Tuesday, November 05, 2019

John Peel - 5th November 1981

Featuring sessions from Modern English and Gregory Isaacs with Roots Radics

Cravats - Off The Beach (Small Wonder)
Prodical - Reality (Roots Vibration)
Simple Minds - Sweat In Bullet (Virgin)
Modern English - Someone's Calling (Session)
The Act - Who Let The Flowers Fall (The Act)
Pete Shelley - I Don't Know What It Is (Island)
Gregory Isaacs And Roots Radics - Substitute (Session)
Out On Blue Six - Examples (Armageddon)
Heaven 17 - Soul Warfare (Virgin)
Method Actors - My Time (DB Recs)
Eric Agyemang - Nea Abe Beto (Apogee)
Gregory Isaacs And Roots Radics - Confirm Reservation (Session)
Big Self - Surprise, Surprise (Reekus)
EKG - Niemand Ist Sieger (KLAR!)
The Cure - Splintered In Her Head (Fiction)
Modern English - Being Peeled (Session)
Pearls - Propaganda (Reality Hits)
TV21 - It Feels Like It's Starting To Rain (Deram)
The Fall - Rowche Rumble (Step-Forward)
Gregory Isaacs And Roots Radics - Permanent Lover (Session)
Sound - Skeletons (Korova)
The Misfits - Horror Business (Plan 9)
Modern English - Face Of Wood (Session)

Monday, November 04, 2019

John Peel - 4th November 1994

Featuring sessions from Archers Of Loaf and Voodoo Queens.

The Fall: 'Middle Class Revolt (Drum Club Remix) (White Label)
American TV Cops - Atrocity Girl (Pest)
Archers Of Loaf - Thunder Frog (Session)
Simon Templa - Hungry Eyes (Road Busters)
Roky Erickson - We Are Never Talking (Trance Syndicate)
Voodoo Queens - F Is For Fame (Session)
Sezen Aksu - Sude (Tempa + Foneks)
Fudge Tunnel - Suffering Makes Great Stories (Earache)
Jerry Byrd - Maui Chimes (Decca)
Nux Vomica - New Dawn Of The Damned (Hades)
Archers Of Loaf - Bacteria (Session)
Emperor Julian - Red Rag (Ka-Boom!)
Lafayette Thomas - The Thing (Lenox)
Skimmer - Wait And See (Crackle!)
Aurlus Mabele - Cannon Slie (Jimmy's Production)
Wrongside - To Live On (Lake Of Marmalade)
Voodoo Queens - You'll Lose A Good Thing (Session)
Waveforms - Vexation (Rock Hard)
Supergrass - Caught By The Fuzz (Parlophone)
Ramleh - Blind Alley Return Trip (Freek)
Azaleas - Hey Little Boy (Ace)
Archers Of Loaf - Smokin Pot In The Hot City (Session)
Strictly Dub - Finer Fings (Back II Back)
Voodoo Queens - Dream Boy Kills (Session)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Pentref Wrth Y Môr (Ankst)
7 HZ - Brand New Day (Full Circle)
Elevate - ½ Painted Chair (Flower Shop Recordings)
Compact Pussycat - Broken Glass (Noisebox)
Astor Piazolla Y Su Quinteto Tango Nuevo - Tanguedia 111 (Rounder)
Laika - Red River (Too Pure)
Johnny and The Hurricanes Red River Rock (Contempo-Raries)
Archers Of Loaf - Mutes In The Steeple (Session)
Transglobal Underground - Jatayu (Nation)
Denison/Kimball Trio - One If By Land... (Skin Graft)
Paingang - Paloma (Skunk)
Uzeda - Well Paid (Strange Fruit)
Voodoo Queens - Caffeine (Session)
Innersphere - Tuberculosis 303 (Sabrettes)