Thursday, November 08, 2018

John Peel - 8th November 2000

Featuring Low live at Maida Vale.

Bratmobile - Not in Dog Years (Lookout)
DJ SS - Where My Dogs At (Formations)
Flaming Stars - Action, Crime and Vision (Vinyl Japan)
Uyghur Musicians From Xinjiang - Mudan Khan (Globe Style)
The Fall - Devolute (Eagle)
Terry Baldwin (Housemaster) featuring Bud Latour - Nothing Over (Future Sound R+R)
Ec8or - No Suit of Harmony (Digital Hardcore)
I, Ludicrous - Bloody Proud (Old King Lud)
Cuban Boys - The Vinyl Countdown (White Label)
Hefner - As Soon as You're Ready (Too Pure)

Low: Live at Maida Vale. Recorded: 2000-11-08
Dinosaur Act
I Remember
Don't Carry It All
John Prine
In Metal
Over The Ocean

Jack Shadow - Still Here (Smokers Inc)
Olly Oakley - Fun in Dahomey
May Queens - Rollin' (The Flower Shop)
Vladislav Delay - Heille Ei Annettu Mitään (Sprawl Imprint)
Mull Historical Society - Barcode Bypass (Tugboat)