Wednesday, February 07, 2018

John Peel - BFBS, 7th February 2000

Another fine show for the British Forces Broadcasting service in Germany.

Cirith Gorgor - A Hymn To The Children Of Heimdall/Darkness Returns (Osmose Productions)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - The Girl I've Always Known (Mantra)
Sonovac - Human Fly (Output)
DJ T-Rock - Fierce Concentration (Bomb Hip-Hop)
Dion And The Belmonts - No One Knows (Edel America)
J├╝rgen Paape - Belleville (Gadgets)
Ten Benson - I Don't Buy It (Cottage)
Monroe Brothers - What Would The Profit Be (Trikont)
Laika - Uneasy (Too Pure)
Scott Morgan and Hellacopters - Slow Down Take A Look (Sub Pop)
Dragon - The Dragon's Theme [Remix] (Poison)
Hefner - Nobody Knows (Top Dog Recordings)
Audioweb - Get Out Of Here (Mother)
Embalmer - May The Wounds Bleed Forever (Relapse)
Laurent Garnier - Forgotten Thoughts (F Communications/Play It Again Sam)
High Fidelity - ITHANKU (Plastique Recordings)
Magazine - The Light Pours Out Of Me (Virgin)
Mudhoney - Baby O Baby (Sub Pop)
I. Roy and Lee Perry - Space Flight (Trojan)
Ten Benson - Rock Cottage (Cottage)
B-Boy 3000 - Original Ruff (Thermal)

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

John Peel - 6th February 2003

Featuring Me Against Them in session.

Melys - Plasticine (Sylem)
King Tubby - Drumillie Rock (Select Cut)
The Delgados - Mad Drums (Mantra)
Me Against Them - White Pants (Session)
Friction + Nu Balance - Turmoil (Blade)
Tijuana Hercules - Hound Dogs Ain't The Only Ones That Got To Be Lookin' Over Their Shoulders (Black Pisces)
Antihero - Stravinsky Gave Me Nightmares (Integrity)
Pram - Leeward (Domino)
Mr Negative - Star Spangled Banger (Crack And Speed)
Me Against Them - Land Of Fools (Session)
George Thorogood And The Destroyers - The Sky Is Crying (Sonet)
John Rolodex - Forget Me Now [Dread Soldiers] (Dread Recordings)
Ormondroyd - Fantasise (White Label)
Fever Tree - Imitation Situation 1 [Toccata And Fugue] (UNI)
Justin Hinds and The Dominoes - Carry Go Bring Come (Treasure Isle)
Me Against Them - Telescope Man (Session)
Low Country - I Still Miss Someone (White Label)
Gun Club - Death Party (Animal Records)
Artie Shaw And His Orchestra: Rose Room - Foxtrot (His Masters Voice)
Detroit Cobras - 99 And A Half Just Won't Do (Rough Trade)
Michael Mayer - Falling Hands (Kompakt)
Me Against Them - Readjusting Your Halo (Session)
Dinky - Frogz (Carpark Records)
Ex Models - Girlfriend Is Worse (Ace Fu)
Fallout Boy - 100% Pure [Ozma Project Remix] (Audio Rehab)
Me Against Them - Multiply Now (Session)
De-Tronix - Hour Of Your Need (White Label)
Buster Carter and Preston Young - She's A Darn Good Gal (Document Records)

Monday, February 05, 2018

John Peel - 5th February 1994

Featuring session tracks from The Fall and Gunshot.

Man Or Astro-Man? - Madness In The Streets (One Louder)
Tarnation - They Took You Away Once Again (Nuf Sed)
Gunshot - Social Psychotic (Session)
Ronnie Dawson - Snakeman (No Hit)
The Swirlies - Trudy (Simple Machines)
The Fall - M5 (Session)
Aphex Twin - Untitled (Warp Records)
Pavement - Gold Soundz (Big Cat)
Trashwomen - Space Needle (Estrus)
Headbutt - Steam Engine Fragrance (Dirter Promotions)
Gunshot - Mind Of A Razor (Session)
Swinghufvuds - Smells Like Teen Spirit (AMT)
In Sync + Pluto - Suttees Comet (Irdial Discs)
The Fall - Behind: The Counter (Session)
Steel Pole Bath Tub - Slip (Tupelo Recording Company)
Edgar Broughton Band - Out Demons Out (Harvest)
Kenny Larkin - Hello (Warp)
Gunshot - Lockdown (Session)
God Is My Co Pilot - My Earliest Memory (Outpunk Records)
The Nightblooms - Hold On (Fire)
Orbital - Lush [Euro-Tunnel Disaster '94] (Internal)
The Fiestas - Our Anniversary (Ace)