Thursday, November 27, 2014

John Peel - 16th May 2000

Featuring  a repeat of the fifth Delgadoes session.

Sportique - Sport For All (Where It's At Is Where You Are)
DJ Me DJ You - Video City Boy (Emperor Norton)
The Delgados - No Danger (Session)
Melt Banana - What Do You Slaughter Next? (Skin Graft)
Tarwater - Early Rises (Kitty Yo)
Yellow 6 - Tomorrow (Enraptured)
Tomorrow - My White Bicycle (Parlophone)
Jah Cure - Spread Jah Love (Henfield)
Karl O'Connor/Peter Sutton - Nothing And No-One (Tresor)
The Delgados - Make Your Move (Session)
Wallpaper - Star Sequins (Blackbean And Placenta)
Gene Vincent - Race With The Devil (Capitol)
Linoleum - Don't Come Down (Fierce Panda)
Jonny L - Cut Off (Piranha)
Cinerama - 10 Denier (Scopitones)
Rechenzentrum - Submarine (Kitty Yo)
Clinic - Distortions (Domino)
The Delgados - Accused Of Stealing (Session)
Old Man Gloom - Flood 1 (Tortuga)
Moris Resistone - The Chase Compilation (Pavlek)
Super Furry Animals - Pan Ddaw'r Wawr (Placid Casual)
Lonnie Johnson - Handful Of Riffs (Catfish)
Sender Berlin - Nana (Ungleich)
The Delgadoes - Aye Today (Session)
The Mighty Wah - Sing All The Saddest Songs (When!)
Micky Spice And Louie Culture - Grab Yu Lass And Come (Digital B)
Botch - St Matthew Returns To The Womb (Hydra Head)