Saturday, May 30, 2020

John Peel - 30th May 2000

Featuring Lianne Hall in session.

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The Super Blues - Singing The Blues (ITFC)
Sender Berlin - Horspiel (unGleich)
Half Man Half Biscuit - With Goth On Our Side (Probe Plus)
Lianne Hall - Warning (Session)
Quantic - We Got Soul (Breakin' Bread)
Bommie "Blue" Billy - Little Boy Blue (Western Vinyl)
Bobby Blue Bland - Little Boy Blue (Duke)
Billy Bland - Little Boy Blue (Ace)
Lianne Hall - Alright (Session)
Foehn - Lonely Fights (Swarfinger)
Suv - Parklands (Full Cycle)
Skeleton Key - Solitaire (Motel)
Beauty School Dropout - Now You See Me (Them's Good)
Jah Free - Rod Of Correction (Lush)
Plan 9 - Evaron (Fieberkurve)
Lianne Hall - Stumble (Session)
Wayne Worley - Red Headed Woman (Ace)
Kid 606 - When I Want A Gun, Yeah
Laura Cantrell - Churches Off The Interstate (Spit And Polish)
Atomic Soul Experiences - Missiles And His Bankloan (Gunma)
Upholsterers - I Ain't Superstitious (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Upholsterers - Pain [Gimme Sympathy] (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Lianne Hall - Full On (Session)

Thursday, May 28, 2020

John Peel - Radio Bremen, 28th May 1988

Originally broadcast on Radio Bremen of Germany.

King Blank - Mouth Off (Situation Two)
Lap Jaw - The Swingin' Creeper (Moon)
Coco Tea - Reality (Rambo Productions)
Wire - The Queen Of Ur And The King Of Um (Mute)
Head Of David - Cult Of Coats (Blast First)
Weather Prophets - Chinese Cadillac (Creation)
D.J. Battery Brain - 8 Volt Mix (Techno Hop)
Heresy - Consume (In Your Face)
Pankow - Rock 'N' Roll Im Stadtpark (AMIGA)
Kendell Smith - Un Konto We Sizwe (Ariwa)
Dentists - The Fun Has Arrived (Antler)
Jackdaw With Crowbar - Sultan Of Pickle, Son Of Bran (Ron Johnson)
Cold Crush Brothers - Feel The Horns (Westside)
Band Of Susans - Not Even Close (Furthur)
Serenje Kalindula Band - Nkana Red Devils (Kalimba)
The Hard-Ons - There Was A Time (Waterfront)
DDS - History Of Hip Hop (RPM)
Art Phag - Cities (Wanghead)
Bogshed - Champion Love Shoes (Shelfish)
Jimmy Thomas - Tin Pan Alley (Ace)
Beautiful Pea Green Boat - Hammers Of Islam (Mr. Slaughterback's)
Heresy - Belief (In Your Face)
Super Cat - Mud Up (Wild Apache)
The Cure - 10.15 Saturday Night (Strange Fruit)
The Swans - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Product Inc.)
Playhouse - They Said You Were Dead (Twin/Tone)
Exodus Sound Blast - Mdakaroorwa Nerombe (Kumusha)
Crime And The City Solution - Hunter (Mute)
Gang Starr - Believe Dat! (Wild Pitch)
Butthole Surfers - Jimi (Touch And Go)

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

John Peel - 26th May 1996

Featuring sessions from Solar Race and Dave Angel

Skimmer - Bored Again (Crackle!)
Spragga Benz - Mad House (Greensleeves)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Lucy's Hamper (Ankst)
Dave Angel - Slave (Session)
Solar Race - Peter's Revenge (Session)
Cibo Matto - Beef Jerky (Warner Bros.)
The Fall - Secession Man (Jet)
Stock Hausen And Walkman - Unlucky (Hot Air)
Monkey Island - Solid Gold Lies (Thrill City)
Dave Angel - Fever (Session)
Analogue - As Seen From The Bottom Of The Colorado River (Sonic Bubblegum)
Solar Race - Butterfly Kisses (Session)
Mad Professor And Jah Shaka - Wih Wam (Ariwa)
Melt Banana - I Hate It (Skin Graft)
Source Direct - Snake Style (Source Dirtect Recordings)
Crocodile God - Wurlitzer (Crackle!)
Pure Morning - Slow Ambulance (Radar)
? - ? (Audio Fidelity)
Dave Angel - Untitled (Session)
Palace Music - A Group Of Women (Domino)
Solar Race - One Day Out (Session)
Wayne Rogers - January 1st (Twisted Village)
Norman - The Green Room (Kickin')
Lightnin' Slim - Blues At Night (Ace)
Solar Race - Sweet F.A. (Session)
Crome Cranks - Lost Woman (World Domination)
The Yarbirds - The Nazz Are Blue (EMI)
Dave Angel - A Slice Of Enforcement (Session)

The Fall - DIY Meat (Jet)
Tongoenda Sounds - Tscvenhando

Sunday, May 24, 2020

John Peel - 24th May 1980

Originally broadcast on the fine British Forces Broadcasting Service.

X - Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not (Slash)
Magazine - Upside Down (Virgin)
Captain Sinbad - A1 Sound (Youth In Progress)
The Undertones - More Songs About Chocolate And Girls (Sire)
Echo And The Bunnymen - Rescue (Korova)
Jerks - Come Back Bogart [I Wish You Would] (Laser)
Joy Division - Atmosphere (Sordide Sentimentale)
Basement 5 - Silicon Chip (Island)
Fashion - Silver Blades (Fàshiön Music)
John Cooper Clarke - It Man (Epic)
Passions - Brick Wall (Fiction)
The Beat - Rough Rider (Go-Feet)
Alleged - Despair (Statik)
Killing Joke - Pssyche (Malicious Damage)
M+M's - I'm Tired (Line)
Rudi - I-Spy (Good Vibrations)
Siouxsie And The Banshees: Eve White/Eve Black (Polydor)
Ranking Toyan - Kill No Man (Roots Tradition)
Restricted Code - Seeings Much Better [With Your Eyes] (Statik)
Lightning Raiders - Psychedelik Music (Arista)
PiL - Careering (Virgin)
The Razors - We Love You (Rock-O-Rama)
Paul Gayten - Driving Home Part 1 (Argo)
Pablo Roots - Reggae Mr. Operator (Lightning)
Metropak - Walking (Berkeley Towers)
Stiff Little Fingers - Nobody's Hero (Chrysalis)
Rema-Rema - Feedback Song (4AD)
Rema-Rema - Rema-Rema (4AD)
Avengers - Uh Oh! (White Noise)
Echo And The Bunnymen - Pride (Korova)
Glen Brown - Marcus Garvey Words (Kingley Sounds)

Friday, May 22, 2020

John Peel - 22nd May

Featuring Guana Batz and Three Mustaphas Three in session.

Guana Batz - The Overture (Session)
Portion Control - Go Talk (Illuminated)
Ted Wallace And His Campus Boys - ?
DCL Locomotive - King Midas In Reverse (Reflex)
Sly + Robbie - Sleeping Beauty (Taxi)
Guana Batz - King Rat (Session)
Cocteau Twins - Millimillenary (4AD)
The Redskins - It Can Be Done (Decca)
Dickie Williams - Tee Na Na (VIN)
Three Mustaphas Three - Jingle / Theme Tune (Session)
Siouxsie And The Banshees: Throw Them To The Lions (Polydor)
Fenton Smith: Boom It Up (Fashion)
Robert Wyatt And Hugh Hopper - Amber and The Amberines (Rough Trade)
Self Abuse - Soldier (Radical Change) 
Camp Sophisto - Auftakt
Guana Batz - Night Watch (Session)
Shriekback - Clear Trails (Y Records)
Three Mustaphas Three - To Tilefono Tis Xenitias (Session)
The Smiths - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now (Rough Trade)
The Inca Babies - ? (Black Lagoon)
Ramming Speed - When You Walk In The Room (Attic)
Guana Batz - No Particular Place To Go (Session)
The Fire - Mothers And Sons
The Bloods - Button Up (Exit International)
Three Mustaphas Three - Belz / A Chilling Tale Part 3 (Session)
Die Zwei - ? (East West Trading Company)

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

John Peel - 20th May 2004

A great show featuring PJ Harvey live from Peel Acres.

Cedell Davis - Coon Can Mattie (Fat Possum)
Raymonde - No-One Can Hold A Candle To You (Chrysalis)
Spectr - Saigon (CDR)
Spectre313 - Saigon (Transient Force)
P J Harvey - The Letter (Session)
P J Harvey - Uh Huh Her (Session)
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - Click Clack (Viper)
JS Ten - Perspection (Project Five)
Shocking Blue - I'm A Woman (Pink Elephant)
Howlin' Wolf - Down In The Bottom (Chess)
A Hawk And A Hacksaw - A Hard Road To Home (Leaf)
P J Harvey - Cat On The Wall (Session)
P J Harvey - Evol (Session)
Assassin - We Have Gal Long Time (VP)
John Frusciante - Remain (Warner Music Group)
Oxia - Wait (Intec)
Knife And Fork - Always Greener (Cutting Board)
Sundown Playboys - Saturday Night Special (Apple)
P J Harvey - Shame (Session)
Billy "Daniel" Bunter And Jon Doe - All Right (Honeypot)
Alton Stitcher - Kentucky (Center Of Public History)
The Fall - My Ex-Classmate's Kids (Action)
David Jack - Thank The Lucky Stars (Knife Fighting Monkeys)
The Vaults - Straight Faced (Red Flag)
Jarman Aka Raiden - Carpet Bommin' (Sinuous)
Science - California (White Label)
Richard And Linda Thompson - Down Where The Drunkards Roll (Island)
Edit - Ants (Planet Mu)
Furry Lewis - Worried Blues (Fat Possum)
Mono - Halcyon [Beautiful Days] (Temporary Residence)

Monday, May 18, 2020

John Peel - 18th May 1991

Featuring sessions by Jesus Lizard and Gunshot.

Spitfire - Dive (Eve)
Daddy Freddy - Born Christian (Music Of Life)
Slowdive - Catch The Breeze (Creation)
Gunshot - Construct Destruct (session)
The Jesus Lizard - Seasick (Session)
Leo Kottke - The Sailor's Grave On The Prairie (Takoma)
The Blue Orchids - Diamond Age (As (Is))
The Orchids - Me And The Black And White Dream (Sarah)
Tiger - That A Mad Dem (Jammy's)
Babes In Toyland - Spit To See The Shine (Twin/Tone)
Papa Wemba - Mokili Ngele (Dario Production)
The Jesus Lizard - Wheelchair Epidemic (Session)

Circus Lupus - Chinese Nitro (Cubist Productions)
Gunshot - Bullets Entering Chest (Session)
Jawbox - Freezerburn (Dischord)
The Trashmen - Ghost Riders In The Sky (Sundazed Music)
Catherine Wheel - Shallow (Wilde Club)
Psychopaths - Nightmares (Elicit)
Ninjaman - Permit To Bury (Digital B)
Big Chief - Friday Night, August 14th (Snake Skin)

Primal Scream - Higher Than The Sun (Creation)
Pagan Death - Face In A Meat Slicer
3rd Bass - Pop Goes The Weasel (Def Jam)
The Jesus Lizard - Monkey Trip (Session)
Pixies - Planet Of Sound (4AD)
Pixies - Theme From Narc (4AD)
Pixies - Build High (4AD)
Pixies - Evil Hearted You (4AD)
Gunshot - For Those Who Deserve It (Session)
Inflatable Children - Indecisive (Evacuate)
HX2 - I Thought I Was You (Kylie Kuts)
Son Of Bazerk feat. No Self Control And The Band - Part 1 (MCA)
The Popguns - Put Me Through It (Midnight)
Babes In Toyland - Laugh My Head Off (Twin/Tone)
Frankie Paul - Crowning Of The Browning (D.J.)
Bob - Skylark III (House Of Teeth)
Born Against - Xmas Eve (Vermiform)
Ballou Canta - Bain De Minuit (Saxone Music)
Syran M'Benza - Icha (Hysa Productions)
Gunshot - Gunshot's History (Session)
Dan Dare's Dog - No No No (Dogmatic)
The Jesus Lizard - Bloody Mary (Session)
Falcons - The Swim (Savage Kick)
Tech 9 - Slam Jam [Static Club Mix] (Strictly Rhythm)
The Boo Radleys - Bluebird (Rough Trade)
Half Japanese - Everybody Knows (Seminal Twang)

Saturday, May 16, 2020

John Peel - 16th May 1971

This is a recording of John Peel's Sunday concert featuring Caravan and Tir Na Nog.

Tir Na Nog - Live at the Paris Theatre

Our Love Will Not Decay
Daisy Lady
Tir Na Nog
The Boat Song
Aberdeen Angus
Looking Up

Caravan - Live at the Paris Theatre

In The Land Of Grey And Pink
Nine Feet Underground
Feeling, Thrilling And Squeeling

Friday, May 15, 2020

John Peel - 15th May 1990

Featuring a lovely session from Deviated Instinct.

Babes In Toyland - House (Sub Pop)
Silk Tymes Leather - The Woman In Me (Geffen)
Levellers 5 - Hypo Man (Probe Plus)
Deviated Instinct - Molten Tears (Session)
Cornell Campbell - The Minstrel (Jackpot)
Cheap - Third Term (Deltic)
A5 - Becky Gwefrau , Syncro Merch (R-Bennig)
Moving Targets - Away From Me (Taang!)
Compton's Most Wanted - One Time Gaffled Em Up (Orpheus)
Deviated Instinct - Dredger (Session)
New Paresi Music Machine - Peeni Ah Valeti (Star)
Inspiral Carpets - Sackville [Chris Nagle's Dubville Mix] (Mute)
Glory Box - Regrets (Mouth And Vinny)
Deviated Instinct - [Behind] The Scaffold (Session)
Bavon Marie Marie - Nakata Serment Ya Bolingo
L7 - Bloodstains (C/Z)
Pinchers - Ruff Neck (Pipper)
The Breeders - Hellbound (4AD)
Winston Heywood - Long Long Time (Trojan)
Sofa-Head - It Doesn't Work (Rugger Bugger)
Deviated Instinct - Open Wound (Session)
Englandneworder - World In Motion (Factory)

Thursday, May 14, 2020

John Peel 14th May 1994

Featuring sessions from Po! and Eric's Trip.

Blubber -Pornobaby (XMP Records)
Howlin' Wolf - Down In The Bottom (Chess)
Flying Saucer Attack - Distance (Domino)
Po! - Tomboy And Cowgirl (Session)
Sonic Youth - Self-Obsessed and Sexxee (Geffen)
Utah Saints - Highlander [CJ Bolland Remix] (FFRR)
Eric's Trip - Lost (Peel Session)
Don Van Vliet - The Tired Plain (Nur/Nicht/Nur)
Junior Delgado - Long Way (Heartbeat Records)
Fall - Junk Man (Permanent)
Groundhogs - Junkman (Liberty)
Marmion - Firechild (Superstition)
Po! - The Mad Girl (Session)
Polvo - Solitary Set (Touch And Go)
Teen Generate - Growin Up Wrong (Demolition Derby)
Alman Mulo Band - Look At His Face (Taste Records)
Eric's Trip - Sickness (Session)
Harvey Sid Fisher - Capricorn (Amarillo Records)
Drome - Hoax! What Did You Got? (Ninja Tune)
Fireworks - S’link (Crypt Records)
Noise Addict - I Wish I Was Him (Wiiija)
Po! - Pop Star Wives (Session)
Salt Tank - Charged in Zion Canyon (Internal)
Bedhead - Haywire (Trance Syndicate)
Mazey Fade - Porcelain Heads (Domino)
Chico Van Yika Brothers - Amen Barber (Zimbabwe Records)
Eric's Trip - Red Haired Girl (Session)
The Orb - Alles Ist Schoen (Island)
Submarine - JNR Elvis (Ultimate)
Zion Train - Llanberis Pass (Universal Egg)
Po! - A New Grandma (Session)
Gospel Keynotes - Jesus, You've Been Good To Me (Ace)
Rosa Mota - FV 3431 (The Flower Shop Recordings)
Eric's Trip - Float (Session)

Friday, May 01, 2020

John Peel - 1st May 1968

Featuring session tracks from Davey Graham.

The Misunderstood - Who Do You Love (Fontana)
Davey Graham - Bruton Town (Session)
The Reverend A. Johnson - God Don't Like It
Alan Jackson - Out Here Now
Davey Graham - Tristano (Session)
The United States Of America - The Cloud Song (UK Columbia)
Archive Music - The Priest Who Committed Suicide
Davey Graham - I'm Ready (Session)
Li'l Son Jackson - Roberta Blues (Arhoolie)
Alan Jackson - Lord Save Us/The Devil/The Worstest Beast
Alan Sondheim - 770 (ESP-Disk)
Davey Graham - Rock Me (Session)
Donovan - Epistle To Derroll (Pye)
Davey Graham - Good Morning Blues (Session)