Precious Love (House Of Orange)
Cracow Klezmer Band - The Amorous Dance Of The Orchid (Tzadik)
The Loves - True Love Will Find You In The End (Session)
My Bloody Valentine - What You Want (Creation)
Scientist - The Mummy's Shroud (Greensleeves)
Simon And Garfunkel - At The Zoo (Columbia)
Soul Center - A Good One (NovaMute)
Persil - June (White Label)
The Loves - You're My Best Friend (Session)
Brokeback - Running Scared (Thrill Jockey)
FSK - My Funny Valentine (Zick Zack)

Monday, May 26, 2014

John Peel - 27th September 2001

Featuring the awesome Louden Wainwright III live from Peel Acres.

Lee Fields And The Explorers - Soul Dynamite (Soulfire)
Del-Gators - Dull Eyed (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Solvent - Built In Microphone (Morr Music)
Louden Wainwright III - Donations (Session)
Louden Wainwright III - I'm Not Gonna Cry (Session)
Admiral Tibet - They Don't Realise
Camera Obscura - En (Andmoresound)
Space Rocket - Appreciado Cliente (Boing Being)
DJ Hype - Once Again (True Playaz)
Louden Wainwright III - One Man Guy (Session)
Louden Wainwright III - Donations (Session)
Lamonde Vs. Levantine - Base [Umek's Re-Base Mix] (Technosis)
Camille Howard - Extemporaneous Boogie
Remote Viewer - Boats (City Centre Offices)
Rabies Caste - The Bleeding Mermaid (Earache)
Louden Wainwright III - Cardboard Boxes (Session)

Friday, May 23, 2014

John Peel - 7th March 1992

Featuring the first broadcast of the one and only session from The Verve and a repeat of The House Of Love's fifth. 

Ludicrous Lollypops - Lies About My Life (Damaged Goods)
Unrest - Bavarian Mods (Homestead)
Wayne Fire - Supernatural (Fashion)
XTC - Into The Atom Age (Virgin)
The Verve - Untitled (Session)
Ambassadors Of Swing - Weekend (Kold Sweat)
The House Of Love - Fade Away (Session)
The Mover - Night Flight (Planet Core Productions)
The Boo Radleys - Lazy Day (Creation)
Daisy Chainsaw - Pink Flower (One Little Indian)
Dyke And The Blazers - So Sharp (Kent)
Leo Anibaldi - Fanta Guitar (ACV)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

John Peel - 13th May 1981

Featuring sessions from The Revillos and Department S

Aerial FX - Take It From Here (Island)
Shock Treatment - Big Check Shirts (D.A.B)
Killing Joke - Follow The Leaders (E.G Records)
Israel Vibration - Friday Evening (RAS Records)
The Revillos - Snatzo Mobile (Session)
The Au Pairs - Dear John (Human Records)
Discharge - Maimed And Slaughtered (Clay Intersong)
Department S - Clap Now (Session)
Elmore James - Early One Morning (Charly)
The Undertones - Crisis Of Mine (Sire)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Als War's Das Lttzle Mal (Virgin)
The Revillos - She's Fallen In Love With A Monster Man (Session)
Musical Youth - Generals (021 Records)
A Certain Ratio - Forced Laugh (Factory)
Bill Nelson - Living In My Limousine (Mercury)
Department S - Ode To Cologne [Stench Of War] (Session)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Follow The Sun (Polydor)
Roy Richards - Freedom Blues (Studio One)
Vice Squad - Young Blood (Riot City)
The Revillos - Man Attack (Session)
Toyan - Children Children (Greensleeves)
The Really Thirds - Walk Away (Really Thirds Records)
Joy Division - Glass (Factory)
Department S - Age Concern (Session)
The English Beat - Dream Home In NZ (Go-Feet)
The Revillos - Caveman Raveman (Session)
Mutabaruka - Every Time A Ear De Soun (High Times)
Naked Lunch - Rabies (Ramkup Records)
Malaria - I Will Be Your Only One (Marat Records)
Girls At Our Best - I'm Beautiful Now (Happy Birthday Records)
Half Japanese - If My Father Answers Don't Say Nothing (Armageddon Records)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

John Peel - 1st January 1994

Featuring the first broadcast of the first session from Done Lying Down session and the second and final session from Butterfly Child. 

Butterfly Child - My Kinda Carnival (Session)
Done Lying Down - Slept Around (Session)
Ulanbator - Sputnik (Ninja Tune)
The Orchids - Avignon (Sarah)
Rodan - Tooth-Fairy Retribution Manifesto
Rancid Hellspawn - Eyeball In My Mouth (Wrench)
Nat King Cole - Autumn Leaves (Capitol)
Coldcut - Autumn Leaves (Arista)
The Voodoo Queens - Princess Of The Voodoo Beat (Too Pure)
Done Lying Down - Christmas Shoplifting (Session)
Butterfly Child - Botany Bay (Session)
Various Artists - Tommy [7" Compilation] (Vital Music Records)
GTR - Ask Me (Planet 4)
Butterfly Child - Our Lady Mississippi Revisited (Session)
Bells Of - Strange Pair (Matador)
Yinca - Come Correct (Mission)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

John Peel - 10th January 2002

Featuring a session by the wonderful Melys which was stolen from The Session In Wales, and quite right too.

Download Here

The White Stripes - Cannon (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Lab 4 - Resurrection (Fragile)
Coloma - The Difference Between Silver And Grey (Ware)
Unit 4+2 - Concrete And Clay (London)
Berkowitz, Lake And Dahmer - Skinned Teeth (Fflint Central)
Melys - Watercolour (Session)
Gabrielle Twenty Five - Every Little Thing I Say Gets You Down (Demo)
Anthony B - God Above Everything (Brick Wall)
Les Paul And Mary Ford - How High The Moon (Capitol)
Hefner - All I'll Ever Need (Too Pure)
Lynn Taitt And The Jets - Solomon (Merritone)
Stephen Mathieu - Snow (Mille Plateaux)
String Builder - Forces (Handsome)
Melys - Buwch Sanctaidd (Session)
Camera Obscura - Houseboat (Andmoresound)
DJ Rupture - Desarriada (Soot)
Herman Dune - Going To The Everglades (Prohibited)
The Misunderstood - My Mind (Cherry Red)
Bolz Bolz - Human Race (Longhaul)
The Boy Cartographer - The Teeth Of Wind And Weather (White Label)
Dynamo - Dynamo (D I N)
Melys - Chinese Whispers (Session)
Ming - II Continente Mentale (Doxa)
Black Billy Sunday - The Red Horse And It's Rider (Document)
Synergy - And Ben Kaye - 300 Cycles (Red)
Hundred Hands - A Replay (Deep Elm)
Noonday Underground - The Light Brigade (Guided Missile)
I Am Robot And Proud - Saturday Afternoon Plans (Catmobile)
Vehicle Derek - Sometimes She Will (Boss Tuneage)
Anti-Social - Traffic Lights (Dynamite)
Muffler - Nutcracker (White Label)

Monday, May 19, 2014

John Peel - 25th May 1996

Featuring sessions from Simon Joyner and Dweeb.

Quickspace Supersport - Friend (Kitty Kitty Corporation)
Christoph De Babalon - Residuum (Digital Hardcore)
Dweeb - Theme From Dweeb (Session)
Transglobal Underground - Lexicona (Rough Trade)
Simon Joyner - Milk (Session)
The Fall - The Ballad Of J. Drummer (Jet)
Spider Net - Awake (No U Turn)
Dymaxion - Aha, Sissy Arsonist (Hemiola)
Reverb - Velocity Fall (Badlands)
Simon Joyner - Born Of Longing (Session)
Ian Pooley - Chord (Force Inc.)
Dweeb - Session Fodder For John (Session)
Dweeb - Scooby Doo (Session)
Dweeb - Retard (Session)
Black Star Liner - Duggie Dohl (EXP)
Track Star - Number One (Silver Girl)
Eilert Pilarm - She's Not You (Green Pig Productions)
Simon Joyner - Hood (Session)
Simon Joyner - Hotter Than Satan's Heels (Session)
Chris Sattinger - Tech Organ Grinder (Kickin')
The Fall - Oxymoran (Jet)
Royal Kushite Philharmonic Orchestra - Miseducation (Roots)
Barkmarket - Visible Cow (Play It Again Sam)
Holly Golightly - The Better Of Me (Teenage Kicks)
Bennet - Colossal Man (Roadrunner)
Ali Farka Toure - Yer Mali Gakoyoyo (World Circuit)
Beatnik Filmstars - Seventies Flick (Mobstar)

Friday, May 16, 2014

John Peel - Top Gear, 27th October 1968

With session tacks from Taste, Blossom Toes, Brian Auger Trinity and David Ackles.

Family - Second Generation Woman (Reprise)
Taste - Dual Carriageway Pain (Session)
Pretty Things - Private Sorrow (Columbia)
David Ackles - Down River (Session)
Jeff Beck - You Shook Me (Columbia)
Blossom Toes - Wait A Minute (Session)
The Doors - Yes, The River Knows (Elektra)
Brian Auger Trinity - Old Jim Crow (Session)
Taste - Norman Invasion (Session)
Steve Miller Band - Living In The USA (Capitol)
Muddy Waters - Let's Spend The Night Together (Chess)
David Ackles - Laissez Faire (Session)
Jefferson Airplane - Crown Of Creation (RCA Victor)
Brian Auger Trinity - I'm Not Talking (Session)
Scaffold - Lily The Pink (Parlophone)
Taste - Born On The Wrong Side Of Time (Session)
Moody Blues - Ride My See-Saw (Deram)
Blossom Toes - Ever Since A Memory (Session)
SRC - Daystar (Capitol)
Richie Havens - Indian Rope Man (Verve)
Brian Auger Trinity - Road To Cairo (Session)
Nirvana - The Touchables [All Of Us] (Island)
Taste - Same Old Story (Session)
Steppenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride (Stateside)
Duster Bennett - Country Jam (Blue Horizon)
David Ackles - When Love Is Gone (Session)
CAptain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Safe As Milk (Liberty)
Brian Auger Trinity - Lonesome Hobo (Session)
Savoy Brown - Train To Nowhere (Decca)
Blossom Toes - Peaceloving Man (Session)

Thursday, May 15, 2014

18th April 2002

Featuring the first broadcast of the third Travis Cut session.

Axiome - Woaw (Ant Zen)
Nina Nastasia - Do Little (Touch And Go)
Travis Cut - Protest And Politics (Session)
Super-Collider - Closetails (Rise Robots Rise)
Eastern Lane - Broken Mask (Rough Trade)
Ray Bryant Trio - The Madison Time Pt 1 (Ace)
Dianograph - Wrapping The Lamb, Sir (Southern)
Cursor Minor - Snapped Capacitor (Lo)
Metermen - Tokyo 2005 (Midium)
Easybeats - Friday On My Mind (United Artists)
Travis Cut - In Transit (Session)
Pate - Shinkai Cruise (Sur La Plage)
Man Or Astro-Man - Wayward Meteor
Telecraft - DIY Queen (Magic Marker)
Hottentots - In Geneva With Eva
The Radar Brothers - You And The Father (Chemikal Underground)
Travis Cut - Never Wanted Anything (Session)
James Carr - At The Dark End Of The Street (Kent)
Faust - Dig (Klangbad)
Sister Vanilla - Pastel Blue (Geographic)
The Fall - Enigrammatic Dream (Action)
Marc Smith Vs Safe N Sound - Identify The Beat (Bonkerz)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Summer (Geographic)
Travis Cut - MQ (Session)
Modern Jazz Quartet - The Golden Striker (Atlantic)
Alfie - Bends For 72 Miles (Twisted Nerve)
Sportique - Obsessive (Matinee)
Fallout Boy - Disco Is Shit (Bulletproof)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

John Peel - 15th June 1988

Featuring a first airing of the first HDQ session and a repeat of The Wedding Present's second Ukrainian session which was originally broadcast in the April of 1988.

The Misunderstood - My Mind (Cherry Red)
Rote Kapelle - San Francisco Again (In Tape)
MC Buzz B - Slap Head (Play Hard)
HDQ - Through My Eyes (Session)
Frankie Paul - I Know The Score (Live And Love)
The Wedding Present - Zadumav Didochok (Session)
July 14th - Lonely Planey (Greasy Pop)
Ripchord - Poetic Justice (Raging)
Joyce McKinney Experience - Armchair Critic (Meantime)
Hippy Boys - Death Rides (Trojan)
HDQ - Those Remembered Times (Session)
The Perfect Disaster - T.V. [Girl On Fire] (Fire)
Run DMC - Ragtime (London)
Lip Cream - Don't Speak Too Much (Southern Studios)
The Wedding Present - Verkhovyno (Session)
Bullet LaVolta - Because You're Mine (Taang!)
Funky Ginger with Jo L. - Slaughterhouse (Crach Recordings)
Foyer Des Arts - Frauen In Frien Und Freiheit (FunfUndVierzig)
HDQ - Believe (Session)
Yammie Bolo - Ransom Of A Man's Life (Message)
The Weather Prophets - Well Done Sonny (Creation)
Perfect Daze - This Side Of Summer (Vinyl Solution)
The Wedding Present - Davni Chasy (Session)
Butterfield 8 - Watermelon Man (Go! Discs)
Oscar Toney Jr - For Your Precious Love (Charly)
The Shamen - Jesus Loves Amerika (Ediesta)
Deep Wound - In My Room (Radiobeat)
London Rhyme Syndicate - Hard To The Core (Rhyme N Reason)
HDQ - Have Faith (Session)
Stars Of Heaven - What Else Could You Do? (Rough Trade)
The Wedding Present - Vasya Vasyl'ok (Session)
Heresy - Network Of Friends (In Your Face)
Super Vinar - Mnai Ami Mwanya

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

John Peel - 18th July 2000

Featuring the first broadcast of the one and only session by Blonde Redhead.

Sender Berlin - Little Cherry (Tresor)
Nasum - Fatal Search  (Relapse)
Busy Signals - All The Young Designers (Bad Jazz)
Junior Kelly - Far From Jah (Mixing Lab)
Fuselage - Almost Monday Morning (Kahuna Cuts)
Blonde Redhead - Where Is John (Session)
Gene Vincent - Who Slapped John (Capitol)
B Boys - Two, Three, Break (Vintertainment)
Apples In Stereo - 20 Cases Suggestive Of ... (Cooking Vinyl)
Aden - Country Bar In The City (Teenbeat)
Murhy's Oil Soap Boys - I Wish You Knew (WFMU)
Al Ferrier - Don't Play Blue Eyes [Crying In The Rain] (Master Track)
Distorted Minds - Infections (Session)
Q And Not U - And The Washington Monument Blinks Goodnight (Dischord/De Soto)
Blonde Redhead - Missle Me (Session)
Mukka - Kopanitsa (Cathouse/Tree)
Midfield General - Devil In Sports Casual (Skint)
Watts - The Kings Of Jackin' You Around (Stolen)
Pacou - Fireball (Tresor)
Winner - Fall Out Boy (Mother Stoat)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Nowadays A Woman's Got To Hit A Man (Milksafe)
90 Degrees South - U.H.F. (Ochre)
Luciano - Cool And Settle (Mixing Lab)
Blonde Redhead - In An Expression Of The Inexpressible (Session)
Ricky Spontane - We're Gonna Rock Paris (Lowsley Sound)
Yr Hwntws - Triban Morgannwg (Rough Guide)
DJ Teebee - Lifepod (Certificate 18)
Jimmy Reed - Goin' To New York (Joy)
High Rise - Nuit (Squealer)

Monday, May 12, 2014

John Peel - 13th May 2003

A truly great show featuring the talents of Richard James AKA The Aphex Twin delivering his electronic poundings live from All Tomorrows Parties.

Noxagt - Cupid Shot Me (Load)
Freddy Fresh - Bum Bum Bum Bum (Howlin')
Veer - Naked (Source)
The Undertones - Thrill Me (For Us)
Hunches - Lisa Told Me (Sweet Nothing)
Minus 8 feat. Ras Charmer - Brave And Bold (Compost)
Captain Beefheart - I'm King Bee (Viper)
Nostromo - What's Up In Your Tunes (Overcome)
Mogwai - Killing All The Flies (Rock Action)
Facs - Tremble (Biotic)
Cranebuilders - Water Wash Away (Ten People Tall )
Grandmaster Gareth - The Sound Of Gareth (Awkward)
Peerless Orchestra - Quaker Girl Lancers Figures (Zonophone)
The Aphex Twin - Live From All Tomorrows Parties
The Decemberists - Leslie Anne Levine (Hush)
Ralfe - Boosh Waltz (White Label)
Vybz Cartel/Wayne Marshall - Why Yu Doing It/ (Don Corleon)
The Everly Brothers - Kentucky (Ace)
Frog Pocket - Fir Faas (Planet Mu)
Kevin Energy - The Human Race (Synthetix)
Fleshies - Maelstrom Of Whirling Bullshit (Alternative Tentacles)
Artimus Pyle - Shitstorm (Prank)

Friday, May 09, 2014

John Peel - 5th January 1997

Featuring the first session from the wonderful Radar Brothers who would go one to record a further two session for the Peel show. The last being broadcast in June 2000.

Guided By Voices - Postal Blowfish (Matador)
Radar Brothers - Wise Mistake From You (Session)
State Of The Art - Kobold (State Of The Art)
East River Pipe - I Am A Small Mistake (Shinkansen)
Jerry Van Rooyen - The Great Bank Robbery (Crippled Dick Hot Wax)
Centry Meets Manasseh - Last Call (Conscious Sounds)
Toenut - Danger! Humans Approach (Mute)
The Wedding Present - Sports Car (Cooking Vinyl)
ECP - Streets Of Gold (Riot Beats)
Radar Brothers - Yukon (Session)
Dobie - The Return Of The Revenge Of The Death Of The Legacy Of Gogol 13 (Pussyfoot)
Delphium - Burning Out Fields (Outsider)
Medicine Head - Fire Under Mountain (Repertoire)
Teen Titans - Bug Bite (Peel-A-Boo Records)
Porter Ricks - Nautical Dub (Chain Reaction)
Gentle People - The Soundtrack Of Life (Rephlex)
Glen Brown and King Tubby - Version 78 Style (Blood and Fire)
Apples In Stereo - To Love The Vibration Of The Blub (Elephant Six)
Choose - Nail File (UFO London)
Radar Brothers - Stay (Session)
Pipe - You're Soaking In It (Jesus Christ)
Donfisher - This Time (Crackle!)

Thursday, May 08, 2014

John Peel - 22nd September 1996

Featuring Dave Angel in session.

Swift - Old Song (Suburban Race)
Hood - At Last! Riots On Spofforth Hill (Slumberland)
Belvier - Cloudy (Jawbone)
Dave Angel - Slave (Session)
Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps - Jump Back , Honey, Jump Back (Capitol)
Boyracer - Area 51 Revisited (A Turntable Friend)
Alec Empire - Fire Bombing (Digital Hardcore)
Arab Strap - The First Big Weekend (Chemikal Underground)
Robert Armani - Get Away (AVC)
Alvie Self - Let's Go Wild (Flame)
Heavenly - Space Matinee (Wiiija)
Dave Angel - A Slice Of Enforcement (Session)
Los Straightjackets - Kawanga (Spinout)
The Fall - Hey! Student (Permanent)
DJ Sappo - Hot Shot (Rinse Out)
Low - Prisoner (Vernon Yard Recordings)
Strapping Fieldhands - The Oath (Shangri-La)
Bonnevilles - Zu Zu (Ace)
Dave Angel - Fever (Session)
Bennet - Cha Cha Charlie (Roadrunner)
John Parish and Polly Jean Harvey - Is That All There Is? (Island)
Juneau - The Sun (Spooky Tree)
Von Trapp Family - Marmalade (Acruacree)
Halibuts - Hoola Scuba (Upstart)
Lightning Hopkins - Come And Go Home With Me (Folkways)
Raymond Break - Avenue Of Last Resort (Hep-Cat)
Dave Angel - Untitled (Session)
Mad Professor and Jah Shaka - Slave Rebellion (Shiver)
Misunderstood - Who Do You Love (Fontana)

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

John Peel - 3rd December 1993

Featuring Lois in session.

Pablo Lubadika - Nazali Cool (Syllart)
Stereolab - French Cisko (Duophonic)
General Surgery - Slithering Maceration Of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (Nuclear Blast)
G.D. Mof - Acid Terror (Labworks Germany)
Fluf - Sheela Na Gig (Goldenrod)
De Krift - De Maan (Konkurrel)
Lois - Valentine (Session)
Elevate - 4 Ideas
Elmore James - I Need You (Capricorn)
? (Dance International)
The Fall - Behind The Counter (Permanent)

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

John Peel - 9th April 1990

Another cracker! This program contains the first of two sessions from The Charlatans recorded for the Peel show. The second was broadcast in February 1991.

Inspiral Carpets - Real Thing (Mute)
Public Enemy - Who Stole The Soul (Def Jam)
The Charlatans - You Can Talk To Me (Session)
Tiger - Look Like Me (Taxi)
Sixteen Tons - Simple (No Blow)
Ember Days - Hood (Wroxeter)
Mahotella Queens - Masole A Banana (Virgin America)
Trenchmouth - Snakebite (Ad Infinitum)
The Charlatans - Then (Session)
Foremost Poets - Reasons To Be Dismal (Nu Groove)
Inspiral Carpets - Many Happy Returns (Mute)
Johnny Osbourne - Don't Bite The Hand (Digital B)
McCarthy - I'm On The Side Of Mankind As Much As The Next Man (Midnight)

L.A. Star - Swing To The Beat (Profile)
The Charlatans - Then (Session)
Johnny Robinson - When A Man Cries (Connoisseur Collection)
Gregory Isaacs - Counterfeit Lover (Penthouse)
Inspiral Caprets - Besides Me (Mute)
Duane Eddy - Detour (Jamie)
Zimbabwe Cha Cha Cha Kings - Madiwa Lucy
The Charlatans - Polar Bear (Session)
Mass Appeal - Balance (Vinyl Solution)

Monday, May 05, 2014

John Peel - 8th January 1980

No session in this program. Just a load of great tunes.

Perverts - Ronka (Dolores)
Living Daylights - Personality Changes (E.S.R.)
Horace Andy - Love Is The Light (Techniques)
Circles - Opening Up (Graduate)
The Who - Circles (Reaction)
Non - Mode Of Infection (White Label)
Revillos - Motor Bike Beat (Snatzo)
Fun 4 - Singing In The Showers (NMC)
Tea Set - Parry Thomas (Waldo's Records)
Dandy Livingstone - Rudy, A Message To You (Trojan)
Cabaret Voltaire - Silent Command (Rough Trade)
Bardi Blaise - Trans Siberian Express (Dindisc)
Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business (Rough Trade)
The Only Ones - Trouble In The World (CBS)
Asher And Tremble - Humble Yourself (Rockers)
Madness - My Girl (Stiff)
Holly And The Italians - Tell That Girl To Shut Up (Oval)
Scritti Politti - Confidence (Rough Trade/St Pancras)

Friday, May 02, 2014

John Peel - 16th January 1993

Featuring session tracks from and Leatherface who deliver a particularly impressive rendition of Can't Help Falling In Love.

Medicine Ball - Cyclops
Leatherface - Not A Day Goes By/I Can't Help Falling In Love (Session)
St. Johnny - Highway (Rough  Trade)
Little Walker - Juke (Trace)
Groove Corporation Meet Original Rockers - Stoned (Cake Label)
Pram - Blue Singer (Too Pure)
Tsunami - Load Hog (Simple Machines)
Meat Beat Manifesto - Mindstream [The Aphex Twin Remix] (Play It Again Sam)

Thursday, May 01, 2014

John Peel - 15th April 1994

Featuring a repeat of the first and only Jon Spencer Blues Explosion session which had originally being broadcast in October of the previous year. 

Lagowski - Europa (GPR)
The Fall - 15 Ways (Permanent)
The Cailiffs - True School Ambassador (London)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - In The Red (Session)
Paul Revere And The Raiders - Him Or Me [What's It Gonna Be] (Columbia)
Loop Guru - Hymn (Nation)
Tindersticks - Her (Volume)
Distorted Pony - Big Sprawling Corrupt (Trance Syndicate)
Hole -Plump (Geffen)
Global Communication - First Movement (Session)
Bob Tilton - My Very Own Rope (Subjugation)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Orange (Session)
Nouvelle Generation - Station Radar 
Graphite - New Beginning (Magnetic North)
Sonic Youth - Doctors Orders (Volume)
The Backbeat Band - Twist And Shout (Virgin)
The Roadrunners - Beautiful Delilah (Ariola/Star Club)
Mike Hart - Arty's Wife (Dandelion)
Fun-Da-Mental - Dog Tribe (Nation)
Combustible Edison - Impact! (City Slang)
Huggy Bear - Red Flipper (Famous Monsters Of Filmland)