Tuesday, March 31, 2015

John Peel - 27th July 1987

Featuring 14 Iced Bears and Abs in session.

Polkacide - Chicken (Subterranean)
The Smiths - Sheila Take A Bow (Rough Trade)
Beastie Boys - She's Crafty [Def Jam)
Napalm Death - Sacrifice (Earache)
14 Iced Bears - If I Said (Session)
Pablove Vlack - Cool Meditation (Wambesi)
Shonen Knife - Devil House (Zero)
Abs - Same Mistake Twice (Session)
Bhundu Boys - Wafungeyiko (Discafrique International)
Blab Happy - So Articulate (Wisdom)
Coldcut - Sorry But This Just Isn't Music
14 Iced Bears - Spangle (Session)
Catapult - Summary (STS)
Sugar Billy - Sugar Pie (Fast Track)
Culture Shock - Punks On Postcards (Bleurgh)
Abs - Fear Is The Key (Session)
Earl Bostic - Sleep (King)
The Wedding Present - [The Moment Before] Everything's Spoiled Again (Reception)
Anquette - Ghetto Style (Luke Skyywalker Records)
14 Iced Bears - Miles Away (Session)
Premi - Yaar Mere Di Chaal (Multitone Records)
Half Pint - Can't Get Me Act
Active Minds - ? (Loony Tunes)
Abs - Grease Your Ralph (Session)
Elmore James - Something Inside Of Me (Bell Records)
The Dead Milkmen - Going To Graceland (Enigma)
Elvis Presley - My Baby Left Me (RCA)
Sonic Youth - Pacific Coast Highway (Blast First)