Tuesday, May 10, 2016

John Peel - 10th May 2000

Featuring The Cuban Boys in session.

The Cuban Boys - From Out Of Nowhere (Session)
Artimus Pyle - Civil Dead (Prank)
Discordia - Unwavering Bands Of Light (Sorted)
James Ruskin - Eight 3 (Tresor)
Ranking Trevor - Hotter Fire (Channel One)
Max Tundra - Lamplight On A One Horse Shoe (Domino)
Alan Jenkins - Bee Lines (Sorted)
The Cuban Boys - The Number One Song In Heaven (Session)
Torino 74 - When Capris Ruled The World (Crackle)
Andreas Kremer - Ducksalad (Contrast)
Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band - You Know You're A Man (Warner Bros)
Arab Strap - Leave The Day Free (Session)
The Cuban Boys - Ghosts (Session)
Cephalic Carnage - Observer To The Obliteration Of Planet Earth (Relapse)
Rechenzentrum - Submarine (Kitty Yo)
Grover - Crystalline (Bearos Bearos)
Tiara - It's A Message (Glazed)
Nextmen - We Originate (Scenario)
Arovane - Yeer (Awkward Silence)
The Cuban Boys - The Laughing Gnome (Session)
Rankin Toyin and Sammy Dread - Natty Step It In Tracks And Socks 
Volotile State and Steel Grip - Fatline (Arcane)
Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra - Major And Minor Stomp