Thursday, March 31, 2016

John Peel - 31st March 1995

Featuring a session from Holy Ghost.

Rootsman - Bind Us Together (Third Eye)
Dick Dale - Ghostriders In The Sky (Hightone)
Elevate - Soldier Field (Basket Case)
Tommy McLain - Sweet Dreams (Vox)
Peepshow - Inevitably (Fantasy Ashtray)
Holy Ghost - Cobol Blu (Session)
La Machoire - Poisson Rouge (Tete Cru)
Pure Morning - All The Guests Smile So Sweetly (Radar)
Source Direct - Fabric Of Space (Source Direct Recordings)
The Shatners - Mr Sulu (Planet Pimp)
Faust - It's A Bit Of Pain (Polydor)
Reddy Amisi - Yves Makamu (Blue Silver)
Hole - Hungry Like The Wolf (Geffen)
Holy Ghost - Evil Eye (Session)
Calvin Party - All Messed Up (Probe Plus)
Phil Upchurch Combo - You Can't Sit Down (Boyd)
The Pebbles - You Can't Sit Down (Repent)
Showman And The Thunderous Staccato's - Speed Crazy (Repent)
The Titans - Speed Queen Mama (Repent)
Mazaruni! - Concrete Jungle (Ariwa)
The Yummy Fur - The Optical Dress Meat (Slampt)
Braincell - Look At Your Hands (Harthouse)
China Drum - Cloud Nine (Snuffy Smile)
Buddy Max - They Call Me A Cowboy (Cowboy Junction)
Ideal - Die Young (Action)
Sabres Of Paradise - Tow Truck (Warp)
Shiny Beast - She Smelled Of It (Blast O Platter)
Zion Train - Get Ready (China Records)
Babes In Toyland - Oh Yeah (Reprise)
Lungleg - Kung Fu On The Internet (Basket Case)
Holy Ghost - The Phaser (Session)
Vitamade - Oiling A Gun (Bong Load)
Le Prophete Maisa - Moto Moto (Africa Business Centre)
Majesty Crush - If JFA Were Still Together (Che')
JFA - JFA Jodie Foster's Army (Placebo)
The Revolutionaires - Big Foot (Greensleeves)
Archers Of Loaf - Fabricoh (Alias)
Joyrider - It Moved (Paradox)
The Neptunas - Furr Bikini (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Holy Ghost - The Iceman (Session)
The Impressions - Believe In Me (DJM)
Uncle Wiggley - Kakaphonic (Hemiola)
Morphic Resonance - Immortal (M.C. Projects)

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

John Peel - 30th March 1999

Featuring Billy Mahonie in session.

Add N To (X) - Robot New York (Mute)
Melt Banana - Bladished Hatman (Tzadik)
Billy Mahonie - Watching People Speak When You Can't Hear What They're Saying (Session)
Crank - Infantile Narcosis (Mille Plateau)
Pilotcan - Circuit Breaker Or Catalyst (EVOL)
Karamasov - 8 Beef Critter (Satellite)
Future Pilot AKA Vs James Kirk - Rest And Be Thankful (Sulphur)
Scott Brown - Brain Bashers (Twisted Vinyl)
Billy Mahonie - World In Action (Session)
The Clientele - Reflections After Jane (Johnny Kane)
Lexis - Diva (Certificate 18)
Gott - Approach (n.UR-Kult Releases)
Hovercraft - Wire Trace (Blast First)
The Louvin Brothers - Satan Is Real (Capitol)
Dark Angelo - Shipwreck (Reflex)
Billy Mahonie - We Accept American Dollars (Session)
Toussaint McCall - Nothing Takes The Place Of You (Kent)
King Tubby - Stealing (Blood And Fire)
Black Science Labs - Light Between Two Moons (Certificate 18)
The Fabulaires - Lonely Days, Lonely Nights (Dead Dog)
Billy Mahonie - Shrimp Bandit (Session)
The Great Outdoors - It Looks So Easy (Fierce Panda)
Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band - Just Back From The City (Revenant)
Headlamp - Discus 16 (Next Century)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

John Peel - 29th March 2000

Featuring live performances from Solex, The High Fidelity and Murry The Hump at the Union Chapel in London.

Travis Cut - In A Rut (Rejected)
Process - Recreational Structure (FatCat)
Calexico - Mid Town (City Slang)
Prince Far I - Psalm 24 (Carib Gems)
Bowery Electric - Psalms Of Survival (Beggars Banquet)
Berzerker - Cannibal Rights (Earache)
Propellerheads and DJ Craze - Big Dog (OM)
Positively Testcard - Twist With The Morning Stars (House Of Kwela)
Mogwai - Nick Drake (Loose)

Murry The Hump Live Set
Cracking Up
Don't Slip Up
Booze And Cigarettes
Kebab Or Shag

Kid Spatula - Nordy (Planet Mu)

Solex Live Set
Burglars Are Coming
Waking Up With Solex
Randy Constanza
One Louder Solex
Solex In A Slipshod Style
Getting Better
The Cutter

Smog - Dress Sexy At My Funeral (Drag City)

The High Fidelity Live Set
Greeneye Monster
The National Anthem
Addicted To A TV
Devil In A Shellsuit
I Thank U
Luv Dup
Odyssey Of A Psychonaught

Monday, March 28, 2016

John Peel - 28th March 2000

Featuring a superb session from Hefner.

The Mighty Wah! - Heart As Big As LIverpool (When! Recordings)
Wagon Christ and DJ Rob Swift - Never Ending Snorkel (Om)
Calexico - The Ballad Of Cable Hogue (City Slang)
Hefner - Don't Give Up (Session)
Bobby Freeman - Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes (Ace)
Current Value - Untitled Document (Position Chrome)
Suckle - To Be King (Chemikal Underground)
Beserker - Deform (Earache)
Foehn - Tearing Apart (Swarffinger)
Jah Cure - Song Of Freedom (Fire House Crew)
Hefner - Kate Cleaver's House (Session)
Zangilu Popolipo - Feruzi (Jack Production)
Six By Seven - New Year (Mantra)
The Dirty Three - Some Summers They Drop Like Flys (Bella Union)
Fireballs Of Freedom - Dirtbox (Estrus)
Atomic Soul Experiences - Missiles And His Bankloan (Gunma)
Get Up Kids - I'm A Loner Dottie, A Rebel (Epitaph)
Hefner - Milkmaids (Session)
Asian Dub Foundation with Benjamin Zephaniah - Riddim I Like (FFRR)
Heads - Could Be
Harry Roy And His Orchestra - They Can't Black Out The Moon (Empress Recording Co.)
Timo Maas - Der Schieber (CD Pool)
Lazycame - Commercial (Guided Missile)
Decoder - Turnover (Hardleaders)
The Groundhogs - Split Part Two (Liberty)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

John Peel - 23rd March 2004

Featuring Soledad Brothers in session.

Part Chimp - Bring Back The Sound (Rock Action)
Glass Domain - Shatter Prone (Clone)
The Datsuns - That Sure Ain't Right
Soledad Brothers - St Ides Of March (Session)
Safety Scissors - Fridgelife (Proptronix)
Bearsuit - Cherryade (Fortuna Pop)
Little Killers - You Got It Made (Sweet Nothing)
King Tubby with Thompson Sounds - Whipping Version (Auralux)
Adem - Statued (Domino)
Just Rich - About To Get Hardcore (Demo)
Soledad Brothers - Jack On Fire (Session)
We Rock Like Girls Don't - Hip To You
TKO - Rolf Harris (Infared)
The Volebeats - Knowing Me, Knowing You (Turquoise Mountain)
Laura Cantrell - Two Seconds (Diesel Only)
Ballboy with Laura Cantrell - I Lost You But I Found Country Music (SL)
George Strait - All My Ex's Live In Texas (Universal International)
Def Jef - Droppin' Rhymes On Drums (Delicious Vinyl)
Austin Pitre And The Evangeline Playboys - Flumes D'Enfer (Ace)
Soledad Brothers - Lorali (Session)
To Rococo Rot - Cosimo (Domino)
The Mountain Goats - Mole (4AD)
Hell - Follow You (International Deejay Gigolo)
The Vaults - Lady Hell (Red Flag Recording Company)
King Tubby - Bag A Wire (Blood And Fire)
Help She Can't Swim - Knit One Pearl One (Demo)
Soledad Brothers - Rock Me Slow (Session)
Wang Inc - Downhill, Billy (Context)
McLusky - That Man Will Not Hang (Too Pure)
Romane Acoustic Quartet - Symphonie (World Music Network)

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

John Peel - 23rd March 1981

Featuring Sessions from Boots For Dancing and Altered Images.

Tenpole Tudor - Swords Of A Thousand Men (Stiff)
The Dream Boys - Bela Lugosi's Birthday (St. Vitus Records)
Dennis Brown - The Little Village (Live And Love)
Boots For Dancing - Timeless Tonight (Session)
Mannschreck - Verdrahtet (Schreckschuss Schallplatten)
Heaven 17 - [We Don't Need This] Fascist Groove Thang (Virgin)
Altered Images - Idols (Session)
The Nightingales - Idiot Strength (Rough Trade)
Vertigo - Twisted Nerve
Jimmy Reed - She Don't Want Me No More (XX)
Altered Images - Jeepster (Session)
The Wailing Souls - Who No Waan Come (Greensleeves)
Margo Random And The Space Virgins - South Of The River Thames (Happy Birthday Records)
Schleimer K - On The Road Again (Omega)
Altered Images - Midnight (session)
Sowell Radics - Caution (Attack)
The Cuban Heels - Walk On Water (Cuba Libre)
Boots For Dancing - Somewhere In The South Pacific (Session)
Die Dominas - Die Wespendomina (Fabrikneu)
New Order - Ceremony (Factory)
Boots For Dancing - The Pleasure Chant (Session)

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

John Peel - 21st March 2000

Featuring Ballboy in session.

Lolita Storm - Hot Lips, Wet Pants (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Furious - Mood Swing (Bomb Hip-Hop)
Bobby 'Blue' Bland - I Pity The Fool (Duke)
Ballboy - Essential Wear For Future Trips to Space (Session)
Little Roy - Tribal War (Pressure Sounds)
Gilded Lil - Departure Lounge (Stupidcat)
Hammer Damage - Psycho (Sensory Violation)
Sirconical - Pear (Twisted Nerve)
Pete Johnson - Pete's Blues (Storyville)
Festival Of Dead Deer - Monotones (Three one g)
Ballboy - I Hate Scotland (Session)
Elephant Man - Go Look A Life (Greensleeves)
Relict - Southern Way (Johnny Kane)
Elektrotwist - Zero-Trick [Jean-Michel's Mix] (Eleganz)
Pariah - The Night Time Driver (Demo)
Pussycats - Marnie The Vampire (Munster)
Ovuca - Victoria (Rephlex)
Ballboy - Sex Is Boring (Session)
Solank - Little Man With A Gun Syndrome (Flat Earth)
Discordia - Unwavering Bands Of Light (Sorted)
Upsetters - Ironfist (Clocktower)
Ursula 1000 - She-Racer (Bungalow)
Exos - Inmost (Force Inc.)
White Stripes - Handsprings (Extraball)
SSB - Overfiend (Pathfinder)
Ballboy - Stars & Stripes (Session)
Italian Electro - Don't Come Back Alone (Catmobile)
Cowcube - The Popping Song (Demo)
SRC - Black Sheep (Capitol)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

John Peel - BFBS 17th March 1997

Another fine program recorded for the British Forces Broadcasting Service.

King Tubby and Santic Allstars - Shooter Dub (Blood And Fire)
Dura-Delinquent - Kidnapped (Lunar Recordings)
N.T.T. - Mars (Integral Recordings)
Chrome Kranks - Comeback (Atavistic)
Falcons - You're So Find (Ace)
Guided By Voices - If We Wait (Matador)
Flaming Stars - Bury My Heart At Pier 13 (Vinyl Japan)
Talvin Singh - Heavy Intro (vocals by Amar) (Mango)
Low - Throw Out The Line (Vernon Yard Recordings / Virgin America)
Hitchers - Killed it With My Bare Hands (Murgatroid)
Make-Up - At The Tone...(The Time Will Be) (Dischord)
Bomb 20 - Justified (Digital Hardcore Recordings)
Jah Stitch - Ragga Muffin Style (Blood AndFire)
Simon Joyner - Robin Hood (Sing, Eunuchs!)
Alex Handley - The Butterfly Factor (Emissions Audio Output)
Butterflies Of Love - Rob A Bank (Fortuna Pop!)
International Strike Force - Let's Go (Slampt)
Blue Orchids - Work (Rough Trade)
Low-Fi Generator - Übersteigerung Der Beat-Rhythmen (Normal)
Dream City Film Club - Perfect Piece Of Trash (Beggars Banquet)
Orb - Toxygene (Ganga Kru Remix #2) (Future Music Magazine)
The Fall - Don't Call Me Darling (Artful)
Kletka Red - Sirba (Tzadik)
I Roy - Hot Stuff (Blood And Fire)
Bowery Electric - Fear Of Flying (Beggars Banquet)
Sid Presley Experience - Public Enemy Number One (I.D.)
Bana Maquis - Bana Maquis
Cap'n Jazz - Little League (Jade Tree)
Beatnik Filmstars - Wing Off A Plane (Mobstar)
Experimental Audio Research - Untitled (Space Age Recordings)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

John Peel - 16th March 1981

Featuring sessions from The Teardrop Explodes and Dead Or Alive.

Revillos - Scuba Scuba  (Dindisc / Snatzo Recordi)
Heaven 17- We Don’t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Virgin)
Teardrop Explodes - Ha Ha I'm Drowning (Session)
Ranking Joe / Eric Bubeles Special - Natty Dread Gone Farming (Black Link International)
Cabaret Voltaire - Raising The Count (NME / Rough Tapes)
Cure - Primary (Fiction)
Tarheel Slim - Wildcat Tamer (Charly R and B)
Dead Or Alive - Running Wild (Session)
4" Be 2" - All Of The Lads (McDonald And Lydon)
Lenny Henry - Mole In The Hole (Jet)
Wayne Jarret - Every Tongue Shall Tell (Wackie's)
Teardrop Explodes - Brave Boys Keep Their Promises (Session)
Stiff Little Fingers - Just Fade Away (Chrysalis)
X-Certs - Untogether (Recreational)
Gang Of Four - If I Could Keep It For Myself (EMI)
Dead Or Alive - Flowers (Session)
Roy Orbison - Rockhouse (Charly)
Josef K - Sorry For Laughing (Les Disques Du Crépescule)
Teardrop Explodes - Chance (Session)
Aswad - Babylon (Island)
Altered Images - Dead Pop Stars (Epic)
Past Seven Days - So May Others... (4AD)
Dead Or Alive: Number 11 (Session)
Trevor Byfield - Burning Bush (Fox Fire)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

John Peel - 15th March 1989

This program would have featured session tracks from The Darling Buds if the taper had been kind enough to leave them in.

Thee Hypnotics - Justice In Freedom (Situation Two)
Full Fathom Five - The Western Light (Link)
Heresy - Follow Suit (In Yer Face)
Vernon Waters - Love Paranoia (Let's Make Our Own Records)
Lip Cream - Head Games (Selfish)
Shine - The City Can Wait (Baz McHat)
DJ D-Zire - Rebel Sounds Parts 1 and 2 (Furious Fish)
Live Skull - Circular  Saw (What Goes On)
I Roy - How Sleep The Brave (Musical Drum Sound)
Napalm Death - Scum (Manic Ears)
S.O.B. - Leave Me Alone (Selfish)
Filler - No Aims No Desires (Pigboy)

Monday, March 14, 2016

John Peel's Cheap Day Return

Originally broadcast on 14th March 2000, John Peel's Cheap Day Return sees our hero travel north in a van heading for Glasgow to celebrate five years existence of the Chemikal Underound label stopping off in Newcastle to deliver two thousand records to lucky competition winner Simon. I wonder if he's heard them all yet!

Pluto Monkey - Double Dutch (White Label)
Radar Bros. - Shovelling Sons (Chemikal Underground)
Pixies - Wave Of Mutilation (4AD)
Kelis - Get Along With You (Virgin)
Everything But The Girl - Another Bridge (Blanco Y Negro)
Primal Scream - Pills (Creation)

The Delgados Live Set
Thirteen Gliding Principles
Pull The Wires From The Wall
American Trilogy

Aereogramme Live Set
Sunday 3.52
Zionist Thing

Bis Live Set
Kandy Pop

Arab Strap Live Set
Here We Go
Girls Of Summer

Suckle Live Set
To Be King

Magoo Live Set
Cable Tuned And Sabre Toothed
East Polar Opposites Can Dream

Mogwai Live Set
Helps Both Ways
Year 2000 Non-compliant Cardia
Mogwai Fear Satan

Thursday, March 10, 2016

John Peel - 10th March 1999

Featuring Fantasmagroover in session.

Cay - Lucien (EastWest)
Bob Lewis Family - Born To Be With You (Smithsonian Walkways)
Fantasmagroover - Purple (Session)
The Rollers - Continental Walk (Ace)
DJ Qbert - Cosmic Assassins (Galactic Butt Hair)
Period Pains - Ex Boyfriend (Damaged Goods)
Freq Nasty - Hype Verse (Kick)
Built To Spill - Bad Light (City Slang)
Hefner - The Heart Of Portland (Ovni)
Sonic Subjunkies - Your Friend The Machine (Hermann)
Fantasmagroover - Butch Reads A Pamphlet (Session)
Radio Sweethearts - Real Ghost Town (Shifty Disco)
Basic Implant - ? (Fine Audio)
Looper - Ballad Of Ray Suzuki (Jeepster)
10 5 Neutron - Identify The Driver (Effortless)
4x4 - Funky (White Label)
Fantasmagroover - Fix (Session)
Gene Vincent - Walkin' Home From School (Capitol)
Melt Banana - Rragg (Tzadik)
Usual Suspects - Spawn (Renegade Hardware)
Low Fi Generator - Stereo (Underground Sounds)
Big John Hamilton - How Much Can A Man Take (Kent)
Fantasmagroover - Give 'Em An Inch (Session)
Fourth Quarter - Fire On The Leading Edge (Words)
Orbital - Know Where To Run (White Label)

Wednesday, March 09, 2016

John Peel - 9th March 2004

Featuring Read Yellow in session.

Necronomitron - 1914 (Load Records)
DJ Dredd - Siege (Black Ops)
Michael Jackson and L.A. Lewis - 2000 Watts (Success Records)
Read Yellow - Model America (Session)
The Fall - Futures And Pasts (Castle Music)
Serum - Bleak (Penny Black)
We Rock Like Girls Don't - Rock N' Roll Freak (Distort Records)
The Keys - From Tense To Loose To Slack (Too Pure)
Danger Mouse - Encore (White Label)
...Of Death - Ink, Lead Or Blood (Alone Records)
Randolph Sutton - Is Izzy Azzy Woz? (Edison Bell Radio)
Read Yellow - The Art (Session)
Wolves [Of Greece] - For The Greater Good (Gringo)
R.E.M. - Abusing My Religion (White Label)
Yum Yi - Tantric (White Label)
Giant Sunflower - February Sunshine (CBS)
Twat Vibe - Train Song (Criminal IQ)
Art Brut - Formed A Band (Rough Trade)
Iration Steppas - Wat Dem A Go When Di Right Time Come Dub (Dubhead)
Read Yellow - The Easiest Part Of Surveillance (Session)
Toboggan - The Path (Gentleman)
Steveless - Feel (White Label)
Roland Alphonso - President Kennedy (Soul Jazz)
Method Sent - Only The Mistakes Are My Own (Project Cosmonaut)
cLOUDDEAD - Pop Song (Big Dada)
Read Yellow - A Love Supreme (Session)
Andrew Thomas - TRack 2 (Kompakt)
Premonitions Of War - Layover (Terrorizer Magazine)

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

John Peel - 8th March 1982

Featuring sessions from Big Self and Maximum Joy.

The Fall - The Classical (Kamera)
Oku Onuora - Reflection In Red (Kuya)
Big Self - When The Wind Blows (Session)
Passage - XOYO (Cherry Red)
The Upsetters - Dread Lion (Island)
The Cure - Jumping Someone Else's Train (Fiction)
Big Self - Supervisor (Session)
The Pop Group - Feed The Hungry (Session)
Glaxo Babies - Maximum Sexual Joy (Heartbeat)
Maximum Joy - In Air (Session)
Altered Images - See Those Eyes (Epic)
La Dusseldorf - Menschen 1 (Albion)
Big Self - Don't Turn Around (Session)
Papa Face - Forward Home (Top Notch)
The Hueys - Coo Coo Over You (Bandy)
Maximum Joy - All Wrapped Up (Session)
Those Naughty Lumps - Iggy Pop's Jacket (Zoo)
Iggy Pop - Sister Midnight (RCA Victor)
The Birthday Party - Loose (4AD) 
Robin Thrower - Birthday Boy (Chrysalis)
Muyai Power - Yawule Ngombu (Makossa International)
Big Self - You're Not Afraid (Session)
Maximum Joy - Dancing On My Boomerang (Session)

Monday, March 07, 2016

John Peel - 7th March 1989

An edited show with no sessions but plenty of great records.

Live Skull - ? (What Goes On?)
Victim's Family - Mondo Freudo (Konkurrel)
Breaking Circus - Eat Lead (Homestead)
Alliance - We Can Get Used To This (First Priority/Atlantic)
The Wolfgang Press - Assassination/Kanserous (4AD)
Metal Duck - Cheese Puff Death Squad (R.K.T.)
M.C. Twix - Devastatin' 2 Yo Ear (I.R.S.)
Dub Sex - Swerve (Cut Deep)
What? Noise - Vein (Cut Deep)
Nightmare - Omae (Selfish)
Extreme Noise Terror - Raping The Earth (Head Eruption)
Front Line Assembly - Big Money (Third Mind)
Jimmy Cliff - Pressure (Greensleeves)
The Ruts - Demolition Dancing (Strange Fruit)

Thursday, March 03, 2016

John Peel - BFBS, 3rd March 1990

Another great program recorded for BFBS.

Happy Mondays - Cob 20 (Factory)
The Gories - You'll Be Mine (Wanghead)
Renegade Soundwave - Probably A Robbery (Mute)
Arson Garden - Heat From A Radiated House (Community 3)
The Fall - Hilary (Cog Sinister)
Pale Saints - Time Thief (4AD)
Tad - Loser (Sub Pop)
A.C. Marias - One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing (Mute)
The Family Cat - Rocks Off (Imaginary)

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

John Peel - 2nd March 1983

Featuring sessions from The Icicle Works and Khartomb.

The Everly Brothers - Hey Doll Baby (Ace)
The Wailing Souls - Oh What A Lie (Greensleeves)
Mau Maus - Give Us A Future (Pax)
Icicle Works - Love Is A Wonderful Colour (Session)
8 Eyed Spy - Lazy In Love (Fetish)
Khartomb - Sanatogen (Session)
Ranking Ann - Moonlight Lover (Ariwa)
Stanley Winston - No More Ghettos In America (Jewel)
London Underground - Don't You Know (On U Sound)
New Age Steppers - 5 Dog Race (On U Sound)
Icicle Works - Reverie Girl (Session)
Orchestra Super Mazembe - Kassango (Virgin)
Khartomb - Swahili Lullaby (Session)
The Undertones - Got To Have You Back (Ardeck)
Isley Brothers - Got To Have You Back (Tamla Motown)
Z'EV - Wipe Out (Fetish)
Khartomb - Tribal Man (Session)
Billy Boyo - Going Back To School (Greensleeves)
Twice A Man - Boy (Silence)
Icicle Works - Reaping The Rich Harvest (Session)
Jammers - And You Know That (Salsoul)
Robert Gorl - Mit Dir (Mute)
Gabi Delgado - History Of A Kiss (Virgin)
Khartomb - Daisy High (Session)

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

John Peel - 1st March 2000

Featuring Super Furry Animals in session.

The Mighty Wah! - Heart As Big As Liverpool (When!)
Tone Rec - Sprang Capel (Quatermass)
Super Furry Animals - Gwyneb Lau (Session)
Camille Howard - Old Baldie Boogie (Ace)
Nagen and Susan - Drums Please (Hor Spiel Musik)
Chicks On Speed - Warm Leatherette (Chicks On Speed)
Xmal Deutschland - Begrab Mein Herz (4AD)
International Strike Force - Philandering Wives (Slampt)
Echoboy - 55 (Mute)
Super Furry Animals - Ymaelodi A'r Ymylon (Session)
Mikey General - Fire Never Cease (Fire House Crew)
Brassy - You Got It (Wiiija)
Positively Testcard - Uptrain To Kwelaville (House Of Kwela)
Savath And Savalas - Binoculars (Hefty)
Fushitsusha - Don't Be Afraid, Even If Your Nerves Snap You Can Tie Them To A Fragment Of The Universe (Paratactile)
Maow - Very Missionary (Mint)
Meow - Boy Groupies  (Twist Like This)
Eddie Def and Extrakd - Brain Confusion (Bomb Hip Hop)
Super Furry Animals - Charge (Session)
Mr and Mrs Young - Sediment (Home Made)
Pavo - Drone (Words And Works)
Travis Cut - Nice Try (Snuffy Smile)
Hefner - He Got Better Things For You (Top Dog)
Beenie Man - Badda Than The Rest (Black Scorpio)
Clinic - The Return Of Evil Bill (Domino)
Super Furry Animals - DX Heaven (Session)
Calamateur - White Light Unknown (Timshel)
Hot Snakes - Past Lives (Sympathy For The Record Industry/Swami)
Ovuca - Rachel (Rephlex)