Monday, May 27, 2013

John Peel - 20th June 1992

Bivouac - Slack                                                                                        70 Gwen Party - Knee Deep In Evil

Featuring sessions by Bivouac and 70 Gwen Party

Music played includes -

Sonic Youth, Ragga Twins, 5678's, Whipping Boy, The Fall, Frankie Paul, Red Red Meat, Dr Devious and His Wise Men, Fatima Mansions, Dorothy Berry, Zero Zero, Superconductor, Curve, Culture, Drag Racing Underground, Ground Level, The pain Teens, The Cherubs, TPOK Jazz, Apollo Landing, Silver Jews, The Clesmatics, The Family Cat, God Is My Co-Pilot, The Four Stars, Unrest, Sheer Taft, Thriller U