Monday, August 25, 2014

John Peel - 5th April 2001

Featuring Bonnie Prince Billy in session.

Melys - I Don't Believe In You (Sylem)
John B - Move Your Body (Shoebox)
Low - Whore (Tugboat)
Bonnie Prince Billy - Rich Wife Full Of Happiness (Session)
XSX - Zero (White Label)
Augustus Pablo - Way Out Rockers (Jamaican Records)
Lovejunk - Marine Boy (Crackle)
Fuck - San Jacinto (Smells Like Records)
Michael Forshaw - Work That Mutha (Leaf)
The High Fidelity - Pig Might Fly (Plastique)
Bonnie Prince Billy - Beezle (Session)
Bal Sagoth - Star Maps Of The Ancient Cosmographer (Nuclear Blast Records)
Hiroaku Lizura -A D L (Muller Records)
Malako - In The Midnight Hour (London)
Khaya - More Argument (SL)
Ballboy - I've Got Pictures Of You In Your Underwear (SL)
Primo Scala's Accordian Band - Little Valley In The Mountains
Fotomoto - Le Passage (White Label)
Lightning Bolt - Forcefield (Load)