Wednesday, April 06, 2016

John Peel - 6th April 1981

Featuring sessions from Stiff Little Fingers and The Bodysnatchers.

The Fire Engines - Candyskin (Pop Aural)
The Beat - All Out To Get You (Go-Feet)
Stiff Little Fingers - The Only One (Session)
White Russia - Valentine (Trivia)
Barry Brown - Love Love Love (Black And White)
Scars - Je T'Aime C'est La Mort (Pre)
The Bodysnatchers - Happy Time Tune (Session)
Terminal - Hold On (Cargo)
Blitzkrieg - Rock 'n' Roll Is Dead (No Nordstadt)
Stiff Little Fingers - Piccadilly Circus (Session)
Black Slate - King Dub (TCD)
The Fall - Slates, Slags Etc (Rough Trade)
Gang Of Four - In The Ditch (EMI)
The Bodysnatchers - The Ghosts Of Vox Continental (Session)
Telefones - Let's Go Bowling (VVV)
The Clash - The Magnificent Seven (CBS)
Elmore James - It Hurts Me Too (Charly R+B)
The Chefs - Let's Make Up (Attrix)
Stiff Little Fingers - Just Fade Away (Session)
The Birthday Party - Dull Day (4AD)
Marc Bolan - Sing Me A Song (Rarn)
Johnny Osbourne - Politician (Black Joy)
Musical Youth - Political (021)
Soft Cell - A Man Can Get Lost (Some Bizarre)
The Bodysnatchers - What's This? (Session)
Jelly Babies - Roller Skate (Stroke Your Pet's Often)
Neonbabies - Tango 11/80 (Good Noise)