Wednesday, December 10, 2014

John Peel - 7th September 1991

Featuring Sessions from Tar and Bleed.

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Fugazi - Reclamation (Dischord)
John Cooper Clark - Suspended Sentence (Factory)
Breed - Splinter (Session)
Tar - Play To Win (Session)
Freddy De Majunga - La Fete Au Village (Sonodisc)
Teenage Fanclub - Robot Love (Creation)
Frankie Paul - Heart Attack (Sinbad Production)
The Jesus And Mary Chain - Happy Place (Strange Fruit)
GTO - The Bullfrog [Data Flow Mix] (React)
The Hanson Brothers - My Girlfriend's A Robot (Wide)
Flower - Memorial Day (Semaphore)
Babes In Toyland - Watching Girl (Giant)
Breed - Perfect Hangover (Session)
M.N.O. - God Of Abraham (A+M)
Tar - Walking The King (Session)
Country Joe And The Fish - Death Sound (Vanguard)
Les 4 Etoiles - Souffrance (Lagoo)
Strawberry Story - Pushbutton Head (Heaven)
Pulp - Countdown (Fire)
Katch 22 - Katch Mission (Kold Sweat)
Coral - Filling A Hole (Merge)
Erectus Monotone - The Day The Sharks Flew (Merge)
P.S.I. Division - Mindfuck 2000 (Hardware)
The Peels - Scrooey Mooey (Candy)
Thin White Rope - The Ruby Sea (Frontier)
Breed - Pendulum (Session)
Seaweed - Selfish (Sub Pop)
Cutty Ranks - Dominate (Penthouse)
Tar - Viaduct Removal (Session)
Ex + Tom Cora - Crusoe (RecRec)
Prince B - Ode To A Forgetful Mind [It's A Shame] (Pet Project)
Breed - Perfect Hangover (Session)