Thursday, August 29, 2013

John Peel - 6th December 2000

Cuban Boys - Ten Shillings A Year (White Label)
The Flaming Stars - You Don't Always Want What You Get (Vinyl Japan)
Los Nachos - I Cassanove (Neurosonic)
Pranksterz - Blow Da Speaker (White Label)
Sugarcoma - Enmity (Plastic Cowboy)
Harper Lee - Bug (Matinee)
Palast Orchester and Max Raabe - Super Trouper (RCA)
Salma and Sabina - Pehli Pehli Preet (Multitone)
Dave Clark - Live Set
Ike Turner - Going Home (Ace)
The Last Post - I Believe (Bright Star)
Jack White and His Band - Blueberry Hill (Regal Zonophone)
 Easy Access - I'm Ready (White Label)
Smog - I Was A Stranger (Domino)
Fabiola - Simon Firth Says (Sodastream Politics)
Keiji Haino andf Shoji Hano - Track 1 (Ultra Hard Gel)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

John Peel - 2nd March 1991

Featuring sessions from Bleach and The Hoovers.

Download Here

Downtown Science - Radioactive (Def Jam)
Inspiral Carpets - Caravan (Mute)
Raindrops - That Boy John (Roxy)
Bleach - Dipping (Session)
First Offence - Just Try Me (Blip)
God - Car First (Clawfist)
The Hoovers - Green (Session)
Pickets - Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Pop Llama)
Slim Gaillard - Avocado Seed Soup Symphony Part 1 (Hep)
Dream Warriors Ft Slim Gaillard - Easy To Assemble But Hard To Take Apart (4th and Broadway)
Thrilled Skinny - Let There Be Shelving (Hunchback/Glut)
Master Mwana Congo - Mono (Saxone)
Bleach - Fall (Session)
Deuce Coupes - Candyapple Blue (Ace)
Pain Teens - The Basement (Transyndicate)
The Would Be's - All This Rubbish Is True (Decoy)
Quasar - Seven Stars [Remix] (Goban)
The Farm - Tell The Story (Produce)
The Hoovers - Comes A Time (Session)
The Four Brothers - Mazita Nezviito (Gramma/Kamusha) 

Monday, August 26, 2013

John Peel - 2nd June 1999

Hellacopters - Twist Again (Fandango)
Space DJ's - Switch Back (Soma Mis)
Revolutionary Corps Of Teenage Jesus - American (Creeping Bent)
? - ?
Shere Khan - Vampire (Offyerface)
Starfish Enterprise - Electrons (Law and Auder)
? - ? 
Clinic - Magic Boots (Domino)
Iyashanti - Getting it Right (Star Trail)
Third Eye Foundation - Goddamit You Got Too Behind (Session)
Datblygu - Mynd (Anksmusik)
Pavement - Folk Jam (Matador)
El Presidente - La Galita (Nascente)
Grace Cameron - Adam And Eve
Maude Raymond - Goodbye Molly Brown
George M Cohan - The Small Town Gal
Maude Raymond - The Dusky Salome
Bob Log III - Daddy Log's Drive-In Cany Hoppin' Car Babes (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Rob Acid - Sequenzen Des Windes (Force Inc)
El Homre Trajeado - Alec Under Observation (Guided Missile)
? - Elvis (Parapsychic Acoustic Research Cooperative/Ash International)
Jimmy Riley - Prophecy (Pressure Sounds)
Topper - Cwsg Gerdded (Bedlam)
Lightning Hopkins - Backwater Blues (Tradition)
Third Eye Foundation - Some Pitying Angel (Session)
Solex - Call Me Mister (Matador)
National Park Vs Future Pilot AKA - Norman Dolph's Money (Earworm)
Various - The Ghost Orchid: An Introduction To EVPSolex - Randy ConstanzaFuture Pilot AKA* vs. National Park - Earworm Subscription Series. Four.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

John Peel - 24th April 1993

Shorty Ahsford - A Sleepinn' At The Foot Of The Bed (Rykodisc)
Crow - Confection (Genius)
Suburban Hell - List 2 (Rising High) 
Nectarine No. 9 - Frownland (Session)
Swirlies - Vigilant Always (Taang!)
Muszikas - Dance From Maramaros (Hannibal)
Bailterspace - Graider (Session)
The Fall - I'm Going To Spain (Permanent)
Steve Bent - I'm Going To Spain (Bradley's)
Hyper - For Whom The Bell Tolls (Go Bang)
Polvo - Tilebreaker/Shiska/Time Isn't On My Side (Touch And Go)
Shaggy Wonder - Bad Man (Rhythm Track)
Slowdive - Catch The Breeze (Creation)
Nectarine No. 9 - Unloaded For You (Session)
Little Annie - Bless Those (On-U-Sound)
Bailterspace - Place (Session)
Trumans Water - Soar Ossinaxx At Long Last
Mav Cacharel - Louzolo (Melodie)
Blueboy - Meet Johnny Rave (Sarah)
Fudge Tunnel - Tipper Gore (Earache)
The Fall - A Past Gone Mad (Permanent)
Admiral Tibet - Tell Me Why (Digital B)
Nectarine No. 9 - Pull My Daisy (Session)
Tinklers - James Brown (Simple Machines)
James Brown - I Got Ants In My Pants [Part 1] (Polydor)
Laurent Garnier - Virtual Breakdown [Mind Your Head] (Universe)
Jacobs Mouse - It's A Thin Sound (Wiiija)
Bailterspace - The State (Session)
Incredible Casuals - Picnic Ape (Eat)
Akash - ? (Star)
Luscious Jackson - Daughters Of The Kaos (Big Cat)
Nectarine No.9 - Going Off Someone (Session)
That Dog - Jump (Magnatone)
Skyflyer - Flying Deeper (Rising High)
Tsunami - In A Name (Simple Machines)
Pureessence - Offshore (2 Damn Loud)
Krispy 3 - We Don't Go Pop Like Bubblegum (Kold Sweat)
Bailterspace - Tanker (Session)
Sugar Minott - Camouflage (Digital B)
Duane Eddie - I Almost Lost My Mind (Jamie)
The Fall - League Moon Monkey Mix (Permanent) 
Little Annie - Bless Those + Going For Gold Re-MixesBlueboy - Meet Johnny RaveFudge Tunnel - Creep DietsAdmiral Tibbet* - Tell Me WhyJacob's Mouse - I'm ScaredIncredible Casuals, The - Picnic ApeLuscious Jackson - In Search Of Mannythat dog. - that dog.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

John Peel - 29th November 2001

Sizzla - Done Nothing For UsSpirit (8) - SpiritDigital + Spirit - Quickdraw / Three In OneElectronicat - Amour SaléMinotaur Shock - Chiff-Chaffs & Willow WarblersCamera Obscura - Biggest Bluest Hi-FiMontrose (2) - Bad Motor ScooterDenzel + Huhn - Filet
With a session from The Rock Of Travolta

Pinhole - City Living (Thrill City)
Quoit - Missing (Mirex)
Sizzla - Done Nothing For Us (Harmony House)
Rock Of Travolta (Lukewarm Skywater) (Session)
Les Sexarenos - Put Out (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Spirit - Three In One (Phantom Audio)
Sprit - Straight Arrow (Edsel)
Plus-Tech Squeezebox - Scene 1-Launch A Spaceship Into Space (Sur La Plage)
Stringbuilder - Forces (Handsome)
Rock Of Travolta - Giant Robo (Session)
Noosphere - Vector (Spirit Zone)
ZZ Hill - Nothing Can Change This Love (Kent)
Electronicat - Amour Sale (Disko B)
Stapleton - Vapour Trails (Subjugation)
Hank Williams With His Drifting Cowboys - My Son Calls Another Man Daddy (MGM)
Minotaur Shock - Moray Arrival (Melodic)
Cherubino - Kiss (The Self Starter Foundation)
Kiss - Black Diamond (Casablanca)
Camera Obscura - Pen And Notebook (Andmoresound)
Rock Of Travolta - Oxygen Assisted (Session)
Montrose - Bad Motor Scooter (Warner Bros)
Denzil and Huhn - Finnin (City Centre Offices)
Fi-Lo Radio - Beauty Is Volatile (Action)
Mould Impression - 1994 (Primate)
Lianne Hall - Fair Enough (Beat Bedsit)
Rock Of Travolta - The Body's Still There But The Mind Is Gone (Session)
Tystion - Y Meistri (Fitamin Un)

Mould Impression - 1994Lianne Hall - TroubleTystion - Y Meistri


Friday, August 23, 2013

John Peel - 23rd March 1983

Not by any means a complete show but still pretty smart. Featuring sessions from The Fall and the immortal Ivor Cutler.

Download Here

Fruit Pastilles - I Don't Ever Want To See Your Face Again (Epic)
The Fall - Smile (Session)
Don Carlos - My Brethren Party (Burning Sounds)
Ivor Cutler - Brenda/Mostly Tins/Bad Eye (Session)
Cook Da Books - Rich Men Don't Know (Kite)
Cook Da Books - Low Profile (Kite)
1919 - Machine (Red Rhino)
Spinners - City Full Of Memories (Atlantic)
The Fall - Garden (Session)
The Upsetters - Time Marches On 
Colourbox - Breakdown (4AD)
Ivor Cutler - Life In A Scottish Sitting Room Vol 2, Ep 17 (Session)
Gabi Delgado - Amour (Virgin)
Die Shadocks - Alltagstrott (No Name Records)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

John Peel - 19th March 1990

Dawson - Romping EgosWalkingseeds* - Gates Of FreedomWindow Smashers - Mind Benders EPRapeman - Inki's Butt Crack b/w Song Number OneLoketo - Soukous TroubleRig - DigRobert Lloyd - Funeral StompEquation - The Answer

With an excellent session from The Would Be's. Definitely one of my all time favorite sessions.

Robert Lloyd - Funeral Stomp (Virgin)
Equation - The Answer [Frankie Bones Re-Equated Dub] (Strictly Underground)
Dawson - Doppleganger (Gruff Wit Records)
The Would Be's - All This Rubbish Is True (Session)
Nile Kings - Listen To The Light (Rhyme $yndicate)
The Walking Seeds - Gates Of Freedom (Paperhouse)
Los Munequitos de Mantanzas - ? (Globestyle)
Rig - Dig (Cut Deep)
The Would Be's - Must It Be (Session)
Window Smashers - Mesmorized (G-Force)
Inspiral Carpets - Joe (Cow)
Drudge - Torture (Deaf Records)
Lieutenant Stitchie - Dress To Impress (Atlantic)
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Sister Hell (Enablers)
The Would Be's - Funny Ha Ha (Session)
Massappeal - Woke In August (Vinyl Solution)
MC 900 Ft Jesus and DJ Zero - I'm Going Straight To Heaven (Nettwerk)
Rapeman - Inki's Butt Crack (Sub Pop)
Boo-Ya T.R.I.B.E - Pickin' Up Metal (4th and Broadway)
Judge - Hear Me (Revelation Records)
The Would Be's - My Radio Sound Different In The Dark (Session)
Loketo - Soukous Trouble (Jimmie's Production)

Inspiral Carpets - JoeMC 900 Ft Jesus With DJ Zero - I'm Going Straight To HeavenJudge - Chung King Can Suck ItThinking Fellers Union Local 282, The* - TangleLieutenant Stitchie - Dress To ImpressBoo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. - New Funky NationAgathocles / Drudge - Suppose It Was You / UntitledNile Kings - Dropping Bombs