Thursday, October 18, 2018

John Peel - Radio Eins, 18th October 2001

This show was originally recorded at Peel Acres and broadcast on German station Radio Eins.

Switch Trout - Sonic Masters (Estrus)
Mhonolink - Prelude (Technosis)
White Stripes - Jolene (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Tracer AMC - Syrius (Errol)
Beenie Man - Time (Big Jeans)
Lali Puna - Come On Home (Morr)
FLR - Part X (Sublime)
Sights - Hey Girl (Fall Of Rome)
Cinerama - Health And Efficiency (Scopitones)
Octex - Thuavelo (Tehnika)
Bobby Barnes - I Shed A Tear (Goldmine)
Melys - Chinese Whispers (Sylem)
Circulatory System - Joy (Cloud Recordings)
Terence Fixmer - Armee Des Tenebres (Gigolo)
Aavikko - Viitostie (Hawaiian Sounds)
Quasi - The Sword Of God (Domino)
Aereogramme - Shouting For Joey (Chemikal Underground)
Chris C and Matt Clark - ECT (Aztec)
Jimmy Braswell - Your Love Is Out Of Reach (Ace)
Rabies Caste - Hand Abortion (Earache)
Plaid - Squance (Warp)
Magoo - Knowledge Is Power (Global Warming)
Friends Of Dean Martinez - Tennessee Waltz (Glitterhouse)
Luciano - Long Story (Scorpio)
State River Widening - Desertesque (Beau Rivage)
Strong Intention - 1,000 Clowns (Six Weeks)
Yeah Yeah Noh - Beware The Weakling Lines (Cherry Red)
Headrush Tactics - Stop-Go (Stay Up Forever)

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

John Peel - 17th October 2002

Featuring Solex in session.

Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Fishfingers (No Death)
Advent - Inn Touch (Tresor)
Solex - Shady Lane (Session)
Orthrelm - Optixun Straal (Three One G)
King Tubby meets Larry Marshall - Thelma Dub (Motion)
Mr Airplane Man - Uptight (Sympathy For The Record Industry)
Mark E Smith - Enigramatic Dream (Action)
Solex - Honkey Donkey (Session)
Psychosis - Street Noise (Trouble on Vinyl)
Interpol - Hands Away (Matador)
Scuttle - June And July Exploding (Firefly)
Solex - Flip It (Session)
Gene Vincent - I Flipped (Capitol)
Gloria's All-Stars - Jumping Dick (Trojan)
Numbers - We Like Having These Things (Tigerbeat6)
Solex - My B Sides Rock Your World (Session)
MIA - Verruckt (Respect Or Tolerate)
Piranhas - Girls Like It Too (In The Red)
Piranhas: I Don't Want My Body (Attrix)
K-Oma And Lizzie Curious - Substance Abuse (Feersum)
Crime - Hot Wire My Heart (Mute)
Ken Parker - Jimmy Brown (Treasure Isle)
Solex - Push Switch Up For On (Session)
Persil - Quicksand (White Label)
Pinhole - So Over You (Too Nice)
Rance Allen Group - That Will Be Good Enough For Me (Stax)
Beatbox Saboteurs - Diamonds (House Of Beauty)
Solex - Oh No I've Created A Monster (Session)
Technical Itch - Hard Ways (White Label)
D4 - Santa Claus (White Label)
Helen Lundy Trio - The More I See You (Flesh)

Monday, October 15, 2018

John Peel - 15th October 1981

Featuring sessions from Malaria and Cuban Heels.

The Meteors - Shout So Loud (Lost Soul)
Girls At Our Best! - Fun-City Teenagers (Happy Birthday)
The Undertones - Teenage Kicks (Good Vibrations)
Lone Ranger - Sky Juice (J&L/Channel One)
Malaria - How Do You Like My New Dog? (Session)
Ed Banger - I've Just Had My Car Nicked (Spiv)
Cuban Heels - The Innocents (Session)
The Message - Empty Promise (Is It Original...?)
Oscar McLollie And His Honey Jumpers - The Honey Jump Part 2 (Ace)
London Underground - Train Of Thought (Situation Two)
Maximum Joy - Stretch (Y Records)
Malaria - I Will Be Your Only One (Session)
Haircut One Hundred - Favourite Shirts [Boy Meets Girl] (Arista)
Talisman - Run Come Girl (Recreational)
Legal Aid - That's Life (Earshot)
Bauhaus - Muscle In Plastic (Beggars Banquet)
Cuban Heels - Matthew And Son (Session)
The Slits - Improperly Dressed (CBS)
Danse Society - Clock (Society)
Misty In Roots - Live Up (People Unite)
Malaria - Nimm Mich Schnell In Deine Arme (Session)
Heaven 17 - We're Going To Live For A Very Long Time (Virgin)
Cuban Heels - Call Of The Wild (Session)

Thursday, October 11, 2018

John Peel - 11th October 2000

Featuring Nought in session.

Benümb - Abundant Knowledge, Infinite Stupidity (Relapse)
Not Bit Of Wood - Perfect Setting
Twisted Individual - Sick Bag (Formation)
Nought - Red Rag (Session)
International Airport - Mountain Music (Geographic)
The Fall - Sons Of Temperance (Eagle)
Benge - Kum By Yah (Sprawl Imprint)
Dave Angel - Low Blow (Rotation)
Chris Morris - Lamacosting (Warp)
P J Harvey - You Said Something (Island)
Nought - Fever Angelique (Session)
Suckle - Saturn (Chemikal Underground)
Metronone Allstars with June Christy and Nat Cole - Nat Meets June (Columbia)
Yee King - E20 Crunch (Rephlex)
Topper - Dolur gwddw (Sain)
Del McCoury - Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (Arhoolie)
Nought - Horseshoe Face (Session)
Banabila - Sorokin Blues (Pork)
Cinerama - Unzip (Scopitones)
Melt Banana - First Contact To Planet Q (A-Zap)
Konflict - Obsidian (Deeper Realms)
Dillinger Escape Plan - 4th Grade Dropout (Relapse)
J+M Crew - Naah Ramp (Luv Addiction)
Nought - Narcissters (Session)
Honeybus - Fresher Than The Sweetness In Water (Repertoire)
Melys - Un Darllenwr Lwcus (Sylem)

Cybersecrecy - Turn Off The Light (MFS)

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

John Peel - 10th October 1999

Another fine program for the British Forces Broadcasting Service in Germany.

Ooberman - Physics Disco (Independiente)
Tobias Schmidt - Dirty Girl (Tresor)
Melt-Banana - Shouting About Love (A-Zap)
El Hombre Trajeado - Babosa (Guided Missile)
Marine Research - Glamour Gap (K)
Morgan Heritage - Song Of Love (Spragga Roots)
Le Hammond Inferno - Margaret Evening Inferno [LHI vs Copasetic Mix] (Bungalow)
Best Boy Electric - unknown (Grand Theft Autumn)
Hefner - A Belly Full Of Babies (Too Pure)
Jarrys Fimbo - Fimbouna (Air B.Mass Production) 
Six By Seven - Helden (Mantra Recordings)
Stereolab - Come And Play In The Milky Night (Duophonic)
John's Children - Come And Play With Me In The Garden (Barn-Caruso)
Stewart Walker - The Young Atheist (Force Inc Music Works)
Los Straitjackets - Tempest (Yep Roc)
310 - Under The Blue Words (Leaf)
The Minders - Hand Me Downs (Earworm)
Paradoxia - Silver Sunset (Well Wicked)
Ooberman - Sur La Plage (Independiente)
Hawkeye - Go Rachel (Greensleeves)
Ovuca - Meng (Rephlex)
The Fall - War (Cog Sinister)
All India Radio - Street Conversions (Inevitable Recordings)
Epitome of Sound - You Don't Love Me (Sandbag)
Cabbage Boy - Hey Hey We're The Monks (Ntone)
Chris Barber's Jazz Band - Oh, Didn't He Ramble (Decca)
Cocteau Twins - Hazel (Bella Union)
Murry The Hump - Thrown Like A Stone (Shifty Disco)
State River Widening - Peach Republic (Rocket Girl)

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

John Peel - 7th October 1999

Featuring Lonnie Donegan and Half Man Half Biscuit live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Ooberman - Physics Disco (Independiente)
Tobias Schmidt - Dirty Girl (Tresor)
El Hombre Trajeado - Babosa (Guided Missile)
Melt-Banana - Shouting About Love (A-Zap)

Lonnie Donegan: live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall

Oh Boys Can't You Line 'Em
New Burying Ground
It Takes A Worried Man (Worried Man Blues)
The Grand Coulee Dam
When I Get This Feelin'
Rock Island Line
Tom Dooley
Frankie And Johnny

Morgan Heritage - Song Of Love (Spragga Roots)
Marine Research - Glamour Gap (K)
Duane Eddy - Peter Gunn
The Everly Brothers - Poor Jenny
The Flamingos - I Only Have Eyes For You
Sammy Turner - Lavender Blue
Le Hammond Inferno - Margaret Evening Fashion (Bungalow)

Half Man Half Biscuit live at the Queen Elizabeth Hall

Uffington Wassail
Charlie Goth
Improv Workshop Mimeshow Gobshite
Look Dad No Tunes
You're Hard
Paintball's Coming Home
See That My Bike's Kept Clean

Dr. Scissors - Give Me More (Elektrolux)
Best Boy Electric - Dolly Madison (Grand Theft Autumn)
Immense - Neil Young In Sportswear (Fatcat)
Neil Young - Arc (Reprise)
Stewart Walker - The Young Atheist (Force Inc Music Works)

Monday, October 08, 2018

John Peel - 6th October 1999

Featuring Plone in session.

Ooberman - Sur La Plage (Independiente)
Hawkeye - Go Rachel (Greensleeves)
Six By Seven - Helden (Mantra Recordings)
Plone - Another One Of Them (Session)
Melt-Banana - Bunny Wasted A Month Waiting (A-Zap)
Ming And FS - Untitled (Madhattan Studios)
Ovuca - Meng (Rephlex)
Stereolab - Come And Play In The Milky Night (New Musical Express)
John's Children - Come And Play With Me In The Garden (Bam-Caruso)
Tech Level 2 - Chemical (Hardleaders)
Plone - Marbles (Session)
Solex - The Cutter (Peel's 60th birthday CD)
Luke Slater - Sum Ton Tin (NovaMute)
U-Cef - Aalash Kwawna (Apartment 22)
Link Wray - Rumble
Jerry Butler - For Your Precious Love
Conway Twitty - It's Only Make Believe
Symbols - The Last Rose Of Summer
Optiganally Yours - Genetic Engineering (Yakuza)
Hefner - A Belly Full Of Babies (Too Pure)
Plone - Busy Working (Session)
Epitome Of Sound - You Don't Love Me (Goldmine Soul Supply)
310 - Under The Blue Words (Leaf)
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci - She Lives On A Mountain (Mantra Recordings)
Public Image Ltd. - Annalisa (Virgin)
Morgan Heritage - Never Quit (Brickwall)
Plone - Dry Pen (Session)
Lonnie Donegan - The Grand Coulee Dam (Bear Family)
Big Stick - Broadcast Booth (Albertine)
DJ T-1000 - Semi-Destroyed (Tresor)

Thursday, October 04, 2018

John Peel - 4th October 1978

Featuring Hot Water and Radio Stars in session.

Adverts - One Chord Wonders (Stiff)
Solid Senders - Burning Down (Virgin)
Hot Water - Motorway (Session)
Bram Tchaikovsky - Bloodline (Criminal Records)
Radio Stars: Radio Stars (Session)
B-52s - Rock Lobster (DB)
Temple City Kazoo Orchestra - Whole Lotta Love (Rhino)
Hawklords - Death Trap (Charisma)
999 - Homicide (United Artists)
999 - Tulse City Night (United Artists)
999 - Real Rean (United Artists)
Hot Water - Boxer (Session)
Radio Stars - Boy Meets Girl (Session)
Vivian Weathers - Hip Dub (Front Line)
Ultravox - Someone Else’s Clothes (Island)
George Thorogood And The Destroyers - Baby Please Set A Date (Rounder)
Mary Monday And The Bitches - Popgun (Malicious)
Hot Water - Dark Fooling Man (Session)
Dr Alimantado - Ride On (Greensleeves)
Dr Alimantado - Plead I Cause (Greensleeves)
Dr Alimantado - I Shall Fear No Evil (Greensleeves)

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

John Peel - 3rd October 1979

No sessions in this show just plenty of great records.

The Selecter - Too Much Pressure (2 Tone)
The Reds - Self Reduction (A+M)
Europeans - On The Continent (Heartbeat)
Private Dicks - Green Is In The Red (Heartbeat)
Moskow - Too Much Commotion (Heartbeat)
Graham Parker And The Rumour - Mercury Poisoning (Arista)
Mikey Dread - Everybody Needs A Proper Education (Dread At The Controls)
Neil Young And Crazy Horse - Hey Hey, My My [Into The Black] (Reprise)
The Ruts - Savage Circle (Virgin)
The Skids - Animation (Virgin)
Fats Domino - Blueberry Hill
Gang Of Four - Glass (EMI)
Gang Of Four - Contract (EMI)
Gang Of Four - At Home [He's A Tourist] (EMI)
The Slits - Ping Pong Affair (Island)
UK Subs - Blues (GEM)
Mispent Youth - Optimistic (Sequel)
Underground Express - S. Corner (JNS)
Loudon Wainwright III - Red Guitar (Radar)
Public Image Limited - Memories (Virgin)
The Undertones - You've Got My Number [Why Don't You Use It!] (Sire)
The Pack - King Of Kings (Rough Trade)
The Feelies - Raised Eyebrows (Rough Trade)
The Skids - Charade (Virgin)
The Skids - Dulce Et Decorum Est [Pro Patria Mori] (Virgin)
The Skids - Pros And Cons (Virgin)
The Buzzcocks - You Know You Can't Help It (United Artists)
Frank Stokes - Memphis Rounders Blues (Yazoo)
This Heat - Rainforest (Piano)
This Heat - The Fall Of Saigon (Piano)
Prince Buster - Judge Dread (Blue Beat)
Johnny Guitar Watson - Those Lonely Lonely Nights (Modern Oldies)

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

John Peel - 2nd October 2003

Featuring a session from Soledad Brothers.

Belle And Sebastian - Step Into My Office, Baby (Rough Trade)
Luke Vibert - Freak Time Baby (Warp)
Desert Sessions feat. PJ Harvey - Crawl Home (Ipecac/Rekords Rekords)
Soledad Brothers - Bring It On Home (Session)
Sonny Boy Williamson - Bring It On Home (Argo)
Bounty Killer - Mr Wuk More (Massive B)
Distophia - Joanne (Necessary)
Omen - Walking In the Air (Go Mental)
Inhume - Prelude To Human Containment (Osmose Productions)
Longstone - Cherry Blossom Shines On Unmelted Snow (Ochre)
Bing Crosby - What Do I Care, It's Home (Brunswick)
Cinerama - Don't Touch That Dial (Scopitones)
Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons - December, 1963 [Oh, What A Night] (Warner/Curb)
Simpleton and Remarc - Unity [Remarc Remix] (Planet Mu)
Ballboy - Welcome To Växjö (SL)
Soledad Brothers - Handle Song (Session)
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Pelican Of Wilderness (Geographic)
Dave Clarke feat. Chicks On Speed - She's In Parties (Skint)
Spazm 151 - Blown Away (Busted Heads)
The Fall - Theme From Sparta F.C. (Action)
Four Tet - She Moves She (Domino)
The Way We Live - King Dick II (Ozit Morpheus)
Soledad Brothers - Ben's Idea (Session)
Unique - Higher Levels (Reformed Recordings)
Little Richard - Ooh My Soul (Specialty)
The Undertones - Touch (Sanctuary)
Picture Center - Thoughts On The Walk From Eastbourne (North American Recordings)
S.H.L.A.G. - Emergency (Hazchem)
Soledad Brothers - Cage That Tiger (Session)
Subjex - Funkynightmare (Planet Mu)

Monday, October 01, 2018

John Peel - VPRO, 1st October 1986

This was John Peel's final show for Dutch station VPRO.

Ex - They Shall Not Pass (Ex)
Kiem - Behind (Plexus Holland)
Four One And Only's - Completely Nude Between The Forgetmenots (Noet Lachten)
Clan Of Xymox - 7th Time (4AD)
Golden Strings - My Life Is Like A Stanley Knife [Cut, Cut, Cut] (Bang Bang Bang)
Oh' Dev - Raving Bonkers (Limbabwe)
The Moonies - Never (Eksakt)
Pandemonium - Between The Lines (M.A. Draje)
Buy Off The Bar - February 6th (Bang Bang Bang)
Umberto Di Bosso é Compadres - Grandma's Pies (Sound And Vision)
Miners Of Muzo - Vampire Tiger (Eksakt)
Ruby Chain - Mockingbird Hill (Ruby)
Plastic Dolls - Red Car (TV)
Dull Schicksal - Repetitive Smile (Golden Mercy)