Monday, June 30, 2014

John Peel - 30th March 1999

Includes the first of two sessions Billy Mahonie recorded for the program.

Add N To X - Robot New York (Mute)
Melt Banana - Blandished Hatman (Tzadik)
Billy Mahonie - Watching People Speak When You Can't Hear What They're Saying (Session)
Crank - Infantile Narcosis (Mille Plateaux)
Pilotcan - Circuit Breaker Or Catalyst (EVOL)
Karamasov - 8 Beef Critter (Satellite)
Future Pilot AKA Vs James Kirk - Rest And Be Thankful (Sulphur)
Scott Brown - Brain Bashers (Twisted Vinyl)
Billy Mahonie - World In Action (Session)
The Clientele - Reflections After Jane (Johnny Kane)
Lexis - Diva (Certificate 18)
Gott - Approach (n.Ur Kult Releases)
Hovercraft - Wire Trace (Blast First)
Louvin Brothers - Satan Is Real
Dark Angelo - Shipwreck (Reflex)
Billy Mahonie - We Accept American Dollars (Session)
Tiussaint McCall - Nothing Takes The Place Of You (Westside)
King Tubby - Stealing (Blood And Fire)
Black Science Labs - Light Between Two Moons (Certificate 18)
The Fabulaires - Lonely Days And Lonely Nights (Dead Dog)
Billy Mahonie - Shrimp Bandit (Session)
The Great Outdoors - It Looks So Easy (Fierce Panda)
CAptain Beefheart - Just Back From The City (Revenant)
Headlamp - Discus 16 (Next Century)

Thursday, June 26, 2014

John Peel - BFBS, 28th October 1995

A fine program broadcast on the British Forces Broadcasting Service.

Rapid DOG Project - Digitron (KM Musik)
Vehicle Flips - Steelers Fight Song (Harriet)
Des Man DeAblo - My Favorite Night Club (Whole Car)
Van Basten - Blood Wars (Brute)
Retsin - Mary B (Simple Machines)
Phil Beasley And Charley Brown - Good Gosh Gal (Barklog)
Pulp - Disco 2000 (Island)
Sensitize - The Anthem (Vicious Vinyl)
Mountain Goats Ft. Wckr Spgt - The Last Day Of Jimi Hendrix's Life (Cool Beans)
Jimi Hendrix Experience - Red House (Track)
Surf Creatures - Toxic Beach (Snatch)
Blue And Red - Lessons Of Old (Shiver)
Broccoli - Relent (Rugger Bugger Discs)
Volcanos - Twilight At Rincon (Neurotic Bop)
Neanderthals - Arula Mata Gali (Spinout)
Karura Boys Band - Fitina
Dave Clark - Protective Custody (Deconstruction)
Hypnomen - The Urge (Demolition Derby)
Elmore James - Dust My Broom
Solar Race - Juvenile (Silvertone) 
Mask - Reese (Dope Dragon)
Cat Power - Mr Gallo (Runt)
Chocolate - Blue Streak (Out Of Step)
Cal-Q-Lator - 30/60/90 Degrees (MFS)
Dub Plate Vibes Crew - Dub Zone (Shiver)
Disco - Stop Me And Buy One (TJ's)
Bowery Electric - Another Road (Kranky)
Mijk Van Dijk present's Microglobe - Home [Positive Thinking Remix] (MFS)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

John Peel - 15th May 2002

With the superb Herman Dune live from Maida Vale.

Datsuns - Lady (Hellsquad)
The Skatalites with King Tubby - Fugitive Dub (Motion)
Modey Lemon - Dr. Body Snatcher (A-F)
The Fall - New Formation Sermon (Action)
Fon - Meathook (XXX)
Herman Dune - Live At Maida Vale

Garden Song
Sticky Fingers
Red Blue Eyes
Little Architect
Big Bad Man
Expect The Unexpected
Herman Dune Rider
Teddy Monkey Bear
Songs About Songwriting Suck
With A Tankful Of Gas
Malpractice - Revolution (Action)
Bunk Johnson And His New Orleans Band - One Sweet Letter From You
Catheters - The Door Shuts Quickly (Sub Pop)
CB Allstars - Kingsbury Road (Cosmic)
Stars Of The Dogon - Juice Of Gentrification (Wantage)
Unnamed South African Mine Workers - Wellington Boots (BBC)
Captain Beefheart - Floppy Boot Stomp (Milksafe)
Burning Flames - Swing Engine (VP)
Fanny - Witches (Mirex)
Sightings - Cuckoo (Load)
Brainbombs - Slayer (Load)
Guitar Junior - The Crawl (Ace)
Hood - Painting The Town Dead (Domino)
Misty In Roots - True Rasta (Real)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

John Peel - 12th September 1989

Featuring the one and only session from Victim's Family

The Four Brothers - Rumbidzai (Cooking Vinyl)
Galaxie 500 - Tugboat (Shimmy Disc)
Victim's Family - Love Letters/Balderdash (Session)
Final Cut - Now That's Funky (Full Effect)
Nirvana - School (Tupelo Recording Company)
Roy Rogers And Sons Of The Pioneers - Pecos Bill

The Pain Teens - Preppy Killer (Anomie)
Priority One - You Know The Outcome (Tuff City)
Victim's Family - Corona Belly (Session)
Teamworks - Rockford Rock (Wau! Mr Modo)
H.D.Q. - One Word (Link)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Blues From A Gun (Blanco Y Negro)
Chill Rob g - Motivation (Wild Pitch)
Butthole Surfers - Helicopter (Blast First)
Victim's Family - Burly Jalisco (Session)
Inflatable Boy Clams - I'm Sorry (Sunterranean)
Heart And Soul - Not This Time Boy [All Right Y'All] (New Sound Records)
Pale Saints - Sight Of You (4AD)
F.S.K. - Jodler Fur Sharrock (Zickzack)
Victim's Family - As It Were/God And The PRMC (Session)
Holy Ghost Inc. - The Word (Holy GhostInc.)

Monday, June 23, 2014

John Peel - 28th May 1969

Featuring John Fahey in session.

Jeff Beck Group - Plynth (Columbia)
John Fahey - Bucktown Stomp (Session)
Pete Roche - A Thing Apart
Krzysztof  Penderecki - Apotheosis (Phillips)
John Fahey - The Death Of Clayton Peacock (Session)
John Hiseman's Colosseum (Fontana)
John Fahey - Sunflower River Blues (Session)
Pete Roche - To See How Far It Is
Radio Ceylon Orchestra - Wind, String Instruments and Percussion(BBC Archives)
Phil Ochs - I Kill, Therefore I Am
John Fahey - In Christ There Is No East Or West (Session)
Romanian Radio and Television Folk Orchestra - The Hora (BBC Archives)
Pete Roche - The Skin Diver
Shirley And Dolly Collins - Nellie The Milkmaid (Harvest)
John Fahey - Steel Guitar Rag (Session)
Terry Riley - In C [Part 1] (CBS)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

John Peel - 13th December 2000

Featuring a repeat of the first session by Cat Power which had originally being broadcast in July 2000.

Haunted - Trespass (Earache)
Big Youth - Hell Is For Heroes (Blood And Fire)
Kreidler - The Boy Who Wonders
Cat Power - Sophisticated Lady (Session)
Cat Power - Deep Inside (Session)
Cat Power - Hard Times In New York City (Session)
Cat Power - Come On In My Kitchen (Session)
Lorimer Beauty Queen - ?
East Man Project - 3 Wise Men (HMG)
Marlowe - Tied Up (Probe Plus)
Delicate AWOL - Evergreen China Prairie (Dreesh Day Release)
Cybersecrecy - You're Right (MFS)
Cat Power - Wonderwall (Session)
Cat Power - Werewolf (Session)
Cat Power - Up And Gone (Session)
Cat Power He Was A Friend Of Mine (Session)
Iven Schmidt - Sun III Compilation (Ware)
Cinerama - Your Charms (Scopitones)
LMS - Jah Love (Exterminator Records)
Cody - Ideas Are Allies (Shinkansen)
Ronnie Ronalde - The Yodelling Whistler (Columbia)
Ghostface - Vital Signs (Voodoo Records)
Billy Mahonie - Flume (Speakerphone Records)
Cat Power - Sister (Session)
Cat Power - Knocking On Heaven's Door (Session)
Cat Power - Freebird (Session)
Cate Brothers - Standing On A Mountain Top (Asylum Records)
Word Of Mouth with DJ Cheese - Coast To Coast (Champion)
Go! Team - Get It Together (Pickled Egg)
Six Em Klemm - The Luxury Of Dirt (Kranky)
Bodies - What's She Gonna Do? (Blast)
Subject Matter - Steel (Genetic Stress Records)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

John Peel - 10th May 1990

Featuring a repeat of the tenth Kevin Coyne session which had originally being broadcast in March.

The Jungle Brothers - Because I Got It Like That (Gee Street)
Babes In Toyland - Swamp Pussy (Twin/Tone)
Levellers 5 - Next Big Thing (Probe Plus)
Kevin Coyne - I Couldn't Love You (Session)
K-Solo - Spellbound (Atlantic)
Private-Riga - Demele (Jimmy's Productions)
Dickless - I'm A Man (Tupelo)
Silk Tymes Leather - Intro/It Ain't Where Ya From (Geffen)
Inspiral Carpets - Garage Full Of Flowers (Playtime)
Kevin Coyne - City Crazy (Session)
Fluid - Tin Top Boy (Sub Pop)
Sylford Walker - Chant Down Babylon (Shanachie)
Fudge Tunnel - No Money (Pigboy)
My Bloody Valentine - Glider (Creation)
DaYeene - We're On The Case (Swemix)
Kevin Coyne - Tear Me Up (Session)
Drudge - Brainwashed (Deaf)
Levellers 5 - What's My Name (Probe Plus)
Don and Juan - What's Your Name
Code 6 - Edge Of Insanity (Nu Groove)
Lonely Moans - Jiggerwack (Tupelo)
Kevin Coyne - We're Going To Heaven (Session)
Critical Rhythm feat Jango Thriller - Eastern Breeze (Nu Groove)
The Would Be's - I'm Hardy Ever Wrong (Decoy)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

John Peel - 10th April 1990

Featuring a repeat of the classic first session from Ride which includes a brilliant version of The Pale Saints "Sight Of You".

Public Enemy - War At 33 1/3 (Def Jam)
A House - I Think I'm Going Mad (Blanco Y Negro)
Musto And Bones - Passion Devotion (City Beat)
Ride - Dreams Burn Down (Session)
Toadstool - Jelly Belly (Twin Tone)
Poor Righteous Teachers - Rock Dis Funky Joint (Profile)
Inspiral Carpets - Sackville (Mute)
Metro Irie - Flex (Jah Life)
Ride - Sight Of You (Session) 
Trenchmouth - Siberia (Ad Infinitum)
Work - Poise (Woof)
The Farm - Stepping Stone (Produce)
Colin Roach And Tiger - No Idle Jubie (Jammys)
Ride - Perfect Time (Session)
Construction - Sudden Impact (Sure Delight)
Negativeland - The Perfect Cut (Rec Rec)
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds - The Hammer Song (Mute)
Agathocles - Fog (Deaf)
Pinchers - Ruff Neck (Pipper)
Ride - Like A Daydream (Session)

Monday, June 16, 2014

John Peel - 9th May 1990

Featuring What? Noise in session.

Occasionally you find programs that you vividly remember listening to at the time and this is one of those for me. An excellent show and no mistake.

New Order - World In Motion (Factory)
The Charlottes - Love In The Emptiness (Subway)
Silk Tymes Leather - Taking No Shorts (Geffen)
What? Noise - Anybody (Session)
Malkit Singh - Punjabi Munda Paoo Bhangra (Star)
Mark Stewart - Fatal Attraction (Mute)
Wild Billy Childish And Natural Born Lovers - 1/4 After 9 (Hangman)
New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Jaggerbog (Sheer Joy)
Tiger - Look Like Me (Taxi)
What? Noise - Crash (Session)
Happy Mondays - Do It Better (Strange Fruit)
Lupo - Hell Or Heaven [Chica's Theme] (Yo Bro/Low Spirit)
The Wedding Present - Make Me Smile [Come Up And See Me] (Midnight Music)
Ray Pollard - This Time (Horace's)
What? Noise - Shit (Session)
Urban Dance Squad - Fast Lane (Arista)
Unsane - Concrete Bed (Glitterhouse)
Cheap - Third Term (Deltic)
Kings Of Oblivion - Underwater Food (In Your Face)
Diasi Kadi and Kanda Bongo Man - Susi Ya Motema
What? Noise - George (Session)
Colin Roach And Tiger - No Idle Jubie (Jammy's)
Scottish World Cup Squad And Friends - Say It With Pride (RCA)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

John Peel - 2nd April 1980

With session tracks from Dexy's Midnight Runners, Tubeway Army and The Vapours.

The Vapours - Trains (Session)
Crispy Ambulance - From The Cradle To The Grave (Aural Assault)
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Geno (Session)
Discharge - Realities Of War (Clay Records)
Tubeway Army - I Nearly Married A Human (Session)
General Accident - Computer Dating (Quicksilver)
Quicksilver Messenger Service - Gold And Silver (Capitol)
Country Joe And The Fish - Silver And Gold (Vanguard)
The Vapors - Cold War (Session)
The Pop Group - Feed The Hungry (Rough Trade/Y Records)
Dexy's Midnight Runners - [Tell Me When My] Light Turns Green (Session)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

John Peel - 19th February 2002

Featuring the first broadcast of the seventh session by The Flaming Stars.

Icara Colt - Sink Venice (Fantastic Plastic)
DJ Slip - Detriot Moves To Berlin (Kanzleramt)
Dry Hustle - Do It Quite Sloppily (Jotter)
The Flaming Stars - Cash 22 (Session)
Boswell Sisters - Shout Sister Shout (White Label)
Los Planetos Del Agua - Column A, Column B (Antenna)
Toby Slater - Consumption
High Tech Roots Dynamics - Gunman A Come Dub (Channel One)
Intentions Of An Asteroid - Follow The Moon (Purr)
Hertz - Emanation (Hertz)
The Flaming Stars - Over And Done (Session)
Eddie And Ernie - Time Waits For No-One (Eastern)
Joey Ramone - Stop Thinking About It (Sanctuary)
Ixis - Infection (Freeform)
Ballboy - All The Records On The Radio Are Shite (SL)
Mighty Math - Travelator (Play)
The Flaming Stars - Action, Crime And Vision (Session)
Soul Circuit - Wewho (Electric Tones)
Bong Ra - Ghetto Blaster (Session)
Nina Nastasia - The Blackened Air
Aina - Two Questions (B-Core)
Kid 606 - Cream (Tigerbeat 6)
Liars - Mr You're On Fire Mr (Gern Blandsten)
Justin Berkovi - The Fear Room (Equator)
The Flaming Stars - Killer In The Rain (Session)
Mountain Goats - Fall Of The Star High School Running Back (Emporer Jones)
Centurion - Hell At Last (Listenable)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

John Peel - 1st May 1990

Featuring Robert Lloyd in session.

Pop Will Eat Itself - Touched By The Hand Of Cicciolina (RCA)
Paris - Break The Grip Of Shame (Tommy Boy)
Robert Lloyd - The Race Is On (Session)
Fugazi - Reprovisional (Dischord)
MC Shan - Got To Be Funky (Cold Chillin')
The Orchids - Caveman (Sarah)
Malkit Singh - Bollyian Pinda Ch Pind Suni Da
Gai - Liar (Blue Jug)
LSD - Jast Last (LSD Records)
Swankys - Neo Damage (Kings World)
Robert Lloyd - The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy (Session)
Frankie Paul and Papa San - Buck Wan (Wax Scorpio)
Paris Angels - Stay
World Of Twist - The Storm
Style - What A Brother Know (Select)
Robert Lloyd - Good Boy (Session)
Wreck - Cut Up's (Play It Again Sam)
Clifton Biggam Morris - Banana Split
Drum Tank - Hey Ride
Nigerian Nation - African Morning (Active)
Robert Lloyd - Grown So Ugly (Session)
Paradise Lost - Rotting Misery (Peaceville)
Eon - Inner Mind (Vinyl Solution)
The Pooh Sticks - Radio Ready (Fierce)

Monday, June 09, 2014

John Peel - 21st September 1991

Featuring Gore in session.

Nightmares On Wax - Nights Interlude (Warp)
The Boo Radleys - Sometime Soon She Said (Rough Trade)
Babes In Toyland - Arriba (Sub Pop)
Rum And Black - We Were Robbed Of Our Religion Culture And God (Shut Up And Dance)
Gore - Rustproof Rape (Session)
Admiral Tibet - Happiness (Rockers Master Productions)
70 Gwen Party - Auto Killer (Snape)
UMC's - Blue Cheese (Wild Pitch)
Moondog - Conversation And Music At 51st St. and 6th Ave (Prestige)
Del-Bloods - Black Rabbit (Seminal Twang)
Sound Of Sha'-Bass - Take It Or Leave It (Guerilla)
Alton Ellis - Ain't That Loving You (Steelie and Clevie)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Christian Rock Concert (Probe Plus)
Idle Race - On With The Show (Liberty)
Smog - Floating (Drag City)
Gore - Waste Taste (Session)
Simon Mark - Aaargh! (Ozone)
Vinaigrettes - Theme Song/Beatles Rip Off (Wide)
Coral - Filling A Hole (Merge)
The House Of Love - Purple Killer Rose (Fontana)
Alan Nomoko and Chimvu Jazz - Gitala Kulira Ngati Chitsulo (Pamtondo)
Captain Condoms - God Speed You (Public Bath)
Nicodemus - Bonanza (Jammy's)
Hole - Babydoll (City Slang)
Pete Rock and CL Smooth - Good Life (Elektra)
Gore - Treat (Session)
Lonnie Johnson - Steppin' On The Blues (Columbia)
Gore - No Respect (Session)

Thursday, June 05, 2014

John Peel - 12th November 2002

Featuring Themselves in session

Burning Love Jumpsuit - Cheerleader (BSM Greyslate)
Panoptica - She's In Fiesta (Certifivate 18)
Exhumed - Emeticide (Relapse)
Dawn Of The Replicants - Rockerfeller Centre (Flying Sparks)
Co Fusion - M To D To A (Reel Music)
Kealer - Through The Nose (Troublemaker)
Jerry Built - A Is B (Firefly)

Themselves Live Session
This Is About The City
Only Child Explosion
Live Trap
You Devil You

Deep Red - The Beating Goes On (Relapse)
Bill Haley And The Comets - Hot Dog Buddy Buddy (Brunswick)
Cativo - Man From Space (Assimilate)
Roy Orbison - It's Over (Monument)
Parlour - Distractor (Temporary Residence)
Orchestre Simba National - Sado (Matata)
Orthrelm - Allmuniekted (Three One)
System - Park (Scape)
Yeah Yeah Noh - Cottage Industry (In Tape)
Isan - Little Boy Sitting In Bed Looking At The Moon (Unhip)
Victoria Spivey - New Black Snake Blues (Big Snake)
Half Man Half Biscuit - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel [Is The Light Of An Oncoming Train] (Probe Plus)
Liars - Grown Men Don't Fall In The River Just Like That (Wire)
TLF - Lifted (Dangerous Drums)
Botch - Japam (Hydra Head)

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

John Peel - 12th April 1990

Featuring a repeat of the first, and last session from MC 900 Ft Jesus And DJ Zero which was originally broadcast in March 1990.

Rig - Rig A Dig Dub (Cut Deep)
Energetic Krusher - Battle Cry (Vinyl Solution)
MC 900 Ft. Jesus and DJ Zero - Slippin' (Session)
Venus Beads - Day Of Nightmares (Decoy)
The Upsetters - Outformer Version (Trojan)
Tinklers - Ghost Dance Song (Shimmy Disc)
Inspiral Carpets - She Comes In The Fall (Mute)
A Guy Called Gerald - ? (CBS)
Sink - This Time (Decoy)
Ray Linn's Hollywood Swing Stars - Blop Blar (Solid Slender)
MC 900 Ft. Jesus And DJ Zero - Real Black Angel (Session)
Choristers Band Of Cherubium And Seraphim Movement - ?
The Would Be's - There Is, There Are, That's All (Decoy)
Kings Of Oblivion - Keep The World (In Your Face)
Public Enemy - Brother's Gonna Work It Out (Def Jam)
McCarthy - Write To Your M.P. Today (Midnight Music)
Culture - Tell Me Who Jah (Jah Guidance)
Trenchmouth - Grounded For Life (Ad Infinitum)
MC 900 Ft. Jesus and DJ Zero - Truth Is Out Of Style (Session)
The Popguns - Someone You Love (Midnight Music)
Cath Carroll and Steve Albini - King Creole (NME)
Dick Dale - Miserlou
The Farm - Stepping Stone (Produce)

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

John Peel - 26th March 1993

Featuring sessions from Skyscraper and Bandulu.

Action Painting - Sensation No.5 (Sarah)
Guided By Voices - Weed King (Scat)
Huggy Bear - Jupiter Re-Entry (Kill Rock Stars)
Skyscraper - Choke (Session)
Boom Operators - The Block (MFS)
70 Gwen Party - Autokiller UK (Snape)
Knight Brothers - She's A One
PJ Harvey - 50Ft. Queenie (Too Pure)
 Marxman - Do You Crave Mystique (Talkin' Loud)
Trumans Water Speeds Exceeding (Elemental)
Palace Brothers - The Ohio River Boat Song (Drag City)
John And Julie - Red Alert (Dataflow)
Mutant Gods - Last Convulsions (Badonski)
Velocity Girl - Pretty Sister (Sub Pop)
Bandulu - Funk Waffle (Session)
Skyscraper - Red Raw (Session)
Kidjia Sisters and Chania River Boys - N'Direnthira Fashiono (Joysounds)
Stereolab - Avant Garde M.O.R. (Too Pure)
81 Mulberry - Ephedrine (Pleather)
Spooky - Shmoo [Steppin' Razor Mix] (Guerilla)
Tom Jones and New Model Army - Gimme Shelter (Food)

Monday, June 02, 2014

John Peel - 26th May 1987

Features the first Milk Monitors session and a repeat of the second session by The Primitives.

The Primitives - Ocean Blue (Session)
King Kong - Can't Stand It
Echo And The Bunnymen - The Game (WEA)
Milk Monitors - Yo! Dance With Me (Session)
Bo Diddly - Say Man (Chess)
Impulse Manslaughter - Slithis (Freak Accident)
Beastie Boys - Beastie Boys (Rat Cage)
Beastie Boys - Posse In Effect (Def Jam)
Buy Off The Bar - It's Up To You (Ediesta)
Singing Francine - Mouce Man (Strakers)
The Primitives - Everything's Shining Bright (Session)
Shirate Jazz - Rosie Mpenzi (World Circuit)
Carmaig De Forest - Crack's No Worse Than The Facist Threat (New Rose)
Milk Monitors - Revenge (Session)
The Primitives - Dreamwalk Baby (Session)
Pop Will Eat Itself - Love Missile F1-11 (Chapter 22)
Hugo Barrington - Rise And Salute (Power House)
A Riot Of Colour - Country (Dreamworld)
The Bailey Brothers - Happy Valley Special (Rounder)
Milk Monitors - When All Else Fails (Session)
Public Enemy - You're Gonna Get Yours (Def Jam)
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Shadowy Countdown/Harlem By The Sea (Jetpac)
The Primitives - She Don't Need You (Session)
The Stupids - Vampire (Vinyl Solution)
Roscoe Robinson - You And Me (Charlie)
Driving N' Crying - Count The Flowers