Tuesday, January 06, 2015

John Peel - 30th July 1990

Featuring The Boo Radleys in session.

Vandal - Can't Get Started (Nu Groove)
Lavender Faction - Ride (Lust Recordings)
Cutty Ranks - Come Better (Shocking Vibes)
Eddie Cochran - White Lightning
The Boo Radleys - How I Feel (Session)
Mercenaries - Hands Off Hibs
Mav Cacharel - Pour Toi (Gefraco)
Badgewearer - Book/Rhino (Gruff Wit)
Jam On The Mutha - Hotel California (WAU! Mr Modo)
Cocoa Tea - Hunting In The Ghetto
Bridewell Taxis - Honesty (Stolen)
Keith Sweat - Make You Sweat (Elektra)