Wednesday, June 15, 2016

John Peel - 15th June 1991

Featuring session tracks from Billy Bragg and First Offence.

The Fastbacks - Impatience (Sub Pop)
Catherine Wheel - Shallow (Wilde Club)
Superman And Spiderman - War Disease (Outernational)
Billy Bragg - The Few (Session)
First Offence - A Brotherhood Of Man (Session)
Guana Batz - Werewolf Blues (Anagram)
Goodnight Said Florence - OV (Different Class)
Howlin' Wolf - Shake It For Me (Peerless)
Wig - Just Obscene (Nocturnal)
DJ Dick - Weekend (Low Spirit)
Sioxsie And The Banshees - Fear [Of The Unknown] (Polydor)
Yo Yo Honey - Get It On (Jive)
Inspiral Carpets - St Kilda (Mute)
Mighty Diamonds - Respect Due (Outernational)
Belt - Bad Breed (Self Released)
Moose - Suzanne (Hut)
Billy Bragg - Accident Waiting To Happen (Session)
Moody Boys - Free (Beechwood)
Velvet Crush - Ash And Earth (Seminal Twang)
First Offence - Money (Session)
Butt Steak - House Is A Mess (Merkin)
I Ludicrous - Duller Than (Rodney, Rodney!)
Spitfire - Translucent (Eve)
Altern 8 - Infiltrate 202 (Network)
The Fall - Joker Hysterical Face (Camera)
Tony Rebel - War On Crime (Penthouse)
Circus Lupus - Chinese Nitro (Cubist Productions)
Billy Bragg - Tank Part Salute (Session)
First Offence - Drugs (Session)
Lawnmower Death - Kids Of America (Earache)
Martin Rakitoa Alimanana - King Song (Globestar)
Bhang Revival - One Day (Toxic Shock)
Beats International - Three Foot Skank (Beechwood)
The Thing - Weirdo Riding (Noiseville)
Cybertron Featuring Lady Jay - Strutt Your Stuff (Cybertronics)
Bob - Nothing For Something (House Of Teeth)
Ed's Redeeming Qualities - Bob (Flying Fish)
Amayenge - Munise Munise (Strange Fruit)
Venus Beads - Moon Is Red (Emergo)