Tuesday, December 26, 2017

John Peel - 26th December 2000

Featuring the first part of the Festive 50.

Ash - Shining Light (Infectious)
Kosmic Kommando - Fantasy Friction Channel (Rephlex)
Calexico - Gift X-Change (Jeepster)
Prince Malachi - Not Far To Go (Xterminator)
Marlowe - Moments (Probe Plus)
Stevie F - Reaction Overdrive (Big Balloon)
Domestic 4 - Cut The Tape (Liquefaction Empire)
Centromatic - Most Everyone Will Find (Munich)
Digital Science - Psychopath (Nile)
Grandaddy - The Crystal Lake (V2)
Belle And Sebastian - I Fought In A War (Jeepster)
Radiohead - Idioteque (Parlophone)
Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-englar (Fat Cat)
Bonie Prince Billy - Little Boy Blue (Western Vinyl)
Orbital and Angelo Badalamenti - Beached (FFRR/London)
Hefner - Painting And Kissing (Too Pure)
The Fall - W.B. (Eagle)
Laura Cantrell - Queen Of The Coast (Spit And Polish)
Cinerama - Manhattan (Cooking Vinyl)
Smog - Dress Sexy At My Funeral (Domino)
Mighty Math - Soul Body (Different Drummer)
The Delgados - Witness (Chemikal Underground)
Half Man Half Biscuit - Irk The Purists (Probe Plus)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water (Mantra)

Monday, December 18, 2017

John Peel - 18th December 1989

Featuring The Family Cat in Session. 

Creaming Jesus - Mug (Jungle)
Adamski - N-R-G [parts 1 and 2] (MCA)
Adamski - I Dream Of You (MCA)
Adamski - Tekno Krisna (MCA)
The Undertones - Here Comes The Summer (Strange Fruit)
The Family Cat - From The City To The Sea (Session)
King Tubby, Observer Allstars and Aggrovators - Another Version (Trojan)
The Melvins - Agonizer (Boner)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Swinging Doors (Mercury)
Limelife - Cause You're Right On Time (Warlock/Loudhouse)
Terminal Cheesecake - ? (Wiiija)
The Family Cat - Remember What It Is That You Love (Session)
Pinchers - No To Drugs (Steely And Clevie )
Barbel - One Thing (Pink Moon)
Shalawambe - Twasanswar (Mondeka)
Happy Mondays - Hallelujah [Club Mix] (Factory)
Elvin Bishop - Fooled Around And Fell In Love (Capricorn)
The Family Cat - Sandbag Your Heart (Session)
The Orb - A Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre Of The Ultraworld [Bucket And Spade Mix] (WAU! Mr. Modo Recordings)
Fatima Mansions - You Won't Get Me Home (Kitchenware)
The Potters - We'll Be With You (Confection)
TAP - Don't Bum Rush The Sound (Subculture)
The Family Cat - Octopus Jr (Session)
Alcione - Oleré Camará (Sire/Luaka Bop)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

John Peel - Rockradio, 14th December 1989

Originally broadcast on Finnish station Rockradio.

Fudge Tunnel - Sex Mammoth (Pigboy)
Prophecy Of Doom - Hybrid Thought (Deaf Records)
Admiral Tibet - We A Go Hang Dem
The Undertones - Rock 'n' Roll (Strange Fruit)
Extreme Noise Terror - Punk, Fact Or Faction (Sink Below)
3rd Bass -Triple Stage Darkness (Def Jam)
Keuhkot - Virallinen Valvoja (Stigma)
Gary Clail - Beef (On U Sound)
Snuff - Another Girl (Workers Playtime)
Faff-Bey: No Rule (Bad Vugum)
MD Connection: Laser Scan (Muzique)

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

John Peel - Radio Mafia 13th December 1990

Another fine show for Finnish station Radio Mafia.

Weston Cosy - Marabe Bel 500
Butthole Surfers - Hurdy Gurdy Man (Rough Trade)
Casus Belli - Punishment (Amphetamine Reptile)
Apache Scratchy - Popularity (Capricorn International)
Nirvana - Sliver (Sub Pop)
Helmet - Make Room (Amphetamine Reptile)
Quazar - The Seven Stars (Go Bang!)
Datblygu - Mas A Lawr (Ofn)
Atrocity - Redeemed By Confusion (Metalcore)
Cranes - I Hope (Dedicated)
Thirty Five Summers - Come Together [Shankly Mix] (Planet)
The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds (Big Life/Wau! Mr Modo)
Disciplina Kičme: Ovo Je Zvuk ... (Helidon)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

John Peel - 12th December 1984

Featuring sessions from Eton Crop and The Pogues.

African Connection - Dancing On The Sidewalk
Action Pact - Keep It Lickin' Over (Fallout)
Jah Warriors - Apartheid (A Record Company)
The Pogues - Danny Boy (Session)
Conway Twitty - Danny Boy
Celibate Rifles - Wild Desire (Hot)
Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man [The Way I Love You] (Atlantic)
Eton Crop - Get Something For Doing Nothing (Session)
Banksters - Demented Sounds (New Rose)
Half Pint - One In A Million (Greensleeves)
Naked Prey - The Story Never Ends (Down There)
The Pogues - Sally McLannen (Session)
Pornosect - Disinformation (Abstract)
The Fall - Elves (Beggars Banquet)
Eton Crop - Snobhill (Session)
Swallow - Satan Comin' Down (Charlie's)
Robert Wyatt And Others - In The Dark Year (Re)
The Pogues - The Navigator (Session)
Copulation - Quickleim (Helvete)
Echo And The Bunnymen - The Yo Yo Man (Korova)
Foyer Des Arts - Ein Haus Den Knochen Von Cary Grant (ARO)
Don Carlos - Lazer Beam (Burning Sounds)

Monday, December 11, 2017

John Peel - 11th December 1989

Featuring Electribe 101 in Session.

Sweety Irie and Joe 90 - New Talk (Mango)
Donald D: F.B.I. (Rhyme $yndicate)
Honeymoon Killers - Getting Hot (Sub Pop)
Lonely Moans - Texas Love Goat (Sub Pop)
Electribe 101 - Lipstick On My Lover (Session)
King Of The Slums - OnceA Prefect (Midnight Music)
Bhundu Boys - Kutambura (WEA)
The Sundays - I Won (The Catalogue Magazine)
Gregory Isaacs with Johnny P. - Whey You Get Ina (Sting)
Jazzy Jason Presents Mixtress - Bandwagon To Dubville [2nd Class] (Blapps!)
The Pooh Sticks - Teenage High (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Prophecy Of Doom - Hybrid Thought (Prophecy)
Electribe 101 - Talking With Myself (Session)
The Senseless Things - Sneaking Kisses (Way Cool)
14 Iced Bears - World I Love (Thunderball)
Queen Latifah - The Pros (Gee Street)
The Official Newcastle United Supporters Club (South Of England Branch) with Harry Roden - He's A Canny Wie Lad (The Peter Beardsley Record)
OWT - Angel Food (Homestead)
Electribe 101 - Tell Me When The Fever Ended (Session)

Thursday, December 07, 2017

John Peel - 7th December 2000

Featuring Ballboy in session.

Melt Banana - Lost In Mirror (A-Zap)
Mr and Mrs Young - Silo Portem (Home-Made)
Ballboy - Sex Is Boring (Session)
The Beat - Whine And Grine/Stand Down Margaret (Go Feet)
Mathias Schaffhauser - Was Es Ist (Ware)
Screen Prints - Her Name I Don't Remember (Earworm)
The Fall Das Katerer (Cog Sinister)
Johnnie Taylor - I'm Trying (Ace)
Ballboy - I Hate Scotland (Session)
Bidgood's Symphonic Dance Band - The Wedding Of The Painted Doll 
Schneider TM and KPT Michi Gan - The Light 3000 (City Slang)
Moody Boys - Don't Do Drugs (White Label)
Kevin Gordon - Jimmy Reed Is The King Of Rock And Roll (Shanachie)
Aereogramme - Fuel To Burn (Chemikal Underground)
Dynamic Intervention - Rok To Da Rhythm [Chris C's Whiney Mental Bitch Remix] Lotek
Ballboy - Stars And Stripes (Session)
Andy Livingstone - Trickle Down (Global Domination)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - Hwiangerdd Mair (Jeepster_
Alien Porno Midgets - Our Little Grass Shack In Kealakekua (V/VM)
Kemal and Paul Reset - Kontempt (Underfire)
Understudy Inferior - What Did You Want To Say (New Fidelity)
Los Nachos - Can You Verify (Neurosonic)
Ballboy - Essential Wear For Future Trips To Space (Session)
Matt Clarke - Let It Roll (Rehab)

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

John Peel - 6th December 1979

Featuring sessions from Misty and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft

The Clash - Clampdown (CBS)
The Clash - Guns Of Brixton (CBS)
The Yachts - Now I'm Spoken For (Radar)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Was Ist Ein Welle? (Session)
Misty - Judgement Coming On The Land (Session)
Adam and the Ants - Day I Met God (Do It)
The Beat - Tears Of A Clown (Two-Tone)
Public Image Ltd - Bad Baby (Virgin)
Preachers - Who Do You Love (BFD)
Secret Affair - New Dance (I-Spy)
Dexy's Midnight Runners - Dance Stance (Oddball)
Mikey Dread - Comic Strip (Cruise)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - I And I Reality (Session)
Speedballs - Is Somebody There (No Pap)
Suicide - Dream Baby Dream (Island)
The Undertones - Billy's Third (Sire)
The Fall - Before The Moon Falls (Step Forward)
Buzzards - British Justice (Chrysalis)
Misty - True Rasta Man (Session)
The Specials - Concrete Jungle (2Tone)
Bob Marley And The Wailers (Concrete Jungle)
Simple Minds - Carnival [Shelter In A Suitcase] (Arista)
The Raincoats - Adventures Close To Home (Rough Trade)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Violence (Session)
The Passions - Oh No It's You (Fiction)
The Skids - Working For The Yankee Dollar (Virgin)
The Pop Group - We Are All Prostitutes (Rough Trade)
Misty - Sodom And Gomorrah (Session)
Snakefinger - Here Comes The Bums (Virgin)
The Clash - Hateful (CBS)
Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft - Kebab Dreams (Session)
Mekons - Dan Dare (Virgin)
Boys - See Ya Later (Safari)

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

John Peel - 5th December 1979

Featuring Adicts in session.

Adicts - Numbers (Session)
The Clash - Four Horsemen (CBS)
Clay Fav - 9 To 5 (Clay Fav)
Mekons - 32 Weeks (EMI/Fast Product)
Twinkeyz - 1000 Reasons (Plurex)
The Undertones - I Know A Girl (Sire)
Little Feat - Be One Now (Warners)
Trinity and Louie Lepkie - Which One A We She Love (Youth Of Roots)
Mo-Dettes - White Mice (Mode)
Boys - Bad Day (Safari)
Public Image Ltd - No Birds (Virgin)
Adicts - Get Addicted (Session)
Madness - Bed And Breakfast Man (Stiff)
The Clash - The Card Cheat (CBS)
Mikey Dread - Resignation Dub (Cruise)
Mikey Dread - Technical Selection (Cruise)
Soup Greens - Like A Rolling Stone (BFD)
Killing Joke - Turn To Red (Island)
Red Letters - Sacred Voices (Burning Bing)
The Damned -  I Just Can't Be Happy Today (Chiswick)
Simple Minds - Premonition (Arista)
Adicts - Distortion (Session)
Grow-Up - Missing (Object Music)
Keith Hudson - Nuh Skin Up (Greensleeves)
The Clash - Wrong 'Em Boyo (CBS)
Tours - Tourist Information (Virgin)
Wire - Map Ref. 41°N 93°W (Harvest)
Rentals - New York (Rental Records)
Mary Monday - Popgun (Malicious Productions)
Five Hand Reel - I'll Lay You Down (Topic)
Adicts - Sensitive (Session)
The Specials - Monkey Man (2-Tone)

Monday, December 04, 2017

John Peel - 4th December 1979

No sessions in this show just loads of great tunes.

The Clash - London Calling (CBS)
The Rentals - New York (Rental)
Outcasts - I'm In Pittsburgh [And It's Raining] (BFD)
DNV - Death In Venice (New Pleasures)
Pinpoint - Richmond (Albion)
The Beat - Rankin' Full Stop (2 Tone)
Shadow - Dat Soca Boat (Tackle)
The Shadows: The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt (Columbia)
The Lurkers - Shadow (Beggars Banquet)
Mikey Dread - Saturday Night Style (Cruise)
Mikey Dread - Industrial Spy (LP – African Anthem (Cruise)
Original Mirrors - Could This Be Heaven? (Mercury)
Kapital Punischment - Save Your Kisses For Me (Cherry Red)
Psychedelic Furs - Pulse (Epic)
Metropak - You're A Rebel (PAK)
Purple Hearts - Frustration (Fiction)
Roland Alphonso - Nuclear Weapon (Ska Beat)
Trainspotters - Hiring The Hall (Arista)
Simple Minds - Naked Eye (Arista)
Protex - I Can Only Dream (Polydor)
U2 - Out Of Control (CBS)
Ruefrex - Cross The Line (Good Vibrations)
General Smiley and Papa Michigan - Compliment To Studio One (Studio One)
The Vapors - Prisoners (United Artists)
Adam and the Ants - Cartrouble [Parts 1 & 2] (Do It)