Thursday, September 27, 2018

John Peel - 27th September 2000

Featuring Portal in session.

Speeder - To Remind You (Creeping Bent)
Geezer - New Cross (Routemaster)
Kicker - Boy Have You Got It (Bad Jazz)
Portal - Silence Slow Motion (Session)
Radiohead - Treefingers (Parlophone)
Digital - Lockdown (Renegade Hardware)
Fosca - Live Deliberately (Shinkansen)
Add N To (X) - Kingdom Of Shades (Mute)
Dragstrip Courage - Say Something Cruel (Vinyl Richie)
Count Basie And His Orchestra - Don't Worry About Me (Cotton Club Parade)
Portal - After Tomorrow Version 2 (Session)
Mabulu - Shihitani Sha Mina (Riverboat)
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Dropout Boogie (Rhino)
PJ Harvey - One Line (Island)
Land Of Nod - Reality Channel (Ochre)
Devilfish - Svulst (Bush)
Swearing At Motorists - Dog With The Lampshade Head (Secretly Canadian)
Frank Hutchinson - Last Scene Of The Titanic (County)
Portal - Pulse (Session)
Go Team - Get It Together (Pickled Egg)
Precocious Child - Jungle El Mare (Demo CD)
Sam McGee - Wheels 9 (Arhoolie/Ace)
Long Good Luck - She's In Control (Evil World)
Spirit - Underpass (Genetic Stress)
Portal - Falling (Session)
Mongoose Vs Scientific Support - Subvert Normality (Creeping Bent)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

John Peel - 26th September 1979

Featuring Elti Fits and Gary Numan in session.

The Buzzcocks - A Different Kind Of Tension (United Artists)
Gary Numan - Cars (Session)
The Undertones - You've Got My Number [Why Don't You Use It!] (Sire)
Majestarians - Flute In Dub (Revue)
Elti Fits - Letter Box (Session)
48 Chairs - Snap It Around (Absurd)
Switch - Raving Around (Self Released)
Peter Hammill - Mirror Images (Charisma)
The Ruts - Babylon's Burning (Virgin)
The Ruts - Dope For Guns (Virgin)
The Ruts: S U S (Virgin)
Sil Austin And His Orchestra - Birthday Party (Philips)
Gary Numan - Conversation (Session)
Homosexuals - Vociferous Slam (Black Noise)
The Selecter - Too Much Pressure (2-Tone)
Elti Fits - Factory Room (Session)
Punishment Of Luxury - All White Jack (United Artists)
The Mekons - Work All Week (Virgin)
Elmore James - Early In The Morning (Flair)
Sylford Walker - Book Of The Old Testament (Art & Craft)
Gary Numan - Airlane (Session)
The Ruts - Something That I Said (Virgin)
The Ruts - You’re Just A (Virgin)
The Ruts - It Was Cold (Virgin)
Elti Fits - Song (Session)
Loudon Wainwright III - Hollywood Hopeful (Radar)
The Slits - I Heard It Through The Grapevine (Island)
Graham Parker And The Rumour - Waiting For The UFO's (Arista)
Ethiopian Iration Blood Relatives And Idren - Elders And Deacons (Greensleeves)
Gary Numan - Films (Session)
Elti Fits - Reject (Session)
Pere Ubu - One Less Worry (Chrysalis)

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

John Peel - 25th September 1979

Featuring Shoes For Industry in session.

Stiff Little Fingers - Straw Dogs (Chrysalis)
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Poppy Day (Polydor)
Shoes For Industry - War Of The Potatoes (Session)
Noble Watts - Mashed Potatoes (Flyright)
Pink Military - Clown Town (Eric’s)
The Chords - Now It's Gone (Polydor)
Prince Buster - Too Hot (Melodisc/Fab)
The Buzzcocks - Raison D’Etre (UA)
Richard And Linda Thompson - Traces Of My Love (Chrysalis)
The Undertones - You've Got My Number (Sire)
Bob Marley And The Wailers - Ambush In The Night (Island)
Shoes for Industry - Shell Shock (Session)
Kevin Dunn - Nadine (DB Recs)
Rudements - Imagination (Limp)
Hates - No Talk In The Eighties (Faceless)
Slickee Boys: Attitude (Limp)
Mad - The Hell (Disgusting)
Chumps: Jet Lag Drag (Limp)
Alley Cats - Too Much Junk (Dangerhouse)
1/2 Japanese - I Want Something New (Limp)
Plugz - Satisfy Die (Plugz)
Nurses - I Can Explain (Limp)
Middle Class - Love Is Just A Tool (Upsetter)
Tina Peel - Knocking Down Guardrails (Limp)
Crisis - UK79 (Ardkor)
Shoes For Industry - Fear Of Wages (Session)
The Slits - Spend Spend Spend (Island)
Philip Rambow - Fallen (EMI)
The Crooks - Modern Boys (Blueprint)
Papa Michigan And General Smiley - Nice Up The Dance (Studio One)
Nigger Kojak - Nice Up The Jamaica (Nigger Kojak)
Sham 69 - Lost On Highway 56 (Polydor)
The Undertones - Let’s Talk About Girls (Sire)
Shoes For Industry - Devil Dogs (Session)

Monday, September 24, 2018

John Peel - 24th September 1980

Featuring The Fall in session.

Martha And The Muffins - Am I On? (Dindisc)
Dolly Mixture - New Look Baby (Chrysalis)
The Associates - A Matter Of Gender (Fiction)
The Fall - Container Drivers (Session)
UB40 - Tyler (Graduate)
Killing Joke - Bloodsport (EG)
Diagram Brothers - We Are All Animals (Construct)
Joy Division - From Safety To Where (Fast Product)
Piranhas - Pleasure (Hansa)
Bunny And Ricky - Bush Weed Corn Trash (Clocktower)
XTC - Travels In Nihilon (Virgin)
The Fall - New Face In Hell (Session)
Passions - The Swimmer (Polydor)
TV21 - Ambition (Powbeat)
Simple Minds - I Travel (Zoom)
Gregory Isaacs - Tribute To Wa De (PRE)
DC Nein - Nightclub (Nienteeneightease)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band: Best Batch Yet (Virgin)
The Undertones - I Gotta Getta (Sire)
The Fall - New Puritan (Session)
The Specials - Man At C+A (Two-Tone)
Bleeding Hearts - This Is The Way...OK (Crazy Plane)
Comsat Angels - Real Story (Polydor)
Scattarock - Wonder Woman (Rite Sound)
The Fall - Jawbone And The Air Rifle (Session)
Renaldo And The Loaf - Medical Man (Rotcod)
Rolf Harris - Sun Arise (EMI)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

John Peel - 18th September 1980

Featuring sessions from Positive Noise and Martian Dance. 

Killing Joke - Change (Malicious Damage)
Martian Dance - Two Sides One Story (Session)
Dolly Mixture - New Look Baby (Chrysalis)
Positive Noise - Give Me Passion (Session)
David Bowie - Fashion (RCA)
Papa Tarzan - Feeling Harty (Nigger Kojak)
Family - Lives And Ladies (Reprise)
XTC - Rocket From A Bottle (Virgin)
Fred Frith - Dancing In The Street (Ralph)
Martian Dance - Stand Alone (Session)
Joe Tex - Another Woman's Man (King)
Positive Noise - Down There (Session)
The Specials - Do Nothing (Two-Tone)
Prats - Die Todten Reyten Schnell (Da Da)
Echo And The Bunnymen - Villiers Terrace (Korova)
Comsat Angels - Map Of The World (Polydor)
Martian Dance - The Situation (Session)
Slow Twitch Fibres - Let's Face The Music And Dance (Rialto)
Juveniles - Scratched Blue Vinyl (Stark)
Positive Noise - Ghosts (Session)
Brad Osbourne And Towerchanters - Little Flute Chant (Clocktower)
Family Fodder - A 'Version' (Fresh)
Sound - Heyday (Korova)
Martian Dance - Transformed (Session) 

Monday, September 17, 2018

John Peel - 17th September 2002

Featuring Wire in session.

King Tubby And Friends - Man Soon (Original Music)
Wire - Spent (Session)
Future Prophecies - Air Rage (Renegade Hardware)
Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Psychosis Safari (No Death)
DJ Rupture - (Tigerbeat 6)
Aqua Vista - The Model (Purr)
Half Man Half Biscuit: The Light At The End Of The Tunnel [Is The Light Of The Oncoming Train] (Probe Plus)
Wire - I Don't Understand (Session)
Styles - Odimok (Jelly Baby)
Lonnie Donegan And His Skiffle Group - Rock O'My Soul (Pye)
Miss Black America - Strobe (Integrity)
Mastodon - Burning Man (Relapse)
The Datsuns - Sittin' Pretty (Hellsquad)
Boom Bip - Roads To Roll (Lex)
Wire - 1st Fast (Session)
Capital Stereo Conspiracy - Anyone But Me (Press The Eject And Give Me The Tape)
Johnny Clarke - Love Your Brothers And Sisters (Jackpot)
DJ Zinc - As We Do (Bingo Beats)
Wire - 99.9 (Session)
Uphill Battle - Ripped Off Face (Relapse)

Thursday, September 13, 2018

John Peel - 13th September 1983

Featuring sessions from 3D and Popticians.

New Order - Ceremony (Factory)
3D - Panatau (Session)
Dub Syndicate - Drilling Equipment (ROIR)
Modern English - I Melt With You (4AD)
Popticians - Hello Everybody (Session)
Tools You Can Trust - Working And Shopping (Red Energy Dynamo)
Tools You Can Trust - The Work Ahead Of Us (Red Energy Dynamo)
The Undertones - Girls That Don't Talk (Sire)
3D - Brave Boys Paradise (Session)
Serious Drinking - TV Song (Upright)
Dyke And The Blazers - Uhh (Kent)
The Fall - Kicker Conspiracy (Rough Trade)
The Fall - Container Drivers (Rough Trade)
The Fall - Wings (Rough Trade)
Popticians - Mobile Home (Session)
Alton Ellis - Can I Change My Mind (Heartbeat)
3D - Stay (Session)
This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren (4AD)
Augustus Pablo - Mr Bassie (Greensleeves)
Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus II (4AD)
Popticians - Song About Losing Your Glasses (Session)
Public Image - Blue Water (Virgin)
Rubber Rodeo - The Good The Bad And The Ugly (Eat)

Cocteau Twins - Shallow Then Halo (4AD)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

John Peel - 12th September 2002

Featuring Antihero in session.

Culture - Capture Rasta (Music Track)
Your Highness - Lucky One (Org)
Hixxy - Alternative (Jelly Belly)
Antihero  - You Got Nothing (Session)
People Like Us - Ski Hell (Mess Media)
Erase Errata - Thief Detests The Criminal (Tigerbeat6)
Accidental Heroes - Can U Feel It? (Science Fiction)
Cathode - Chad Valley (Static Caravan)
Wire - Culture Vultures (Strange Fruit)
Anithero - MTV (Session)
Alex Stark - Me 'N' Me (Disko)
Dawn Of The Replicants - Rockefeller Center 1932 (Flying Spark)
Yami Bolo - Jah Jah Love (Thompson Sound)
Hunter, Lauks And Paris - What's Up? (Rising High)
The Run For Cover Lovers - The Cute Cook From The Homemade Café (Rockin' Pussy)
Martin Dale And Charles A Smart - Sweetheart Darlin' (Rex)
Antihero - Try Again (Session)
Scientific Support Dept. - Grammar (Creeping Bent)
Little Richard - Whole Lotta Shakin' (London Records)
King Tubbys And Friends - Sling Gun (Original Music)
World Burns To Death - In Fear Of Your Bombs (Frank)
We Start Fires - Lady Lazarus (Head Girl)
Kid 606 Vs. Dalek - Revenge Of The Circuit Burners (Tigerbeat6)
The Baptist Generals - Creeper (Munich)
Antihero - Who's Looking Out For Number One? (Session)
Solarium - Part 3 (Spezial Material)
The Ramsay Lewis Trio - Blues For Blue Night Owl (Argo)

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

John Peel - 11th September 2002

Featuring Herman Dune in session.

Llwybr Llaethog - Mandolino (Crai)
Herman Dune - The Static Comes From My Broken Down Heart (Session)
Golden Virgins - I’ve Seen the Light (Rex)
People Like Us - Ursula Fahrt Ski (Mess Media)
Bulletproof - Siege (EP - Armour) Cyanide
Datsuns - Little Bruise (Sweet Nothing)
Toots And Anthony B - Pumps And Pride (Fat Eyes)
Herman Dune - Stick Around (Session)
Anorak - Don’t Cry, Tweedle (Static Caravan)
Ikara Colt - Bring It To Me (Fantastic Plastic)
House Of Mexico - Down It Brings Me (Earworm)
Mr Lif - Wanted (Chocolate Industries)
Rose Maddox - Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms (Disky)
Herman Dune - Your Favourite Song (Session)
DJ Rupture - Rumbo Babylon (Tigerbeat6)
Oneida - Each One Teeth One (Jagjaguwar)
Coley - Brothers And Sisters [Fallout Boy's Pub Singer Mix] (Smokin’ Productions)
Referencered - Pattie Buttie (Pork)
Bill Black’s Combo - White Silver Sands (Hi)
Herman Dune - Catcher In The Rye (Session)
Hirameka Hi-Fi - Pentimento (Gringo)
Jah Mali - Everyman’s Burden (Digital)
Ballboy - Avant Garde Music (SL)
Miss Black America - Personal Politics (Integrity)
UFO - Deep Inside [Hixxy Remix] (Raver Baby)
Pulp - Sunrise (V2)
Herman Dune - If Someone Loves You (Session)
John Avery - In Optimo City (Liquid)
Mavis - Sleeping With The Marxists (On The Door)
NGC-5128 - Xenoid Base (Stirna)

Monday, September 10, 2018

John Peel - 10th September 2002

Featuring Dick Dale in session.

Numbers - Driving Song (Tigerbeat6)
DJ Rupture - Track 10 (Tigerbeat6)
Luciano - Lesson Of Life (Black Diamonds)
Architecture In Helsinki - Souvenirs (Demo)
Dick Dale - Avalanche (Session)
Jeff Beck - Rollin' And Tumblin' (Epic)
Titchy Bitch And The Fallen Angel: The Phantom (Phantom Trax) 
Laura Cantrell - Don't Break The Heart (Spit and Polish)
Ladytron - Seventeen (White Label)
Catheters - Pale Horse (Sub Pop)
Paul B And Dissident - Technecium (Renegade Hardware)
Dick Dale - Jesse (Session)
John Lee Hooker - No Shoes (Charly)
Yondo Sister - Reviens Johny (B Mas)
Run For Cover Lovers - Castro (Rockin' Pussy)
Kid 606 - Frenchkiss (Tigerbeat6)
Loxy and Mindmachine - Fiend (Architecture)
Dick Dale - Gremmie 02 (Session)
Venetian Snares - Happy Morning Condom Factory (Planet Mu)
Tender Trap - Brown Eyes (Fortuna Pop)
Luciano - Warning (Rashanco)
People Like Us - In The Panto (Mess Media)
World Burns To Death - Wretched Sons Of Kursk (Prank)
Madam Zu - Blow (Nile)
Nile - Kheftiu Asar Butchiu (Relapse)
Bad Wizard - Hurricane (Tee Pee)
Dick Dale - Surftrip (Session)
John's Children - Desdemona (Track)
DJ Ordeal - You Win 4 I (Sparticus)
Artimus Pyle - Family Tradition [Part 2] (Prank)

Thursday, September 06, 2018

John Peel - 6th September 2000

Featuring Rothko in session.

J Mascis And The Fog - Where'd You Go (City Slang)
Cab Calloway - Come On With The Come On (Pulse)
Rothko - Pulse Of An Artery (Session)
Dragon - Tai Chi (Poison)
Eska - Blast Theory (Gringo)
Festival Of Dead Deer - Hunting (Three One G)
Blind Pugh - A Packet Of Crisps (Clip Recordings)
Rothko - Time Out (Session)
Black Heart Procession - Once Said At The Fires (Touch)
Broadcast - A Man For Atlantis (Warp)
Keith Hudson  And The Orb - I'm Alright (Blood And Fire)
Wisdom Of Harry - Theme from Eggboy (Matador)
Damien Jurado - Johnny Go Riding (Sub Pop)
Rothko - Metatonic (Session)
Mabulu - Mahanhela (World Music Network)
Cinerama - Heels (Scopitones)
Magnetophone - Colourphone (Beggars Banquet)
Heads - Could Be (Sweet Nothings)
General Pecos - Tip Away (Soundbox)
Rothko - Focus Puller (Session)
J Majesty - Heceta (Southern)
Echoboy - Telstar Recovery (Mute)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Another Place Another Time (Mercury)
Rothko - Carnivore (Session)
Zion Train - Funnel Web (Universal Egg)
Stylus - Kinski 2000 (Oggum)

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

John Peel - 5th September 2002

Featuring Cowcube in session.

Maloko - In The Midnight Hour (London)
Jeff Mills - Stark [Detroit Story] (React)
Ikara Colt - Panic (Fantastic Plastic)
Cowcube - Super Music Boy (Session)
Ronnie Ronalde And The Beatbox Saboteurs - The Yodelling Whistler (Demo)
Baron - Speed Demon (Renegade Hardware)
Damage - Handsome Pete (Death Wish)
The Baptist Generals - Alcohol [Turn And Fall] (Munich)
Everton Chambers - The Liberator (Sam 7)
Cowcube - Truffle Shuffle (Session)
Headland - Let's Hear It For God (Touchy Feely)
The Corsairs - Smoky Places (Ace)
Boom Bip - Popsicle (Lex)
Ella Fitzgerald - My Happiness (Brunswick)
Send More Paramedics - Zombified (Terrorizer)
The Dawn Parade - The Hole In My Heart (Sugar Town)
Cowcube - Ouch (Session)
Doormouse - God Hates To Ball  (Planet Mu)
Pulp - Babies (V2)
Grandpa Jones - It's Raining Here This Morning (Ace)
People Like Us - Clippety Cart Horse (Mess Media)
Scientific Support Dept. - Harpi (Creeping Bent)
Black Lung - Abnormality Broadcast Remix (Atomic Reactor)
The Flaming Stars - Midnight Train (Vinyl Japan)
Cowcube - George (Session)
Run For Cover Lovers - Transmission Standard (Rockin' Pussy)
King Tubby And Friends - Don't Cry Dub (Original Music)
Deasy - Haul (Fear)

Tuesday, September 04, 2018

John Peel - 4th September 2002

Featuring Caroline Martin in session.

Doormouse - Flatter Platter Playboy Batter (Planet Mu)
Caroline Martin - So I Sing (Session)
Pinhole - So Over You (Too Nice)
Boom Bip - Closed Shoulders (Warp)
Laura Cantrell - Early Years (Spit and Polish)
Miss Black America - Miss Black America (Integrity)
Bulletproof - Scorched Earth (Cyanide)
Caroline Martin - The Next Day (Session)
Kid 606 - When I Want Something New (Tigerbeat6)
Numbers - Human Replace (Tigerbeat6)
Jah Mason - Hill Vibes (Pow Pow)
Dawn Of the Replicants - Leaving Town (Flying Sparks)
Caroline Martin - A Doubting Song From A Dog (Session)
DJ Rupture - Track 2 (Tigerbeat6)
Papa M - Roses In The Snow (Domino)
Stephin Merritt - Some Summer Day (Sketchbook)
George Mbendera - Watali Watali (Pamtondo)
People Like Us - Sing With Melodious Inarticulate Sound (Mess Media)
Caroline Martin - All I Have Left Is A Horse (Session)
Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her - A Shotgun and Me (Arrivederci Baby)
Ronnie Ronalde - The Buccaneers [Beatbox Saboteurs remix] (Demo)
Knifehandchop - Destiny's Abusive Stepfather (Irritant)
Raiden - Abyss (Renegade Hardware)
Sheep - Hide And Seek (Boom)
Anthony B - Jah Is My Guide (SAM Entertainment)
Caroline Martin - Without Permission (Session)
Erase Errata - Retreat, The Most Familiar, Extensive, I Bet (Tigerbeat6)
The Telescopes - Tesla Death Ray (Double Agent)

Monday, September 03, 2018

John Peel - 3rd September 1976

Featuring Medicine Head in session.

Boston - Foreplay/Long Time (Epic)
Jack The Lad - 8 Ton Crazy (United Artists)
Medicine Head - It's Natural (Session)
Poco - Rose Of Cimarron (ABC)
Cimarons - Hear Talk Of Inflation (Vulcan)
Be Bop Deluxe - Twilight Capers (Harvest)
Peter Frampton - Baby I Love Your Way (A+M)
Medicine Head - Over You (Session)
Van Der Graaf Generator - A Place To Survive (Charisma)
A Band Called "O" - Don't Cha Wanna [Have A Real Good Time] (United Artists)
Medicine Head - It's Natural (Session)
Albion Dance Band - Hopping Down In Kent (Harvest)