Tuesday, September 08, 2015

John Peel 29th February 1992

Featuring the first broadcast of the second Curve session along with a repeat of the recent session from Red Ninja.

The Wedding Present - Three (RCA)
Future Sound Od London - Papua New Guinea [Dumb Child Of Q] (Jumpin' And Pumpin')
Curve - Split Into Fractions (Session)
Tiger and Freddie McGregor - One Room Shack (Big Ship)
Some Paradise - Good Bye Ruth (Probe Plus)
Red Ninja - Killing At Hellz Gate (Session)
Bleach Shotgun (Musidisc)
The Fall - Free Range (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
Hitting Birth - Love Me (Tim/Kerr Records)
Duck Hunt - Holiday (K)
Sunny Til And The Orioles - Crying In The Chapel (Jubilee)
Dashing Marbles - On My Couch (Bob)
One Dove - Fallen (Boy's Own)
Curve - Die Like A Dog (Session)
Gag - Corner Hot Dog Stand (Bob)
Red Ninja - Bad Voicemen Of The Apocalypse (Session)
Babes In Toyland - Primus (Strange Fruit)
Joolz - Ballad Of Steve And Joe (Interchord Record Service)
Gallon Drunk - NIght Tide (Clawfist)
Problem House - Chain Reaction (Hithouse)
Mantis - Regaliar! (Drag City)
Cutty Ranks - The Agony (Fashion)
Curve - Horror Head (Session)
Daniel Johnson - The Dream Is Over (Shimmy Disc)
Lucien Bokilo and Loketo - Adidja (Jimmy's Productions)
Catherine Wheel - Indigo Is Blue (Fontana)
Red Ninja - Look Black In Anger (Session)
The Fall - Return (Cog Sinister/Fontana)
Titus Zebootte - Sibote Echoes (Zimbabwe Records)
Bald Cow - Speedskull (Bob)
The NIghtblooms - Butterfly Girl (Fierce Recordings)
The Aphex Twin - Digeridoo (R and S)
Spitfire - Wild Sunshine (Eve Recordings)
Slim Whitman - Chimebells (EMI)
Curve - Arms Out (Session)

Crungehouse - New Society (Bomb Apple)
Bratmobile - Queenie (Homestead)
Ninjaman - Gun Talk And Lip Service (Jammy's)
Red Ninja - Trenton Job (Session)
Cheeze - Mac Arthur Park (Bob)