Thursday, July 25, 2013

John Peel - 10th March 1991

Featuring the debut session from Melvins and a repeat of a session by Carcass along with no less than six tracks from the latest Fall album "Shiftwork". The file says 3rd March but that's just me being incompetent!

Fastbacks - Impatience (Sub Pop)
First Offence - Just Try Me (Blip)
Melvins - Leech (Session)
Commander Shad - Original Radio Station (Scorpio)
Mercury Rev - Syringe Mouth (Mint Films)
Genius - Drama (Cold Chillin')
The Fall - Shiftwork (Fontana)
The Fall - You Haven't Found It Yet (Fontana)
The Fall - The Mixer (Fontana)
Shaba Kahamba et les Espirits Saints - Naweyi (Saxone Music)
D.H.S. - House Of God [$50 Mix] (Hangman)
Carcass - Exhume To Consume (Session)
Melvins - Euthanasia (Session)
John Fahay - Steel Guitar Rad (Demon)
Language - Underwater (Earth Recordings)
Sonic Youth - Cinderella's Big Score (Geffen)
Bon-Aires - The Shrine Of St. Cecilia (Ace)
Tony Rebel - The Herb (Penthouse)
Carcass - Empatholigical Necroticism (Session)
Thurston Harris - What Do You Do
Skullflower - What Do You Do (Majora)
Ice Cube - Endangered Species (Priority/4th and Broadway)
Melvins - Theme (Session)
Bizzare Inc. - Playing With Knives (Vinyl Solution)
Bongwater - Woman Tied Up In Knots (Shimmy Disc)
Wanton Though - The Cruelest Joke (Boss Tunage)
Throwing Muses - Not Too Soon (4AD)
Los Bordones Del Peru - Tus Ojos (Globestyle)
Carcass - Foeticide (Session)
The Fall - A Lot Of Wind (Fontana)
The Fall - Rose (Fontana)
The Fall - Sinister Waltz (Fontana)
Admiral Tibet - Keep On Telling Me (Digital-B)
Melvins - Way Of The World (Session)
Bleach - Dipping (Way Cool)
N'Gouma Lokito et les Soukous Stars - Yala (Toure Jim's)
Carcass - Fermenting Innards (Session)
Slint - Good Morning, Captain (Touch and Go)