Monday, July 30, 2018

John Peel - 30th July 1979

Featuring Psychedelic Furs and The Police in session.

Prince Buster - Madness (Blue Beat)
The Flys - We Are the Lucky Ones (EMI)
The Police - Next To You (Session)
Psychedelic Furs - Fall (Session)
Lonnie Mack - Memphis
Chuck Berry - Memphis
Silicon Teens - Memphis Tennessee (Mute)
Mighty Diamonds - Blackman (Front Line)
The Molesters - Girl Behind The Curtain (Small Wonder)
Joy Division - Shadowplay (Factory)
Rudi - I-Spy (Good Vibrations)
The Police - Can't Stand Losing You [The Bit We Left Out] (Session)
The Buzzcocks - Something's Gone Wrong Again (United Artists)
Psychedelic Furs - Sister Europe (Session)
Little Walter - Juke (Chess)
Blah Blah Blah - Why Diddle? (Absurd)
Flesh Eaters - Disintegration Nation (Upsetter)
Lee Perry - City Too Hot (Upsetter)
Fashion - Citinite (Fashion Music)
Stiff Little Fingers - Law and Order (Rough Trade)
Cockney Rejects - Police Car (Small Wonder)
The Police - The Bed's Too Big Without You (Session)
Psychedelic Furs - We Love You (Session)
Angelic Upstarts - Never Again (Warner Bros)
Little Feat - Kiss It Off (Warner Bros)
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Ambush (Tuff Gong)
The Police - Message In A Bottle (Session)
Gerry And The Holograms - Increased Resistance (Absurd)
Psychedelic Furs - Imitation Of Christ (Session)
The Molesters - The End Of Civilisation (Small Wonder)

Monday, July 16, 2018

John Peel - 16th July 2003

Featuring Cass McCombs in session.

Boot50 - Popstars (Pulse)
Modeselektor with Ellen Allien - Trash Scapes (BPitch Control)
Sightings - Infinity of Stops (Load)
Cass McCombs - I Cannot Lie (Session)
Brian And Tony Gold - Time Passes By (VP Records)
Futureheads - First Day (Fantastic Plastic)
Kevin Energy And DJ Odyssey - It's Rockin' (Synthetix)
yourcodenameis:milo - Columbo (White Label)
Grandmaster Gareth - The Bongos Are Bust (Awkward)
Mark Hawkins - Do the Butterfly (Victim)
Cass McCombs - AYD (Session)
Gasman - Krona (Planet Mu)
Frustrations - Prov. For Milk & Bread (Consumer Productions)
Chris Hall with Orchestral Accompaniment - Beautiful Bird, Sing On (Edison Bell/Winner)
Skynet - Logan's Run (Skynet)
Sludgefeast - Ain't Right Baby (Must... Destroy)
Cass McCombs - Not The Way (Session)
Odd Nosdam - (Track 4) (Anticon)
DJ Emerson - XLR8R (Convert)
Montana Pete - Das Bot (Jonson Family)
Jah Mason And Lutan Fyah - Black King (Al. Ta. Fa. An.)
Anaal Nathrakh - The Technogoat (Rage of Achilles)
QRT - Elleville Dager (Irritant)
Cass McCombs - Aids In Africa (Session)
Karsten Pflum - Vindkode (Worm Interface)
Soledad Brothers - Cage That Tiger (Loog)
Kryptic Minds And Leon Switch - Curse (Defcom)

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

John Peel - 10th July 2003

Featuring Hyper Kinako in session.

Amen Andrews - Fast And Bulbous (Rephlex)
Saloon - Intimacy (Track And Field)
Hyper Kinako - Two Tadgers (Session)
David Jack - Finger Style (Knife Fighting Monkeys)
Blizzard Boys - Loosing It [Justrich mix] (Blizzard Tracks)
Agenda - 50,000 Watts Of Love! (Must Destroy)
Pilotcan - Passion Gap (Evol)
Keaton - The Invisible Man (Renegade Hardware)
Hyper Kinako - Don't Delete My Frog (Session)
Odd Nosdam - Track 3 (Anticon)
Herman Düne - The Static Comes From My Broken Heart (Track And Field)
Turbonegro - Get It On (Must Destroy)
Alfredo And His Band - My Song Of The Nile (Edison Bell Radio)
Ethan Durelle - I Get Shot In Every Film I'm In (Esotype)
Hyper Kinako - Bika Lika (Session)
Toktok vs Soffy O - Jean (Fuel)
Electro Hippies - Am I Punk Yet? (Necrosis)
Shirovski - Revolver (White Label)
Evolution Control Committee - Spandau Filet (Seeland)
Magnum Force - Blow The Bloody Doors Off (Stay Up Forever)
Hyper Kinako - Fucksake Sujiko (Session)
Michael Chapman - Postcards Of Scarborough (Harvest)
Entity Squad - Du Fährst Mich Verrückt (Draft)
Natural Black - Budget (White Label)
Million Dead - Breaking The Back (Integrity)
JB And Benny Blanco - Flight 411 (Back 2 Basics)
Hyper Kinako - Popping Step (Session)
Shanty, Tazz And Concept - The Beast Of Hardcore (Digital Beatz)

Monday, July 09, 2018

John Peel - 9th July 1979

Featuring sessions from The Chords and Gang Of Four.

The Chords - Something's Missing (Session)
Flying Lizards - Money (Virgin)
Gang Of Four - Natural's Not In It (Session)
Lew Lewis - Do Just What You Want (Hux)
Runaways - Mama Weer All Crazy Now (Cherry Red)
Medicine Head - Kum On (Dandelion)
Chelsea - Decide (Step Forward)
Dennis Brown, Trinity - Girl I Got A Date (Joe Gibbs Music)
The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow (Session)
Alternomen Unlimited - Connections (Object Music)
Thurston Harris - Be-Bap-A-Leba (United Artists)
The Undertones - Here Comes The Summer (Sire)
B-52's - Hero Worship (Island)
Gang Of Four - Not Great Men (Session)
Zero Zero - Chinese Boys (Interference)
25 Rifles - Revolution Blues (Twenty Five Rifles) TFR 1
Neil Young - Revolution Blues (Reprise)
Moderates - I Don't Want To Go Bald (Open Eye)
The Chords: It's No Use (Session)
Clint Eastwood - Marshall Dread Locks (Vivian Jackson (Yabby You))
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Electricity (Factory)
Gang Of Four - Ether (Session)
The Lurkers - Cyanide (Beggars Banquet)
The Cramps - Human Fly (Illegal)
Visitors - Moth (Deep Cut)
Bob Andy - You Don't Know (Trojan)
Psykik Volts - Totally Useless (Ellie Jay)
Albert Collins - Get Your Business Straight (Tumblweed)
Swell Maps - H.S. Art (Rough Trade)
Commandos - Weekend Warrior (Line/Twin Tone)
Gang Of Four - Guns Before Butter (Session)
The Chords - Now It's Gone (Session)

Thursday, July 05, 2018

John Peel - 5th July 1989

An edited show but don't let that put you off. With session tracks from Dead Famous People.

The Primitives - Sick Of It (RCA)
Johnny Osbourne - The Juggling Steep (Live And Love)
Coffin Break - Stupid Love Song (C/Z)
Dead Famous People - Postcard From Paradise (Session)
Koxo' Club Band - Paradhouse [Piano Mix] (City Beat)
The Wedding Present - I'm Not Always So Stupid (Umbrella)
Cateran - Ache (What Goes On)
Dead Famous People - How To Be Kind (Session)
Slum Turkeys - Ugly As Sin (Crack)
808 State - State Ritual (Creed State)
Sofahead - Ugly (Meantime)
Noseflutes - Needle To The Sackcloth (Rictus Recordings)
Noseflutes - Yellow (Rictus Recordings)
Kool Moe Dee - Pump Your Fist (Jive)
The Fastbacks - Wrong Wrong Wrong (Subway Organization)
Dead Famous People - Go Home Stay Home (Session)
Green River - Ride Of Your Life (Homestead)

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

John Peel - 4th July 2002

Featuring Nina Nastasia live at Peel Acres.

Goldchains - Straight From Your Radio (Tigerbeat6)
Tender Trap - Oh Katrina (Fortuna Pop!)
Dom And Roland - Soundwall (Moving Shadow)
Clinic - Come Into Our Room (Domino)
Nina Nastasia - Regrets (Live At Peel Acres)
Stylus - The Cosmic Beekeeper (Fourth Dimension)
M'du - Awuna Plani (Epic)
The Chap - Exalarm (Lo)
The Beatings - The Jailhouse (Fantastic Plastic)
Nina Nastasia - The Treehouse Song (Live At Peel Acres)
The Shondells - Oooo Sometimes (Ace)
Brother Dave Gardner - Brother Dave Gardner (RCA Victor)
Weird War - Name Names (Domino)
Nina Nastasia - This Is What It Is (Live At Peel Acres)
Paradox - Unnatural Causes (Reinforced)
The Pattern - Nothing Of Value (Wichita)
Rondellus - Post Aetuernitatem [After Forever] (Beg The Bug)
The Electro Group - Line Of Sight (Omnibus)
Mark Ashley - The Speed Of Light (Nu Energy)
Odd Nosdam - Track 26 (Mush)
Nina Nastasia - Deck In Vegas (Live At Peel Acres)
The Samurai Seven - Been A Fool (Rotator)
Duke Ellington - In A Jam
Langstreckenlaufer - Sternontragfalchen (Familystyle)
Spillsbury - Zwei Sekunden (L'Age D'or)
Nina Nastasia - All Your Life (Live At Peel Acres)
Nina Nastasia - Too Much Inbetween (Live At Peel Acres)
Nina Nastasia - Ugly Face (Live At Peel Acres)
Young People - The Pier (GER)
Ill Doggy - Funk Hole (Salo)

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

John Peel - 3rd July 1993

Featuring sessions from Rollerskate Skinny and Superchunk.

Donovan - Tinker And The Crab (Pye)
Unrest - International Nautical Miles (Teenbeat)
Neophyte - Komen Wij Uit Rotterdam (Rotterdam Records)
© - John Says (Transglobal)
Steel Pole Bath Tub - Exhale (Boner)
Dennis Brown - Look Into Yourself (Black Scorpio)
Rollerskate Skinny - Bow Hitchhiker (Session)
Pussycat Trash - Positive Bomb (Chocolate Narcotic)
Victoria Kings - Eddo No 1 (Globestyle)
Tigertrap - Eight Wheels (K)
Superchunk - Kicked In (Session)
Datblygu - Nos Iau Ar Yr Arfordir (Ankst)
Beautiful People - Rilly Groovy (Essential)
Bottom Feeders - Goodnight Golden Curls (Rekkids)
Yami Bolo - Jah Is The Solution (Kingston 11)
Pulse 8 - Radio Morocco [Youth Remix] (Nation)
Lovesick - Sunflower (Damaged Goods)
Superchunk - I Guess I Remembered It Wrong (Session)
Lightning Slim - Tomcat Blues (Excello)
Rollerskate Skinny - Abba's Song (Session)
Royal Trux - The Flag (Domino Records)
Ken Ishii - Garden On The Palm (R+S)
Voodoo Queens - Kenuwee Head (Too Pure)
Boo Radleys - I Hang Suspended (Creation)
Acrid Abeyance - 303 Delight (Important Records)
Superchunk - Lying In State (Session)
Repulse - Jesus Sweat (Beat Crazy)
Yami Bolo And Mr Pants - Rema & Jungle (Buffalo Music Production)
The Ecstasy Of St Theresa - Alpha Centauri (Free)
China Drum - Simple (China Drum)
Karl Axel-Bissler - The Gateway (Novamute)
Eddie And Finbar Furey - Her Father Didn’t Like Me Anyway (Dawn Records)
Rollerskate Skinny - Violence To Violence (Session)
Shaba Kahamba Et Les Espirits Saints - Messages (Karac)
Lime Birds - Magpie (Citrus Citrus)
Papa San - Makossa (Taxi)
Salbando - I Could See The Smallest Things (OXO)
Bronte Brothers - Make That Hand Jive Mine (This Way Up)
Superchunk - Flawless (Session)
Bourbonese Qualk - Interstate (Praxis)
Hardvark - Dress (Mud)
Cordelia’s Dad - San Francisco (Okra)

Monday, July 02, 2018

John Peel - 2nd July 1993

Featuring sessions from Werefrogs and Polvo.

PJ Harvey - Wang Dang Doodle (Island)
Yami Bolo - Ghetto Youthman Have To Make It (Yam Euphony Music)
Orbital - Monday (Internal)
Polvo - Watch The Nail (Session)
Eggplant - Still We Fall [Into The Same Trap] (The Bus Stop Label)
Beautiful People - Rilly Groovy [Vibe Sauce “Dig This” Mix] (Essential)
Werefrogs - H Dumpty (Session)
Even As We Speak - Getting Faster (Sarah)
Datblygu - Ein (Ankst)
Leonard Cohen - Bird On The Wire (Columbia)
Red Rose With Roundhead - Boom Boom Bye (Taxi)
Polvo - Thermal Cupid (Session)
Snog 6 - Misery (Happy Dog Rekordz)
Transform - Transform [The Irresistible Force Remix] (Rising High)
Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (DGC)
William S Burroughs/Kurt Cobain - The “Priest” They Called Him (Tim/Kerr Records)
Bob Gaddy - Come On Little Children (Ace)
Werefrogs - Solvenia (Session)
39 Orbits - Hypnotising (Red Seal)
Polvo - 6 Leaf Clover (Session)
I, Ludicrous - Hacky’s Wine Bar (Old King Lud)
Spiritualized - I Want You (Dedicated)
© - The Boy Who Used 2 Whistle (Transglobal)
Oumou Dioubate - Bimolou (Sterns Africa)
Werefrogs - John The Revelator (Session)
Beatnik Filmstars - Sing Elvis (La-Di-La Productions)
Magic Sam - Magic Rocker (Charly Records)
Fruitcake - Aorta (Pit's Bull)
Babes In Toyland - Laredo (Southern)
PSI Division - Phalanges (Hardware)
Sugar Minott - Can’t Test Me (Mixing Lab)
Polvo - Double Scorpio (Session)
Tellurian - My Name Doesn’t Matter (Mokum)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - 282 Years (Records)
Heavenly - P.U.N.K. Girl (Sarah)
Los Mustang - Please Please Me (Exotica)
Astro Spider - Ritmista Remix (Wonka Beats)
Werefrogs - Potvan (Session)
Ike Turner - Prancin (Red Lightnin')
Shaba Kahamba - Bitumba (Karac Records)
Seefeel - Mood Swing (Too Pure)
Festering Rinyanyons - Satisfaction Slips Away (Bovine Records)